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  1. darts legend RVB

    I also do not like it. I think, the color must fade a little bit. It looks too dark now.
  2. If you shave daily you will not feel or see a difference at all.
  3. My favorite answer is:" I have a little bit neurodermatitis on my scalp and have to cream my head every day with non-alcoholic cream. And this I cannot do with hair...!" With this answer they will never ask you again, why you are never let grow your hair!
  4. Hi hairisgongaway! I don't like a fresh shaved head so much. But I have found a good compromise for the first day! I shave my head on any second ot third day at early evening, when I am at home. When you shave at 6pm, your head will have already more color at next morning. If you go out, shave it before bedtime. 12 to 15 hours bring a lot. Try it!
  5. Post first session - underwhelmed.

    I did not speak about the pricing. I spoke about how many session will be need. When the practitioner looked at my head she said, that I need definitely three sessions. So I paid before my 1st session for all three. But if I needed a fourth or fifth, I would not have to paid more for that.
  6. Post first session - underwhelmed.

    Yes! HIS will end their work, until you and the practitioner will be happy. Most clients need 3 sessions. But some need only 2 session, other need 4 or 5 sessions. I had 3 sessions.
  7. Post first session - underwhelmed.

    Hi Moonraker! Do not care! After my first session, I looked the same way! The practitioner wants to see, how your skin rules! That is important to get the right color number for the 2nd session! After the 2nd session you will see a huge difference with much much more density!
  8. SMP turning blue after some years

    Hi Vinc 2097! Bad SMP's are blue at the very first moments, but not after years. I had mine in 2015 and I am also still super happy! Believe me, when I informed myself online about providers, I also saw some really bad pics...! And then I chose HIS, because I wanted to minimize the risk. They are the longest on the market, have the greatest experience and in 2015 HIS were the only one who used different color depths for the 3d-effect. But I must also say, it took me exactly 24 months to do this, because I was scared. So, I know exactly how you and the others feel about. And when you read all comments here from the people, that have pulled through you will read some times the words " new born" and this is just as I feel now! Good luck mate! (sorry about my bad english, I am from Germany)
  9. Need feedback

    For me it looks amazing - and you keep your head in the light! even in enlargement, it looks great for me!!
  10. Hair line is too dark.

    Wow! Much more density on the top and it looks perfect! You must be very happy now!. Was this the final treatment, or do you get another one?
  11. My not so good smp story so far

    Hi Aboot! Sorry to hear about you problems. But all what I can say is, do not give up!! It seems, that your head needs more than 3 treatments - 4 , better 5 treatments, because of your strong fading! The lady has recognized that the dark (blue) dots, because your head has no density at all. Believe me, with a great density no one would see it. And the dark dots on your head will still fading ...! A laser removal you also can start after 5 treatments - makes no difference. After my second treatment I also got panic like you now, because of strong fading and the front has had also much darker dots. But after my 3rd and final treatment everything was perfect! Look at mine:
  12. Hair line is too dark.

    Hi AntWrig! Indeed - the front looks terribly, but the rest looks amazing for only one treatment!!! But doing a laser removal and then starting a second try?? I do not know...! At first, I would ask what happend and then I would ask for a later treatment! Maybe in 4 weeks it looks much better..! Good luck!
  13. Doesn't last

    Thanks Ed! That are good news. I like swimming so much!
  14. Doesn't last

    Wow! PermanentVacatio! Your SMP looks really fantastic!!! My SMP was done in December 2015. Almost no fading - maybe 2-3 %. But I protect my head every day, and I do not swimming anymore daily, because I've been told that chlorine in swimming pools let SMP fading very quickly..! Good luck to you Dotmatrix!
  15. What does an SMP head feel like?

    It is always head thing - before SMP and after SMP. We are individuals and therefore we react differently. I was always ashamed of my baldness and scars. And now with SMP, I feel like another person and I do not care at all, if someone recognize my SMP. I am absolutely sure, that for the public in some years the handling with SMP is normal as wigs in woman...!