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  1. Hello everyone, It has been some time since I have been on this forum. Before I begin, please let me start by saying that this in no way is an insult to HIS or my practitioner. I know that HIS has done great work for many people--unfortunatey I was not one of them. My practitioner is a fantatic guy, friend, and has helped many men. I wish him the absolute best. I will try to keep this as brief as possible with as much brevity as I can give. My first appointment was on April, 23rd, 2015 and second on May 1st, 2015, both at the NYC Clinic. Within a few weeks, I had noticed some dramatic fading occurring. It did not look at all like it did the first few days after the session. I was following all the "rules" (No swimming, no tanning beds, no harsh shampoos, no rogaine, etc), perfectly. As the fading continued, I started doing some research. I thought maybe I needed a third session with darker ink. I came to find out that the ink we used were around levels 10, 8, and 4--it doesn't get much darker than that. This is where I contacted HIS about the "warranty," please note that is in quotes. Upon contacting them, they stated that I should go ahead and proceed with a third session. However, let me explain to everyone reading this how was sold to me. HIS offered me two sessions for around $3,400. Being that I don't make much, at all, I had to go through financing. Then, they said if I wanted an "optional," optionallllll, OPTIONALLLLLLL, session it would cost about $1,000. Now here's what they left out. Apparently, to get that "warranty," I had to have gone for the "optional" session. So guys, how much of an option did I really have to obtain the 1 year warranty? As I said, I had to finance, I don't have $1,000 to spend openly. So now I was shafted out of the warranty. Gents, this is a classic bait and switch. Please do your research before you commit to this. Basically, HIS wanted me to spend over $4,300 before they would do anything to help me. And there is NO guarantee I would get the results I would want. I had very dark inks and followed all the rules. Somehow, my body just wasn't cut out for this. the amount of sadness I have had honestly believing it would change my life. For the quality of my two sessions, as everyone is quoted at 2 sessions (I believe), I want everyone to put this in perspective. My friend recently spent $800 on a tattoo 5 months ago. To this day, it looks great, dark, sharp, outstanding... But for $3,400, the simple dots on my scalp have all but faded. You will see in the pics below. I have grown my remaining hair back out and use Toppik to hide my bald spots, but I have some close ups that there is no mistake. You will see the before and after pics of 1 year. The before pics were the day after the procedure, and there is no mistaking the now. Both pics were taken under the same GE Reveal 40 watt lightbulb lighting, so there is no confusion. Yes, I know you are saying, "your hair is grown out, so that's why," no. No, no, no. There is no denying that. Yes, I know my hair is grown out, but please look at where the SMP is supposed to be. It is virtually gone. Honestly, to say I am disappointed is an understatement. I am continuing to shell out payments each month for something that I don't use and have nothing to show. Well, lesson learned I guess. Life goes on. And again, please understand that I am not trying to bash HIS. If this works for you, hats off and cheers. But just be advised that I was not so lucky.
  2. Just have to get this off my chest

    Much appreciated, but this is the end of the road for me. A third session isn't guaranteed to fix my problems which may lead to a 4th, 5th, or 6th needed session. At an additional $1,000 each? No. It's over for me folks. And I'm not covered by the guarantee until I get the third session, even though it was quoted as optional... So, if something is optional, it then becomes mandatory for the warranty... Hmmm.... But, as stated, just another rough hand in life I must play. I hope everyone has had a good experience with HIS. And wish luck to all.
  3. Just have to get this off my chest

    And just to clarify, I had an awesome practioner and he knows his stuff and does awesome work. I just think my body personally didn't take the ink well.
  4. Just have to get this off my chest

