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    LiveFree reacted to username in Unacceptable Customer Service and Poor Result in SF   
    It's a mistake to think 2d dots can match buzzed 3d hairs. And going darker to try to match 'em is an even bigger mistake.
    The most realism you can get out of a hair tat, is shaved hairs (as in wet shave with razors) which are light colored along with light colored 2d dots. With the dots being as close as possible in size to the shaved follicle.  
    This is a realistic goal
    This is a "you're gonna have a bad time" goal
    ps I wish this was on the front page of all smp businesses so people had realistic expectations from the very start  
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    LiveFree reacted to hairhair98 in 18 months update   
    I remember your old thread, you're treatment is one of my favorites... looks extremely natural, and a huge change from your before status.  Looks like it's holding up great.  Thanks for the update!
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    LiveFree reacted to AllGone in 18 months update   
    Hi all,


    I haven't been keeping up with the forum for a while, I guess I haven't been hung up on hair loss as much as I used to be, and that's definitely due to having the SMP treatment. 


    I thought I'll come back and post some update photos. It's been 18 months since my treatment, and I think is holding up really well. It's still looking natural, and that's really important to me. I didn't want no straight or overly low hair line, too dark, or too dense, that would shout fake with a capital F. As it is now, even I can't tell my own hair to the treatment.


    Here's a before photo 


    If you haven't had the treatment yet, and you like the athletic shaved head look, delay no more, go for it. I did it 18 months ago, and it has been the best thing that I've bought or paid for!


    I'm sure I'll update again in the near future, but until then, I'll continue to live life to the full. 


    Thanks again HIS, and especially to Jonathan Tang who performed my treatment!


    Happy holiday everyone!

