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  1. Andros Townsend

    It's nice to see andros go down the smp route.he could easily afford the best transplant surgery but chose smp. He's obviously seen Rooneys hair and other sport stars but chose this treatment. Says a lot for smp.
  2. Thanks for the update ed. Makes more sense now.
  3. Hi guys not been on for a while but been reading this topic and people's views. The concept of fue and smp is great and a if it works would solve a lot of hair loss issues but coming from a failed hair transplant, strip surgery I've been burned by such promises before. Just like David 1963 and hbk we found h.I.s because of failed transplants.I do hope Ian Watson has found a great surgeon and can't wait to see the results. But like bobobaldy says h.I.s now offers a wig option!!! Would Ian back that 100% and start wearing one? I wouldn't think so. Can't see why that option is available.
  4. 2 times ten plus one

    Nice to here from you again robby. Your smp is looking great. Glad to hear everything is going well for you. Youd never guess you were 45 next. All the best for the future.
  5. Found Out...Again

    The hairline looks amazing. Fantastic work. A lot more natural.
  6. Found Out in Turkey

    Sounds to me like a successful treatment. HAVE YOU HAD A HAIR TRANSPLANT? . No youve had the illusion of shaved hair . If people were saying have you had a head tattoo then yes there's cause for concern. Congratulations on a full shaved head of hair.
  7. smp on t.v

    Hi dr.carter I haven't any pictures or get his name but it did look like smp. His hairline was very neat and dense. And his head was a bit shiny. It could be on bbc iplayer.
  8. smp on t.v

    Just watching bargin hunt 5th of march. sad I know. The guy on the blue team looks like hes had treatment. Anybody else see it?
  9. too dark at 4 weeks

    Hi mattador. They advised me 12 weeks but it took more like 14. It did lighten throughout that time But it was very subtle. I know exactly how you feel. I couldn't really go anywhere without a hat unless I used a make up to lighten the scar. When I first had the scar done it only took a week or so to look great but it faded badly in the following weeks thats why they went in deeper to try make it stick. The downside is it takes a lot more time to get to the correct shade. Hang in there mate.
  10. too dark at 4 weeks

    Hi mattador. I had some more pigmentation into my scar after some fading. It was very dark and I was convinced it was going to stay like that. It took 14 weeks to get to a normal shade. I know this a long time and I had weddings etc. To go to. So I used my wifes make up concealer while I was waiting. No one ever mentioned it so you could try that while you wait. Its not ideal but be patient and it will fade.
  11. Found Out...Again

    Hi. Hbk haven't posted for a while but just wanted to comment on your situation. This scenario is everyone's nightmare if you're wanting to keep your treatment a secret. You say in your post that co-workers called you out the 1st time and then you had your hairline adjusted. After this you were called out again by a co-worker. Maybe the 1st guys had been talking around work thats why the 2nd guy started to have a look more closely? Your treatment looks great. Ive often looked at your photos and shown my wife and we both agree it looks great. You also say in your post about lighting. You have a few photos outside and the treatment looks light but inside darker. The comment I picked up on was that you said it looked more natural outside. So maybe this is the problem it needs to be slightly lighter . You also have a lot of remaining hair in the front maybe theres a little too density. These two things can be sorted by his. I wouldn't remove the treatment I personally think you would get more negative comments from people when they saw you without your treatment and that you had try to cover your hairloss than you ever will sticking with it and I personally think you would always get ribbed about it. Good luck with everything mate. I'll keep reading your posts and hope everything gets sorted.
  12. 2 year Anniversary

    Still looks great robby. Its nice to hear from you. Thanks for the update and photos. Hope you had a nice xmas. All the best for the new year.
  13. Mnic's Diary

    Hi mnic 1982. I think your results look fantastic. I was in the chair just before you with the legendary daz. For a touch up.Didn't get a chance to speak to you but saw you just as I was leaving. Even before your touch up your treatment looked good but now it looks awesome.
  14. Hi flippo I dont post much these days but just had to tell you how great your hair line looks very very natural. One of the nicest ive seen.
  15. New year New me ( hopefully)

    Thanks Damien. Its good to hear from someone as knowledgeable as yourself. Fix ma heed. Yes we were both in the same boat. Im glad you didn't go the hair transplant route it really isn't worth it. You look a million times better with the treatment and will fit your lifestyle much better .