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  1. Booked TODAY!!!

    Any updates...looks like you're almost there in the last pic.
  2. first session in Houston tomorrow

    any pics bro?...I'm gettin it done in Houston this summer
  3. Houston Clinic

    Thanks Damien...that's a big help. Looks good if those guys are still there, especially Daz
  4. Houston Clinic

    So, no info or pics on Houston clinic? Not even from Damien? Ok...
  5. HT scar question

    I agree with Beach1103, you definitely need SMP below the scar...the difference is quite noticeable. If below the scar looked like about it, then I think it's safe to say the scar would be 90% concealed, but as it is, the color difference draws attention to the scar. I'm in the same boat as you, having SMP this summer and have a very similar scar to deal with...I'm def going for above, on, and below the scar.
  6. Blending issues

    thanks...any pics of their work anywhere?
  7. Blending issues

    I see you're in that the clinic u went to? bc I posted on here trying to get some info about the Houston clinic and the work they do there, but so far I haven't gotten any responses...
  8. Blending issues

    Dude, maybe I'm not seeing what you're saying, but I think it looks great from what I can tell in the pictures u posted.
  9. Houston Clinic

    I've been "ghosting" on this forum for over a year...haven't ever commented on anything. I've been considering SMP for at least that long. The nearest clinic to me is in Houston (I live in New Orleans area). I'm just wondering does anyone have any pictures of work done in Houston, and the quality I'd get there? Despite all attempts to ensure consistency, some clinics are simply better than others, in my opinion (based on the results I see on here). If I lived near NYC or LA, I'd go there without hesitation, but I don't, and Houston is my best option...I just need to see some pics, because I'm not prepared to go through with SMP without knowing the type of look I might achieve. Additionally, I have a transplant scar in the back of my head (it's not too bad...but I know that makes a difference). So, anyone with any pics, or experiences, at the Houston clinic, that'd be awesome! Thanks.