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    LiveFree reacted to bigbaldy in Thoughts on this forum and His Hair   
    I had many pictures that I deleted for privacy reasons. I can easily take more, but the detail on my cell phone camera is so poor, it is hard to really see how bad it it really is. Hishair flew one of their top practitioners to take a look and he could not believe how big and dark the dots were. he admitted it was a horrible job and reassured me that His hair would do whatever they could to resolve the situation. This was In October I believe. I felt so much better knowing that I had someone that would help me through this. Unfortunately, other than some verbal concern, I have pretty much been on my own. Hishair does not know the laser practitioners in this area and recommended one that had never done this on SMP or the scalp. They told me that lasering the scalp even with the recommended laser, will cause hair loss, possible scarring, change in direction of hairgrowth, and possible hyperpigmentation. they told me I needed to see a psychologist and that they wouldnt even feel comfortable doing it. i have been to many laser practitioners since then, none of whom have ever performed this on SMP or the scalp, and all have said it will cause hair loss, possible scarring, etc. The hair loss may not be a big issue for people who have very little hair, but I do have a decent amount, it is just very thin. i am not going to be a lab rat for a practitioner that has never done this on a scalp and is unsure of the outcome. anyone who this considering having SMP done, must take is into consideration. While you are at it, research the lasering process and recovery. how can anyone who has a full time job and deals with the public go through a laser procedure that will have scabbing, discoloration and who knows what else on the scalp possibly for many weeks after the procedure? These are things to consider when signing up for this, because it is very possible you can end up unhappy and having to deal with this. i had seen so many success stories on this site, and was looking so forward to getting beyond this and being one of those successes. instead, this has been horrible experience and I am sad to say that I was much better off before having this done.
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    LiveFree reacted to MrPJ in Going for a 3rd session need some advice   
    I think the colour at the front looks very natural. Yes it looks a little bit lighter elsewhere, but still natural.
    I'd be careful going too dark because it can look fake like others I have seen.
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    LiveFree reacted to HBK in Thank you HIS   
    Still can't get over the dot size Jose. That's easily up there with the best I've seen!
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    LiveFree reacted to HatingHats in Tattoos and Cancer   
    Thanks Juju.  I will read this in full and examine it.  I will add a few items worth consideration though,
    Cell apoptosis is not usually 'defective'. (defective apoptosis is usually cancer)  It is a planned death and is normal programmed cell death (PCD) in molecular biology.  When cell death results from toxicology effects, it is not apoptosis related.
    Molecular size bears no relation to toxicology.  Water which is only about 3.2 angstroms in diameter (0.32 nm) has a very high LD50. (the dose taken must be very large for illness or death to be present)  In relation to human molecular biology, much of toxicology is related to unpaired valence electrons. This open electron shell makes reactions much more possible (including harmful reactions). And several compounds used in tattoo ink are electrically neutral.  This is also true for the main pigment component of HIS.
    Let me read their article in full and consider it and then get back to you guys.
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    LiveFree got a reaction from NOwayJOSE in Thank you HIS   
    Looks great, probably gonna use the shape as a reference when I get this done.
    With the no close ups comment, do you mean you think it won't hold up to a close view? I think SMP when done well looks fine close up as well so long as no one is looking for it, that's part of the point imo.
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    LiveFree got a reaction from PRobbo in What I'll look?   
    Crazy what hair loss does to some of us. Never had any problems with my looks whatsoever or even noticed them until my hair started falling. Now I'm always thinking I hope I don't like **** with a shaved head, hope my girlfriend doesn't hate it, looking at my features constantly in the mirror to see if I'll suit it decently or whatever like a goddamn woman. You're lucky though, showed your girl and I'm guessing she knows about your treatment? I can't even get myself to admit to her that I'm actually insecure about my hair, feel like she'd look at me differently unfortunately. I figure if I like it though everyone else can **** off. 
    Good luck my man, I'm starting the same day as you (next Friday) and am similar to you in that we both have a decent amount of hair left but want to do this now to stop thinking about hair loss, so definitely gonna keep tabs on you.
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    LiveFree reacted to HatingHats in Tattoos and Cancer   
    Replied to your PM LiveFree.  There is a well known relation between marriage and less disease and conversely, separation or divorce and becoming ill.  (I believe medical epidemiologists refer to this as the second penalty, but will check on it).  Three of the best articles have published in the New England Journal of Medicine and I will try to find exact citations for you in short order.
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    LiveFree reacted to HatingHats in Tattoos and Cancer   
    LiveFree, I perfectly agree with your concerns. Before I began SMP, several former clients would post to me about how everyone has tattoos now and it is no big deal.  That did absolutely jack shit to help alleviate my concerns. I do not know if you are a big fan of mathematics and statistics, but you probably know that their are several statistical measures of confidence and correlation. While you are correct that not enough reliable double blind studies have been done concerning cancer and tattoos (or SMP), we do know that about 37% of all people between the ages of 25 and 40 have a tattoo. If there was even a minor correleation, it would have begun to show up in mathematical epidemiology studies in the early 2000s period (for reasons that would take too long to go into here). (just as a link between smoking and cancer immediately showed up mathematically in the mid 1950s before formal double blind results came in).
         As such, I do believe there is a minor risk but I would take a seat of my ass guess that the correlation is going to be similar to something like the link between drinking too much Coke or Pepsi and cancer. When much more detailed information is available in perhaps 2030 or 2040, I suspect we will find that there is indeed a link but one of small effect.  And that means, that yes, SMP is in actuality a Vegas dice roll.  But so is driving at 90 mph.  Everytime the sports car enthusiast gets his ride up to high speed, there is that chance that a tire could blow out and send him to the afterlife.  It is small but statistically real.  The same I suspect is true of SMP.
         Finally, I would note that you did not account for placebo effect and positive correlation. There is a well known mathematical relationship between say depression and higher likelyhood of cancer.  If your hot lady starts sleeping with a better hung dude with more money, you have about a 240% greater chance of developing cancer. Likewise, disease is very much a condition of the mind. If you are a depressed Norwood IV age 22 year old gent who feels life is over because your already balding and you receive SMP and begin to get laid, the cancer risk takes a dramatic drop.  The positive mental placebo effect during the lifetime of SMP must be weighed against the chance for cancer.  My guess would be that it is (statistically speaking over a large enough population sample) better for most gents to receive SMP, feel better about themselves and live a longer more fulfilled life than one without SMP, inwardly depressed and with an actual longer term risk for cancer.  I do not have the evidence to say that for sure, but it would be the seat of my pants, best ass guess.
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    LiveFree reacted to damien in Tattoos and Cancer   
    I agree with your points, but FDA approval is no guarantee of safety. Just look at Propecia, the worlds biggest selling hair loss drug
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    LiveFree reacted to HBK in Tattoos and Cancer   
    I've got a few tattoos and had SMP but reading that thread was the 1st time I'd ever heard of this risk. Too late for me! Half the world has tattoos so it can't be a big deal.
    Doubt it would have affected my decision anyway. Every time you read a newspaper there's some new study being published about something else that can cause cancer supposedly. No point in living in fear, just be sensible and live a healthy life. Not much else you can do.
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    LiveFree reacted to todoornottodo in Fix Ma Heed's Story (with pics)   
    Family party done, nobody had a scooby doo! lots of people said I suit this look, HIS hair clinic job done! 
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    LiveFree reacted to johnnyNY in Blueish Dot and Blueish patches   
    Sorry for ranting and venting on here guys, this is just a really scary thing to go through. I got my second session tomorrow so Ill be able to have it looked at in the flesh and get some answers which could be that everything is fine. I'll keep you posted and post some second session pics tomorrow. 
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    LiveFree got a reaction from todoornottodo in Fix Ma Heed's Story (with pics)   
    Didn't even look like you necessarily needed another one from the photos but I guess a little bit more density couldn't hurt as insurance, looks fantastic btw, did you get the sides touched?
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    LiveFree reacted to NOwayJOSE in Thank you HIS   
    Ok I've been meaning to post some photos of my treatment i hope i can get this to work.





