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  1. Hey Jdawg, I see you finally got the treatment done, happy for you bro, if after the second treatment settles and the density from the sides does not match the density ontop (your smp) then a 3rd treatment is needed.
  2. life after smp

    Hey htownboy I feel the same way! There's nothing like getting your old confidence back!! Now you can dress how you want to without having to worry about (is this outfit going to Match this hat??) It feels good to have your freedom back. Enjoy bro.
  3. black dots

    Hey pat94 its only been 5 days since your second session (way too soon to start panicking) you have to allow a few weeks for your treatment to settle, for the size and color of the dots to start matching your existing follicles.
  4. Spotting SMP Out and About

    Saw this guy in a clothing store the other day pretty sure he had the treatment done. His scalp was incredibly oily and shinier than hell! When your scalp shines like that it just screams (hey look at meee!!) lol
  5. Michael NYC Need Advice Pics

    Go to the second page, my experience and pics are on here tittled samsons experience
  6. Michael NYC Need Advice Pics

    Graig did mine, great guy and awsome practitioner, those guys in the nyc office are top notch bud, your going to get a great job with any one of them.
  7. Michael NYC Need Advice Pics

    Hey waiting732, ive seen 2 touch ups and scar work done by Orion, I had the opportunity to chat with all three guys while I was there and all three looked amazing! Orion does great work.
  8. When to shave after second session

    @rich007 I was not trying to scare anybody bud!! I was actually being very helpful and my info actually comes from the aftercare guidelines on His website! By waiting just a few extra days you avoid the chances of shaving off scabs that might still exist within those 4 days!
  9. Sephora has in stores or online for $35, that's were I get it
  10. When to shave after second session

    Hey bitethebullet, I would say wait atleast 7-10 days before shaving, that way you don't accidentally pull any healing scabs that might contain pigment.
  11. 1st Session NYC

    Looks excellent bro! Glad your happy.
  12. Superb first session results johnnyNY, looks amazing bro!
  13. Samson's experience

    Hey June 19, I use a sunblock/moisturizer combo it's called Hope oil free SPF 30 and it's great! You can get it in sephora and it was recommended by Matt from the NYC office. Thanks.
  14. Samson's experience

    Hey johnnyNY, the best antishine product I have used is peter Thomas Roth anti shine, it's a little pricey (35 dollars) but it's worth it!
  15. 1st session down: Chicago

    It's coming along great! Looks awsome!