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  1. Best clippers/shaver after SMP

    I understand the concern! I was the same way when I started. It's really hard to nick yourself with a fresh blade (I use a 3 blade razor) and some proper shaving cream. Been doing this since 2015 and only ever nicked myself twice... which was above my ear. I go with the grain and can go about every other day before shaving again. Never had any irritations. I suggest trying it!
  2. Best clippers/shaver after SMP

    Wet shave is the way to go. Its arguably faster too. I get mine done in less than 3 minutes before I hop in the shower. I just use my Braun for trimming beard now :-)
  3. Laser for hairline adjustments? and word of laser recommendations in North America? I'm sure someone here has had the procedure done?
  4. Northern Bald Guy's Diary (UK treatments)

    This looks great brother! Your hairline looks fantastic. Something I'll ask the tech to do next time I go. I only had 2 sessions done in 2015... and still holding strong.
  5. SMP removal in Toronto

    Thanks for the hookup. I wonder how the pain is... and if its a multi-session deal. I'd like to break up my hairline a bit.
  6. Laser for hairline adjustments?

    ah snap -- totally forgot that I posed this -- totally shows how much I'm not bothered by this ;-) it's pretty low but not unrealistically low. I would like to have the corners lasered a bit but I'll talk to a HIS tech and get ideas. Thanks for the suggestion!
  7. SMP - part removal

    hey cutlass -- glad to hear it worked out for you mate! who did the laser work in TO for you? I'm in Buffalo but me thinkin TO is closer than NYC :-)
  8. Hi guys, I'm based in Buffalo and had my SMP done in Toronto about a year ago. It looks great but lately I've been getting a lot of comments about how "perfect" my hairline is and how I should congratulate my barber for the "amazing line-up." It's flattering, yes, but I'd rather not draw any more attention. The hairline is amazingly straight, it looks good, but I should aim for more realism. Does HIS offer laser treatment in NY or Toronto area?
  9. SMP + Minoxidil?

    Why would one use minoxidil after getting SMP? To keep the "realism"?
  10. HIS Hair offers a great experience for it's customers but a huge sticking point I had going in was "choosing" the right hairline. For my session, even though I had example pictures going into the procedure, I still had a hard time portraying exactly what I wanted. Especially since I was bringing in pics of other SMP work. With this thread, let's start a "database", if you will, of people's shaved heads with natural hairlines. Just like how barbershops have booklets of hairstyles, we'll a booklet of hairlines! Also, side profiles, too. Both celebs and non-celebs. I'll get it started: Side profile with uneven hairline. This almost looks like an SMP, LOL. C.Bale with uneven hairline. Feel free to post more examples -- help the community out!
  11. List of best electric shavers for use on head

    Foil shavers are where it's at. Bought a Series 3 for $40: Head is done in less than 5 minutes, every 48 hours. I'm sure the series 5 and 7 are better but this works great for me.
  12. Smp improvments?

    Why would it cost more? They're just using lighter and darker dots. I'm probably going to have lighter dots on my hairline for session 3 to soften it up a bit, as well as darker dots towards the crown.
  13. First session done, advice appreciated!

    Second session went much better... side profiles look much better. I'm still a little nit picky about the treatment in terms of overall shape. But regardless, pretty happy. I'll probably need a third session in a couple months. I'll add some photos in a few days. But so far I've slipped right back into society, and when I look in the mirror, I don't see a balding dude. :-)
  14. Matte Moisturizer with SPF?

    Cetaphil makes pretty decent products. I'll check it out! Thanks.
  15. Found Out in Turkey

    I think you're just paranoid.