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  1. Laser Treatment Info/Hairline Adjustment

    Thanks Ed. Very much appreciated.
  2. Laser Treatment Info/Hairline Adjustment

    Can anyone offer any advice on this? Admins? Would be very much appreciated. Jonny3
  3. Hi all, I had my SMP completed about 4-5 years ago and have never been happy with the hairline. Most practitioners I've seen have said it's fine, but friends and even people I don't know well have commented on how straight it is. One commented that it "looks like someone has drawn it on your head" and someone else actually asked if it was a "tatoo". Throughout my initial treatments and following touch ups I've always asked for hairline to be more feathered, which the practitioners tried to do, but the general shape is still too strong. I had a consultation today in London with someone I'd not seen before who immediately confirmed it was too strong. Long story short, I would like to take the hairline back (using laser) and then have a more subtle one added, but slightly higher than the current one. On my visit to HIS today I was disappointed to find out that they no longer do laser in house. The practitioner advised me to find a 5 star rated laser place on Groupon, but this fills me with dread! I wondered if anyone with experience of laser treatment, or who knows a lot about it, may be able to answer any of the following questions: 1) Do you know of any reputable/tried and tested laser places in London that have experience dealing with SMP? 2) How painful is it? I've heard stories ranging from not at all, to more painful than a tattoo! 3) What does it look like afterwards? I've been told that from laser to SMP I'd need to wait about 2 weeks. During this time I would need to go to work, see friends etc, so this is a major concern. To an outsider would it look like a big block of hair is missing? 4) I've heard that post laser the dots temporarily go darker. Is this true, and if so, how dark and how long does this last for? 5) Is there any scabbing after the laser treatment? Apologies for the lengthy message, but would hugely appreciate any accurate feedback, particularly from those who have experienced laser in the past. Thanks very much, Jonny3
  4. Sending PM's to Ed

    Hi Ed, I sent you an email a few days ago, I hope that's ok. I just wondered if you could respond as soon as is convenient as I have an issue that I would like to deal with as soon as possible. Many thanks, Jon
  5. SMP 'reduction'...anyone ever tried it?

    Hi, Thanks for your replies. Yes, the idea would be to laser and gradually recede the hairline over a number of years. I know this will probably be a pain in the bum to do, but I think I would be happier having a more receded hairline (if I decide to not completely go bald). Have you guys heard of anything like this being done in the past. Ego: In answer to your question, I guess is partially just personal preference. Although SMP is low maintenance when compared to other products, there is still maintenance and my hair grows extremely quickly meaning that if I don't wet shave every day, the horse shoe will appear. It means that if I don't go home for a night, or don't shave for 24 hours I am very conscious and uneasy about the whole thing. Requiring touch ups every few years is also a pain and I'm currently trying to plan a free week where I can have one done. Although I am happy with my treatment, I do still get paranoid regarding people noticing, or the way it looks in different lights and in photos. Additionally, I don't currently have a girlfriend and if I eventually meet someone, the thought of telling them I've had it done is a little terrifying. All of the above contribute to the reason that I am considering going down this route. Any feedback/comments would be most appreciated. Many thanks, Jonny 3
  6. Hi all, I wore a hair system for about two years. The final year was a real pain in the backside, so I decided to get rid of it. Due to the fact that I didn't want to go from having a full head of hair, to being pretty bald, I decided on SMP as a temporary measure. I've now had it for about 3 years, and am very pleased with the results (especially given the extremely low maintenance when compared to a hair system), but have been thinking that, over the next few years, I will start gradually taking the hairline back, until I eventually catch up with my real hairline. The reason I am doing this is because I don't have a real issue with being bald at closer to 40, but was far more worried about it when I was in my 20's. My question is this: Has anyone ever done this before, or know of anyone that has done something similar? I assume that it can be done using laser, but haven't had this confirmed. Many thanks, Jonny3
  7. Genetics: When were you quoted 1800 inc VAT for your 3 sessions? I paid £3000 including VAT for mine!
  8. HH: if that is the case, then it certainly is a lot!
  9. I don't think that £330 per hour is particularly expensive, especially if you only need a touch up every 2 years minimum and only need 1 hour for the touch up itself. When I had a hair system I was paying about £50 per month for treatment, about £5 per month on products and about £5 per month on travelling to the salon. This equates to a rough equivalent of £1440 every two years and this doesn't even include the cost of new systems! It would be great if it was cheaper and when you think about the £330 as an hourly amount, then it seems very high...but if you actually only need it once every two years, it's not bad at all.
  10. One down and at least one to go!

    lol, thanks Sam
  11. One down and at least one to go!

    Hi, To those of you who have been following my diary, it's now been 12 days post treatment 3. It's settling well, but still has a way to go. I am happy with the treatment, but will be even happier once my hairline softens a bit and hopefully this will happen over the next couple of weeks. The third treatment itself only lasted about 1hr 10 mins and we used the same shade as treatment 2 (#28 and #26 on the crown). Due to the terrible state my skin was in post hair system, even though it had been just over 3 weeks since treatment 2, I still bled in the middle of my head more than anywhere else and there is some slight fading still there. I'm not too worried as this is not visible to the naked eye and my girlfriend actually says that it adds to the realism a little. I think I'll wait until the end of the 1 year period for a touch up on that area. I still cannot believe how little attention my head has received since having the treatment! I guess that's testament to it. are below for those who are interested. Cheers, Jonny
  12. Fed up with hair system. Just want it to be over.

    Hi mate, I was in the same situation as you and feel liberated having got rid of the system...if you're on here then clearly you're not happy with the system. I decided that I couldn't take it any longer so it was either bald or shaved (SMP). Recently had my third and although it's taken a lot of getting used to, I am much happier now. I shave my head and forget about it for a couple of days, can do anything I want without any worry. Had people inspect and rub my head without detection. In terms of super short hair for work, I'd like it longer in an ideal world, but I've just got a job in a very posh place and then didn't bat an eyelid at my haircut. Good luck with it mate, Jonny
  13. Can't wait

    Much better to be conservative during your first session. You'll then have a bit of thinking time between session 1 and 2 to decide on exactly what you want
  14. Philosphair booked in

    I can completely see where you're coming from mate and going a little darker won't do any harm...but looks absolutely great at the moment as well IMO.