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  1. Booked in Houston and Super Stoked!!

    Can't wait to see it man! Glad you are so pleased!
  2. I am really interested to find out what happens with you Haircules. I am also entering the military here in the US and am worried about similar issues. I think I may wait until after the bulk of my initial training is done before proceeding with SMP. Also, the US military is getting really strict with tattoos and such now so I really need to do some more research.
  3. Confidence booster

    That is an excellent result. The hairline suits you perfectly and really brings out your eyebrows. I have not read of anyone getting #1 ink on here yet but it looks like it matches perfectly. I would loose the hats unless it sunny out if i where you.
  4. doubts result until now

    Why did you get SMP on your sideburns when your hair grows there? I have not seen any other treatments that HIS has done with sideburns. In my opinion it does not appear too light from these pics, but I agree with Hatinghats, if you address those issues it will look better.
  5. Hairlines- Sharp vs. natural

    I believe what HK is getting at is that the darker the pigment the more one would expect to feel stubble when the head is touched. If you are bald then there will likely be no stubble. A freshly shaved NW1 head has a shadow but no stubble, and I think SMP mimics this effectively but requires you to shave daily to look its best.
  6. Hairlines- Sharp vs. natural

    Username, that last pic is Exceptional, is that you? Do you have any other pics of that head? I really like how light the pigment is, it blends seamlessly into the skin. I think that is the key, along with daily shaving.
  7. Hairlines- Sharp vs. natural

    Thanks Nightwood, I found the following thread with him talking about essentially the same thing.
  8. Hairlines- Sharp vs. natural

    Nightwood, are there any pics available of those two cases? Thanks for your reply, I didn't even think about the reason why it looks less dense.
  9. Hairlines- Sharp vs. natural

    On a side note, when going through pictures of this guy I found some instances of him looking really bald; under harsh lights you can barely see his hairline sometimes. So I guess it really doesn't matter if the hair is real or SMP, you will just have to accept looking bald sometimes. I see some people freak about harsh lights and density and what not, but real hair doesn't always appear "matted." On the second image, notice the picture on the right.
  10. Hairlines- Sharp vs. natural

    Hey guys I have been really impressed with the work HIS has done so far, and all the pictures people put up at various stages of treatment are a big help. One thing I have been considering is sharpness of hairlines I have seen on some people. I think it looks really good on some, especially darker skinned guys but I don't feel it would look good on me. I feel like a more natural imperfect hairline would draw less attention to my head and better suit me. Has anyone experimented with a non linear or uneven hairline in their treatment? One example I can think of is a boxer who is a NW1 and always shaves his head to the bone. It never looks perfectly shaped up but I think if SMP could mimic this kind of look it would really add to the realism. What do you all think? I am attaching some pics of his head shaved and with hair.
  11. Why are Bald guys so tough on each other?

    Much appreciated fellas, I think you really cut to the heart of the matter. It is certainly worth considering the effort needed to look my best with this treatment. I think I will start shaving daily to get accustomed to it will be like. Ultimately I just want to feel confident about my head as well and not really think about hair loss as much anymore. If SMP could give that back to me It would be a dream come true!
  12. Why are Bald guys so tough on each other?

    Thanks guys, that's what I figured. I would want to bring my hairline down about 1 &1/2 finger lengths, so shaving every day would be in the daily routine for me. Overall I don't think it will be that big a deal being found out, it's just the commitment to shaving every day that gets me. I should probably be doing it already but damn its a lot to consider. I am tired of looking older than I reallly am so it's probably worth the effort.
  13. Why are Bald guys so tough on each other?

    OMG, Robby and HH your stories had me cracking up! Very well said. I believe i still have enough hair on my head to pull this off without most people noticing a huge difference (NW3 i think).The only problem is, from what I have read here it is a treatment best suited for NW IV or higher. If I wait too long I will end up looking like the guy in my profile pic and then it will be obvious. My hair loss has slowed at the moment but I still shave to a 0 guard on top/ electric razor on sides 1X week. It is just hard to imagine having to shave every damn day as the price to pay for this look. In your honest opinion, would you all wait a little longer or go for it if you had my head? Be honest please!
  14. Why are Bald guys so tough on each other?

    Hmmmn, you make an interesting point there. Shaved my head to the bone for the first time a while back before a night out and I'll be damned if the bar wasn't full of bald dudes. Maybe I just noticed it more at that point but I suddenly became hyper aware of my head. I think I might could fool most folks with smp but not sure about my bald friends.
  15. NYC session 1 this friday the 20th !!

    That looks really good man, I can't tell where the real hair ends and the SMP begins. Once that scar settles it will look even better.