    Like i said i hope these pictures come out. Im not the best with my Braun series 7 yet so forgive the un even shave. Lighting is always an issue with these smp photos which is why no close ups. Please tell me if you think the hairline should go lower based on my forehead wrinkles. I'm thinking i might drop it down. Thanks guys & gals.....JuJu.
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    LiveFree reacted to Hairkiller in Need help! had 1st session yesterday and don't like my hairline   
    You've just reached a point in the fading progress that you would have reached anyway letting the treatment fade by itself... adding the tisk of an unwanted result by mixing ink and the acids you've used. It looks better and it will look even better but let it by itself.
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    LiveFree reacted to Rick80 in Need help! had 1st session yesterday and don't like my hairline   
    Update : 
    First off I want to thank everyone who replied to this thread with their advice and kind words. So last night I cut my hair and took a shower and I used some acne cream and some lemon juice to exfoliate the hell out of the temple points. I scrubbed them really hard and I got that area to fade a little bit. And those temple points are really what bothered me the most. So I have to say I'm a lot happier today and I think it's looking much better. 
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    LiveFree got a reaction from Flippo in IT'S TIME!! NYC March 20th the show begins!   
    This is outstanding work, light, realistic, and feathered hairline, great stuff 
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    LiveFree got a reaction from Flippo in IT'S TIME!! NYC March 20th the show begins!   
    This is outstanding work, light, realistic, and feathered hairline, great stuff 
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    LiveFree reacted to Rosco in Need help! had 1st session yesterday and don't like my hairline   
    I am sorry to hear about your disappointment with your results Rick80. I could sit here all day and tell you how amazing your smp results look (and I honestly feel like they look great and suit you well) but the truth is that the only opinion that matters is your own. Speaking as a guy who has had issues with the man staring back at himself in the mirror, I know what it is like to not be satisfied with aspects of my appearance, and it simply does not matter how many people tell me "you look fine" or "it is not that big of a deal", I still feel the way I feel and interpret my appearance the way I interpret it regardless of any positive feedback I may receive. 
    As far as your goal for SMP result based on the fighter, actor, and soccer player you have posted photos of, those guys appear to have very thick hair and have it shaved to about an eighth to a quarter of an inch in length, a much longer length than most people have with smp, so it is difficult to compare. Also, you are comparing 3d (men's buzzcuts) to 2d (SMP dots).  Also, both the fighter's and soccer player's hairlines seem to Zig-Zag in an extreme fashion with a middle point reaching pretty low on the forehead. I do not feel that it would be wise to try and mimick these men's natural hairlines with SMP, as I think it would look quite sloppy and would not provide a good frame for your face. I have seen some pretty amazing broken hairlines that HIS has created (a bit more broken than the smp hairline you have now), and I think that would be your best option. 
    The best advice that you have received is from the posters who have told you to call HIS and speak with them about Laser Removal. HIS know the depth of pigment insertion, the type of pigment used, and are best suited to remove it b/c they are accustomed to dealing with SMP removal whereas a different Laser Removal provider's majority of experience would probably consist of traditional tattoo removal. I would certainly avoid using any kind of chemical in an attempt to fade your pigmentation b/c you could potentially be doing more harm than good making it more difficult to remove with laser treatment. You should think this out with a clear head and not make any rash, emotional decisions attempting to get the smp off of your head as quickly as possible with products that will have a reaction unknown. Call HIS. They will help you if you want to remove this.
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    LiveFree reacted to JuJu in Advice on SMP removal ?   
      Rick stated he  is considering laser not just with HH  but other places; (asked about looking up sources in the phonebook for immediate erradication). If he follows through with that then the information from His is meaningless. His results would then be  dependent on the skill set and education of the operator (layperson vs aesthetician versus an NP or MD. Also the time exposed, pulse/frequency,settings. Laser surgery is not without discomfort.  Overall, I'm impressed with the level of support this young guy is receiving. It's phenomenal and heart warming. But with each bit of advice, unsure he understands if he opts for benzoyl peroxide, gylcolic peels, hydroquinone, or the banned mercury laden foreign products that you can find in some  African, Caribbean or Indian stores ...there is risk. Rick is receiving fantastic suggestions, but he is also in  full panic.  Just want him to think carefully about his next steps.  
    Dynamic and robust discussion. Thanks Live free. 
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    LiveFree reacted to pdx_phillip in Going in tomorrow for 1st session! Seattle   
    Thanks for all the great comments guys & girl  
    I don't even mind the critical ones either...believe me, no one is more critical of how my treatment looks that I am. And I think it's turning out better than I ever could have hoped.
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    LiveFree reacted to Young Bald Guy in Young Bald Guy's Diary   
    Sorry it's been awhile since I updated. I have been busy with school and what not and sorry I have deleted a lot of my old photos because HIS HAIR has just become to popular since I started my diary and I didn't want to risk someone recognizing me. Here are some recent photos. Honestly I cant say thank you enough to the New York team. You guys have honestly given me my youth back and made me feel my actually age of 19 not a guy in his 30s. Balding can really hinder a guys confidence especially at a young age. I made this diary so I could give back to forum which helped me make my decision. So hopefully I have helped some people with their journey.