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  1. Just booked with Houston!!

    pics today, 5 days after 1st session. in bright and dim light. feed back on hairline needed, should i go lower? ***Johnathan was AMAZING!! One of the collest cats ive come across. He is a perfectionist and in my opinion a major asset to hishairclinic. Thanks a million bro. Changing lives.
  2. Just booked with Houston!!

    Im at 1. I know the feeling!!! Im going nuts here lolol! Keep me posted bro!
  3. Just booked with Houston!!

    Thanks Damien!!
  4. Just booked with Houston!!

    Thanks guys!! 2 days until the plunge!! Im super excited to look my actual age lol!
  5. Just booked with Houston!!

    Thanks for the affirmation brother!!
  6. Just booked with Houston!!

    Hey guys! I justed booked with Houston for Nov. 20 and 27!! Im excited and nervous all at the same time! Johnathan from chicago is doing both sessions. Any input to help calm my nerves would be appreciated! Heres a before pic.