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  1. The plastic/glass scalp effect

    I don't have smp yet but i've used these before (non hello kitty ones). They work really well, though i'm not sure if the ingredients might cause premature fading for smp. Anybody know if they're safe for sure?
  2. Looks great. This is the style that I want to get. It's dark enough to be visible in sunlight but at the same time still looks realistic. Do you have any recent close-up photos?
  3. Does anyone know which clinic/practitioner did this treatment? I can't post links yet. youtube search "HIS Hair Clinic - Andrew's Hair Loss Story after having tried Minoxidil (complete)"
  4. HIS en Barcelona, la cuenta atrás

    This is one of the best smp results on the forum! I wasn't sure about getting the treatment and which clinic location to go to. These photos have removed any doubts I had. Thanks for posting the update.
  5. HIS en Barcelona, la cuenta atrás

    Hola airmax79, Looks good. Any recent photos?
  6. My Hair Loss Weapon of Choice

    My hair loss weapons.. I started losing my hair @ 18. Weapon: electric clippers with guard. It got really bad around 24. Weapon: electric clippers without guard. Currently @ 29, if I don't shave it right down every few days I have a visible horseshoe. Weapon: razor Being bald is getting to me. I've been trying to decide between a hair system and smp. I was ready to order a system, but after reading all the stories on here about hair systems i've decided against it. Thanks for sharing your story.