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  1. Awaiting my SMP

    Just a little FIFA 14 smp action lol. I gave my created player his own smp look!
  2. Booked March 15th and 22nd, NYC

    Tecmo looking really good! Definitely try using the Andis T-outliner it works wonders...Also recommended by Graig for the shine to give you that Matte finish try picking up Kiehls face fuel no-shine matte finish. Congrats bro!
  3. Awaiting my SMP

    Hairhair98 thanks a lot! Loving the new look getting used to it more and more each day and definitely better then using that damn toppik everyday! Feels nice to give myself a nice shave get done and out the door! Flippo thank you always appreciate the feedback...Death to scars lol! My biggest regret in life is getting this scar and ohh yeah missing out on the hot senior girl I always wanted in high school when I was younger lmfao!
  4. Hairhair98 looking flawless! One of my favorite smp jobs on here! Congrats bro!
  5. IT'S TIME!! NYC March 20th the show begins!

    Flippo that's looking really on the money! Definitely getting your money's worth! Looking good Bro!
  6. Awaiting my SMP

    Thanks a lot cecco3 I appreciate that! I was using the Wahl 5star foil shaver and it was irritating my scar making it puff up (hard to explain). I started using the Andis T-Outliner recommended by Graig. It leaves a very very short stubble feel which I do want. I buzz it down every day to keep it at that length.
  7. My SMP experience/results (with photos)

    Looking really good! That is going to give you the full buzz cut illusion.
  8. Looking good so far! From the pics looking at your hairline I can not see anything wrong it looks on point. At the end of the day tho it is what you feel will look good but from what I see it is looking good.
  9. Awaiting my SMP

    Just a little update. I have had 3 full sessions as quoted and have had two touch-up sessions for what I wanted improved. Had Graig for every session in the NYC clinic. The last session was 7 days ago where we went darker in the scar and also darker on top dropping the shade to a 22. Graig is a top guy always is willing to get my feedback and also put his input about how he feels and sees things.
  10. IT'S TIME!! NYC March 20th the show begins!

    Flippo settling real nice the second session can't come soon enough it will be money! Has anyone said anything even though it is only the first session?
  11. IT'S TIME!! NYC March 20th the show begins!

    Off to a really good start! That scar work Graig did is on the money! Session to is the icing on the cake or we can say head lol!
  12. Today is the day and I'm nervous as f**k

    Looking really good and it's just the start!
  13. IT'S TIME!! NYC March 20th the show begins!

    Good luck tomorrow! You are in good hands and the transformation just begins!
  14. Awaiting my SMP

    Thank you Flippo! The only regret I have is getting that damn strip HT but you live and learn and I'm happy I found HIS and was able to conceal the scar and improve my whole image at the sometime!
  15. Awaiting my SMP

    Just wanted to add some pics from about 9 months ago when I had gotten my FUE surgery...Looking at these I can smile and say bye bye to the butcher