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  1. Daniel's treatment

    My only advice to you is not to have any surgery, just go with SMP.
  2. I want to take the time out to thank HisHair

    Good for you. Any pics to share.
  3. Toronto Consultation Count Down in full effect

    Keep us updated. I was in TO this weekend, Damn snow. Saw whole bunch of Semi trailers that slid off 401 in that snow storm last week.
  4. saving for smp jason blog

    O Jason, I can understand what you are going through but you are making it too tough on yourself. I never understood this nanogen thing as I never used it. If I was in your place, I would just shave it off and get it done and think about SMP when I have money. I personally haven't seen anyone who uses this fiber stuff but it seems like it's easy to figure out. I think you would look much better with shaved head than putting that crap on your head. My advice to you is, have couple of drinks and head to barber to just clean it up.
  5. NYC session 1 this friday the 20th !!

    Great BNB, As an Agnostic, I don't mind you expressing your beliefs. We all have something to cling on to get through troubles/stresses in life, whether it's God ( of any kind ), family, friends or things. Happy for you brother, btw, I talked to my doc and showed the pic of your scar. He said it can be easily fixed. I am sure NYC has a whole lot of specialists that can work their magic on it. Thought I let you know.
  6. What Do Women Think?

    YB, Very well said, I can understand what you are going through losing hair at such young age and that high school bullying about hair is no easy thing to deal with besides hairless. You need to learn how to not give a F*&^, you could get help to deal with that from many places. There is something called Cognitive Behaviour therapy that is available in Canada, it does help a lot. I am not sure what country are you from but it is definitely that you can look up to prepare you mentally.
  7. My scar is exactly like yours. Amazing job. I can't even tell from the side shots. Glad it worked out for you.
  8. Scared about a transplant scar coverup

    Just look at the latest video that Damien posted. Can't get any better than that.
  9. Body hair to Head transplant

    50k for hair !! Wish i had that kind of money to blow
  10. What Do Women Think?

    So shave off your head, don't stress about your hair as they are not going to come back no matter what you rub on it. I am sure guys at age 21 with shaved head are getting a whole lot of sugar.
  11. I see people at Gym who shave their heads and I want to go tell all of them but I can't. I am sure a whole lot of them will look 100 times better with their ripped abs.
  12. What Do Women Think?

    Just shave off your head and get it done with, you are too young. Worry about your career right now. If you become something in life, you will be proud of yourself and girls come to good professional people at later ages when they are done fooling around. Remember, Confidence is something that will get the girls attracted to you, doesn't matter if you have a full head of hair or thinning hair. I know it's very depressing when you lose your hair at any age. i am married with beautiful kids and wife but hairless still bothers me at age 42. When we get used to one look, we don't want to let it go. I say just shave it once and see how you like yourself.
  13. My experience

    Good job on the scar. I don't see a problem with treatment becoming famous. There are few people at my work that found out and we all talk about it getting it done. If I get it done, it will be known to all. I think that's better way to not worry about people finding it or not. Women do a whole lot of stuff from botox to what not to look good, Why can't men do this and hide it. I say just let it out and live your life.
  14. Body hair to Head transplant

    My advice: Stay away from any kind of Transplants, it's not a permanent solution. Your hair will fall again, it just gives you extra 3-5 years, nothing more. I wish I had never got it done and the worst part is that I wasn't even bald, I just got my hairline lowered a bit........ urrgggghhhh !! Stupid things that we do in life.
  15. A really touching video

    Thanks for posting it Damien, I showed this to my wife and her reaction was.....OMG !! He looks so hot now, ten years younger in just few hours. Stories like these gives me hope for my future, Might enjoy my hair until I have it and then SMP for sure.