    Sorry about that, hit submit by accident.
  5. Hello all, Before I begin, please understand that I am not trying to trash out HIS. I believe they have done some great work for certain individuals and the practioners are wonderful people. That being said, I have to share my whole story and experience. I started losing my hair in my late teens. At first, I didn't know what was wrong as I couldn't pull off certain hairstyles or even grow my hair a certain length without my hair looking flat and dead. The last thing I thought was I was losing my hair... A teenager... Losing his hair... There was no way. But, after months of new hair styling products falling short, I knew something was wrong. "Male Pattern Baldness" Those are the words no teenage guy wants to hear (Perhaps second to cancer of the dick). But my shitty genetics dealt me that card. I was mortified. I had such thick, long flowing hair and in a few years it was wisping away. I went on Propecia and had some results but I felt like I had to do more. I tried laser hair therapy with, I think, some results as well. Even so, I still had a dead head of hair, so I started to do what is inevitable for most guys, and shaved it. Fast forward 2 and a half years to where I discovered Toppik. I wasn't sure at first how it would work, but I started using it... DAMN!! A FULL HEAD OF HAIR! Holy hell! I couldn't believe what I saw! I was thrilled and my confidence was sky high. I had a new wave of self worth and I truly thought this was the answer to my prayers... But... Toppik is temporary. How could I explain to a girl I was sprinkling pixie dust onto my head to make a full head of hair. Toppik did do a great job for years for me, but I knew I could not use it forever. Then I stumbled on HIS in early 2014. I could not believe what I was seeing. Honestly, I thought it was fake, but as I looked through every... Single... Case study and photo, I knew it was the real deal. Fast forward one year to my two sessions: I had a great time being in NYC and with the team. The sessions were fun and I left with the hope that this would finally be the end to my hair problems. Well, yes and no. Today, about 2 months post session two, here is my verdict: The SMP has helped mask the baldness. But, it has not fully been what I had hoped. It definitely lightened since leaving the clinic. We used very dark shades, down to an 8, but even under certain lighting, it looks like nothing is there. Moreover, my head is very shiny.... Which also makes it look like nothing is there. Leading me to believe the pics shown on the website are not under lighting conditions that don't show SMP well. Many people have said, "just get another session." I cannot afford to shell out another $1,000 plus a 6 hour drive, gas, food, etc. So, that's that. I have to live with what I have. The slight pros are that it works really well with derm match, the dots make it look more realistic. But I will admit I had higher hopes, but that's life I suppose... Just have to live with it, or I'll just end my life one of these days. Either or. But hey, for those of you whom have had SMP and it worked well, God bless and cheers. Best of luck to you all.
  6. Laser Hair Therapy and SMP

    No one has any information?
  7. Laser Hair Therapy and SMP

    Hello all, Guys, recently I have been reading about a product called Theradome. It's a low level laser device, different from the hairmax laser comb (allegedly), and its promoting hair regrowth. Now, we have all heard this rhetoric before, but if it's true, is it a safe combination to use with SMP? I have had my second session, planning a third, but I wouldn't want to do anything to jeopardize my treatment. Any thoughts or experience with laser devices with SMP?
  8. Settling after 2nd session; will third help?

    Much appreciated everyone, I am definitely thinking a third session is in order.
  9. Hello everyone, Well, it's been about 2 weeks after session 2 and--as expected--settling has occurred. My treatment still looks good and many people have complimented, but that being said, I really liked how I looked the day after my session ended. The density, darkness, and shades all worked so well with my existing hair. My question to everyone is, has anyone else had this happen and then choose a third session and notice better results? Is it possible with the right shade/needle size to still have the right dots still looking dense and not so settled? Thanks so much everyone!
  10. Second Session complete with Jon G. in NYC! Pics included!

    Hey man, yeah mine has definitely settled a bit. Debating a third session. I hope your's is still looking well!
  11. SMP and heavy beards

    StubbleMick, looking epic! Great beard!
  12. First session complete in NYC! Pics included!

    Jon is great, indeed! Make sure you check out the pics of my second session
  13. Just wait man! You're gonna look awesome when you wake up!
  14. Second Session complete with Jon G. in NYC! Pics included!

    Thanks Dave and FML! And yes FML by the time you go to bed that night the redness will be severely down.
  15. Second Session complete with Jon G. in NYC! Pics included!

    Thanks Hairperfecf! Yes he is great!