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  1. Scar opinions

    Thx guys. Would love to be able to shave my head and be done with concealers and stress. Really hoping I can get this to work. As far as being totally flat I dunno. I broke both bones in my forearm playing football 25 years ago. It streched just like my ht scar. In fact it looks like a strip scar on my arm. It's truly 100% flat. I'm gonna do a small careful test patch of fraxel to see if it helps. I'd hate to do this and get say 65% camo just to realize if had been bit more patient or waited longer I could have gotten to 80% camo. That's big difference. Steerlrz- are you scars wide? Raised? Pics?
  2. Scar opinions

    Thx for chiming in guys. I'd say it's 90% flat in most areas. Maybe 85% flat in others. But wide as all hell. What color do you think the scar is? Red? Pink? Skin tone? The vbeam helped it was redder than the devil. Next is fraxel. Gonna try and get this as smooth and flat as possible before smp. I can't fix width of scar so just gonna try and have the flattest smoothest best color scar I can.
  3. Folks, I was hoping to get some opinions. I have a very wide scar. I recently had 5 vbeam laser treatments. Which has helped a bit. Do you think I could smp the scar and get decent camo? Or is this just too much of a monster scar? 5 to 14mm in some spots. It's relatively flat. Completely flat in some areas slightly raised in others.
  4. scar pics-widened scar

    Flippo, Thanks for responding. Glad you got straightened out. How wide was your scar? It didnt look too bad. Also yours was very white and flat. Probably part of the reason you got a great result.
  5. scar pics-widened scar

    Ive seen that scar. Thanks for sending it. Any other widened scars done by his?
  6. Folks, I posted some pics as best i could and wanted to see if this scar could be treated successfully with smp. Its extremely hard to take good pics of a scar but did my best. For what you cant see its 5 to 12mm wide...awesome I know. Mostly flat and working diligently to get it completely flat. Its pinkish but in process of vbeam laser treatments to remove all the red. Its about 16 moths old. Plan is more vbeam until its white then cortisone and fraxel to flatten. Is it even worth it to try or is this too damn wide for smp. I wouldn't expect it to disappear. Id love to get to like 70% concealment. Without putting a number on it-Enough to have my self respect and move on with life. I have to say its a bit depressing to read peoples stories here and then I finally see a pic of their scar and its a thin white line that isn't even that bad without smp. Regardless thankful of people posting their stories. Thoughts. Any similar scar treartments with widened scars from his other than the 1 Ive seen a bunch of times? Below is a link to another smp clinic. Id go to his and not these guys but they do have some impressive pics of widened scars. Im not 100% sold they are legit pics but photoshopped and best case scenarios as it part of their website. i also think they could be complete BS. I love his forum bc its real dudes posting on their own. Just wanted to show an example of what I am hoping is possible.
  7. Sounds a bit like a his plug but good post nonetheless. Your head looks good subtle not too dark.
  8. 3 weeks post 3rd treatment

    scar doesnt look to bad at all
  9. good to know
  10. scar trreatment

    thx guys
  11. So this may seem like a silly question but its been eating at me for days. Ill preface by saying I have a brutal scar 5 to 12mm past my ears. I am working on getting it flat and white before i jump in. So my question is I have been starting at bald guys heads and many guys who shave you can barely see the stubble on there head. So tattooing the scar only seems like it would make it stand out more. Is the real magic of smp on scars doing the entire donor area and making it "the non scar bearing donor area" darker and filled with more "dots"? Assuming its a white guy? So basically changing the whole appearance of the donor area scar included? Again sorry if thats a dumb question.
  12. Wide transplant scar

    Folks, I have an extremely wide transplant scar 5 to 11mm in some spots. Assuming I could get it flat and white would mht work? It kills me to read these posts and then see the scars as they are small and thin. I cannot do a revision as my scalp is extremely loose and have stretch scar tendencies as evidenced from other injuries. Any pics or cases that show a successful mht on a wide scar? There is a great example on nhi website but then I've noticed the same pic is on every other smp website now (not his). So I'm wondering if anyone has seen any good smp results on a wide scar.
  13. Recell Spray On Skin

    I had 2 skype consultations with actual docs. They were very nice but had 0 evidence of any scars of or similar to ht scars. I also got the strong feeling they need people to perform the procedure on as it was way to easy to get 2 different docs to do skype calls right away. Also patient coordinator followed up a little to well for it not to see like they need guinea pigs to help FDA approval. Also the doctor at zenith cosmetics just changed the way they administer it. No more lasering crap out of it and then spraying it on because it may make it worse. They recently changed this which means they made someone's scar worse. Very promising but not quite there yet IMO.