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  1. My personal experience with HIS Hair Honk Kong & smp

    Was the shade your preference? just wondering because I have a similar skin tone and would go lighter, not that yours doesnt look good, it does.
  2. 18 months update

    This is a brilliant treatment, if you have any pics in different lighting would be great. Either way happy for you man
  3. No More Mr. Bald Guy.....NYC Diary

    Treatment looks fine from the front, but from the back there is a very a clear disparity between dots and real hair, the color doesn't even seem to match although this could be a density thing. Looks like you need a lot more to be honest, maybe you've already done this though, any updates?
  4. Tattoos and Cancer

    JuJu posted the study I am referencing on nanoparticles And certainly, unstable radicals are a concern as you point out, definitely good to know the main component of HIS is not a radical, but with the nanoparticles it isn't an increase in toxicology with size so much as an increase in exposure.
  5. Tattoos and Cancer

    Thanks jason27, best of luck to you too, the lack of awareness about this stuff is crazy, I'd wager that 80-90% of people who get both tattoos and SMP have never read articles like the above, I know I hadn't. Long term this may be the one of the most dangerous hair procedure out there albeit probably best available right now as well for those who are going to lose more hair.
  6. Tattoos and Cancer

    Less carcinogenic thank standard tattoo ink despite being black ink, which seems to be more carcinogenic by all accounts? Or less carcinogenic than standard black tattoo ink? The fact that the SMP is not placed as deep in the skin as a regular tattoo would also open it up to migration more than a regular tattoo I would think, which is the big concern.
  7. Regaine and SMP???????

    Ahh ok, I thought you meant because of the SMP. Yeah, propylene glycol causes my scalp to flake as well, wouldn't classify it as damage imo but certainly an inconvenience and annoying as fuck
  8. Tattoos and Cancer

    Definitely a numbers guy, thanks for the reply HH. Agree about the depression/cancer link, there have been studies about the effect of flattened cortisol levels throughout the day (increased cortisol) affecting biological pathways to the detriment of the cancer patient, although I was under the impression the specific nature of the link was not well known at all (social well being affects biological processes but the effect is unknown)-- am curious to see how you came up with the 240% number specifically, so PM'ed you for the details for that and the epidemiological numbers so it doesn't take over this thread. Thanks a lot, your reply did put my mind at ease.
  9. Tattoos and Cancer

    Definitely, I'm in the group that experienced side effects and am not fond of the drug at all, but there is at least a 10 year study done on it's effects and a general known percentage of those that will experience side effects. There is a reason Propecia doesn't sell that well and it's because 1) maintenance isn't as sexy as regrowth which is rarer by the time most start the drug 2) its side effects. So while FDA approval isn't a guarantee, it's more information and the likelihood of getting side effects is quantifiable within some measure.
  10. Tattoos and Cancer

    I don't know about that. Black ink is the most carcinogenic ink from what I gather. This study done at the nano-level is what troubles me the most: Anyways, thought it would be helpful to share. Certainly makes my decision harder, it really is just a gamble.I do want to emphasize though that this is NOT unique to HIS. It is relevant to all tattoo and SMP procedures. Nor am I trying to cause a frenzy but I think information like this should be more well known. Ultimately, all tattoos should be FDA regulated, the composition of the ink should be known to protect the consumer, and that is the big issue here: we see people getting up in a frenzy about putting unknown drugs in their body about which all the information about the ingredients is at least known whereas something like this is just completely unregulated. And HBK, I too have another tattoo and was unaware that this was a potentially serious issue before yesterday. Guess it's just something to weigh and I do wish this information was more widespread.
  11. Regaine and SMP???????

    Why would it damage the scalp?
  12. Regaine and SMP???????

    I haven't heard of anyone mixing RU with anything that isn't alcohol
  13. Tattoos and Cancer

    I know this won't be a popular post here but was hoping to get some feedback. Bottom line is I was very excited about SMP until I read that other thread (Do not get a Tattoo on Your Head from another forum about which there is already a topic). Everyone in that topic focused on the visual part of SMP, but I'm more concerned about the cancer possibility down the road. . Of course there is no definitive link between tattoos and cancer. But, there are studies that suggest it and if you've read enough of them, the bottom line is that the answer is basically unknown. Ink building up in your lymphatic system or spreading throughout your body as it fades from your head is worrying. For a long term solution that requires touch ups to look good, it becomes even more concerning. The fact that lasers can spread the tattoo ink in your body is also not comforting. The common sense answer is that the ink has metals, black ink in particular has certain carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH's). Putting this in your body has obvious risks. There have been cases of people being found with black ink in their lymph nodes. Now as a young man in his 20's, part of the reason I decided to get off Propecia and to avoid hair transplants when I was headed towards more hair loss are the side effects--- none of which are potentially fatal, but still, especially in the case of Propecia, are very real for a small percentage of people. It's probably the same reason why a lot of people here chose not to get on Propecia in the first place. But the risk with these two treatments is known. Putting tattoo ink and potentially a build up of carcinogenic metals has more risk than the other two procedures in terms of fatality--- there have been no long term epidemiological studies as far as I know. It is hard as a young guy to have that sort of perspective, that 20, 30, hell 40 years down the line I could be paying for a vanity issue in my 20's (not to trivialize hair loss, it of course sucks which is why I'm here) and this is really bumming me out because I thought I had finally found a solution that would work for me. So anyways, what do you guys make of this? It's easy to say "o well everything causes cancer these days", but a foreign substance with metals being injected into your body is a little more definitive than that. It really is just a giant unknown and it's a shame there hasn't been more conclusive research one way or the other.
  14. Blueish Dot and Blueish patches

    I'm not there with you in person and your wife is, but could you put out where more specifically? Edit: In the last picture, I can see it doesn't match the brown color of your hair, but I'm not sure if it's blue?
  15. Fix Ma Heed's Story (with pics)

    Didn't even look like you necessarily needed another one from the photos but I guess a little bit more density couldn't hurt as insurance, looks fantastic btw, did you get the sides touched?