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  1. Cancelled My Treatment At The Last Minute

    Your treatment looks fabulous from what you've shown, properly suits you mate. Do you really think lasering would solve your problem? It's not an extremely hard look to pull off, it's all about how you react to it and get on with life. Partly why I haven't been on the forum at all recently, seeing negative threads can enhance any negativity you have already. Remember, the vast vast majority of people having this treatment haven't even made a single post on here. They just have it done and enjoy life.
  2. If my cock could get pizza out of the oven, I'd have a sex life from heaven.
  3. I know it's frustrating, cause i was the same. I had really bad psoriasis and other skin problems from stress and the hair system I wore. So my pigment vanished too. I put my trust in HIS to sort it out and they did. But at the end of it - they're a business, and they'll only sort it out for you if you paid the agreed amount. You've just got an extremely good immune system, but they'll get you there. And you couldn't be in better hands than the Manchester clinic, it's probably where the best practitioners are now. Good luck mate, really hope you get sorted out and keep us updated.
  4. Manchester clinic....

    Thanks Mick, appreciate that, your treatment looks spot on.
  5. 24hrs after 1st treatmt.too dark?

    Random dots are good, they gradually fade out the front so it doesn't leave it looking like it's drawn on. It looks really excellent mate. Give it sometime now to settle and keep us updated.
  6. Just have to get this off my chest

    Your treatment probably isn't finished yet. Maybe you're finding it hard as well to adjust to the look of a shaved head? I know that was the case with me for about a year, it's especially harder when you lose your hair young. Get saving money mate, it won't take long. Bit here and there, get another session done. It'll be so worth it.
  7. 24hrs after 1st treatmt.too dark?

    That looks really good man, the dots still have shrinking to do. It'll come together after the next one. I was exactly the same as you after my first session. I wasn't happy with mine until a few days after my second session. Then after about 2 weeks - it looked proper natural.
  8. Omg, am I too blonde for SMP???

    This guy has very light hair also. As did I and many others. You'll be fine.
  9. 24hrs after 1st treatmt.too dark?

    Yes they have and they'll get much smaller and won't be as dark. They also look more noticeable now because you need more density. When you have the second session done - it'll bring it all together. After my first session, I just felt like I had dots on my head. But after the second, I felt like I had hair. It's a big difference. Your hairline looks great by the way.
  10. SMP and heavy beards

    Hang on, how do I find out if I got this high testosterone stuff? I need to know if it's worth my while pursuing my relationship.
  11. Goodbye....old friend

    Good to hear things are going as plan for you. I can't wait to see how you get on. #jiggywiththewiggy
  12. 24hrs after 1st treatmt.too dark?

    Aye, like every says... It looks just how it should right now. I panicked like mad after every session and it turned out perfect. Like most procedures - healing is an important part of the process. Good luck man.
  13. On The Fence Again.

    This fence must be knackered by now.
  14. Toronto

    i dont mind at all meeting up with anyone there or in Michigan... already meeting one chap. I'll be there next month. Just message me.