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  1. Moisturising , matte. And alcohol
  2. Fading issue after completed treatment

    Hello folks, what do you think about using pure argan oil? Aparenteley, people could think it would be the worst 'antishine' product, but I discovered it gave me a very good result regarding the 'skincare' issue. And it's not greasy at all after the skin absorve it (after 20min.) I use it before I go sleep. 4 drops woulb be enough! Argan oil balances the natural skin secretion, so in the next morning the skin looks very good, and it lasts with a natural no greasy shine more hours if I compare it with: a 'soap washed' or mositurized or 'talked' skin, which starts faster with the endogen secretion process. My question is for the HH, mars or someone else who knows: Could the well knowed 'healing propierties' of 100% pure argan oil fade SMP? Thanks in advance!
  3. The MHT Ball Starts Rolling !

    The needle-head of the 'tattoo machine' used for SMP treatment is a 3-needle system. Actually there exists also a 1-needle system, but if HIS don't use it, there will be a reason why. Perhaps if the dot is created with only 1 needle, it would be so small, that the inmune system of the skin would absorve and destroy the pigment too fast. There is another problem with the 1-needle system: If you prick with the needle repeatedly on the same point, the skin will be cutted and the pigment will not remain fixed like a dot but like a scar. The 3-needle system is for now the best one. And there are diferent tipes of 3 needle systems: 0,30mm 0,25mm
  4. The plastic/glass scalp effect

    Hi Hairkiller, if the folicles of your head are dead, maybe they will produce no more 'oil'. So you can kill the collagen-shine with an antishine, and the effect will last longer or maybe until the whole day, because your skin will not react producing oil like normal skins. I sill have 2 big Head Lube Matte tubes, come home and we try it! you can also take a look on this:
  5. check this out,ás/?p=65385
  6. HIS en Barcelona, la cuenta atrás

    #Hairkiller, This is a photo taken today just after shaving: My First 2 treatments was in December with very conservative shades: #32-30 , The second 2 was done in March (Shades #28-26) And the last one we done at June. I had a touch up with Jéremie from France, we used shade #22. I recomend go dark, because fadding is a matter on this, 8 months since the first one. This is was the reason why i done a touch-up. Furthermore I will do another one next september/october, because some areas are a little bit clear, IMO. . Por cierto, si estais interesados, vendo Headlube en ebay.
  7. HIS en Barcelona, la cuenta atrás

    just 10 days after mi 4th session. Before shave: after shave: the color of the fresh dots should settle down in the next weeks. I'm quiet satisfied. update: 2 weeks after:
  8. HIS en Barcelona, la cuenta atrás

    yes, I will try to update tomorrow
  9. HIS en Barcelona, la cuenta atrás

    Vengo de la 2ª sesión. Hemos rellenado con #30, y difuminado los lados y el frontline con #32. Linda me ha dicho que un color #28 incluso #26 seria ideal para mi, pero he preferido algo mucho mas tenue, aunque quizás esto implique que cuando asiente bien el color me tenga que retocar. Pero prefiero asumir ese coste. Los puntos son pequeños, los lados los ha hecho con poca presión para lograr el match y difuminado entre la parte calva y la de pelo. Mi novia esta contenta, así que eso ya es buena señal. De momento aún no puedo valorar el resultado final, pero pinta bien. Solo me preocupa que el fadding no sea homogéneo, pero te digo ahora que pase lo que pase, no me arrepiento para nada de la decisión, lo volvería a hacer, y aún en el caso de requerir otra sesión estoy contento. Creo que el resultado va a quedar tan logrado, que ni siquiera me preocupa tener que admitirlo en caso de que me preguntara alguien. Si vuelvo, será en un par de meses cuando se haya asentado bien el color. Y ya sabes si andas por Barna, podemos quedar pasado añonuevo. Eres Selman no?
  10. HIS en Barcelona, la cuenta atrás

    4 days after 1st.session:
  11. HIS en Barcelona, la cuenta atrás

    sin problema, cuando esté terminado podemos vernos una tarde por Barna.
  12. HIS en Barcelona, la cuenta atrás

    La cosa promete. Tu aún no te lo has hecho no? Supongo que me tocará hacer 3 sesiones como todo el mundo, pero una vez has tomado la decisión ya no viene de ahí.
  13. Is this achievable?