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  1. Toronto clinic

    I've had all my sessions performed in Toronto location about 4 years and one of the first individuals to have the procedure done before the Toronto office was officially open. SMP is still holding up well.
  2. Hair line is too dark.

    Looks good Bruv. I had mine done about 4 years ago and still holding up
  3. Any Recent Before & Afters from Toronto?

    Hi, May I request a PM of recent pictures work done? I do have a scheduled session next week which is also my concern who is working out of Toronto clinic, including their experience.
  4. Worst Decision ever

    Who is the practitioner currently at the Toronto clinic?
  5. Worst Decision ever

    What the hell am I reading here? I have a session booked at the end of month. Haven't been on here for months and no I'm worried about who will be working g on my head. :-(
  6. Bit worried about the Toronto clinic

    Hi Guys, I've had my treatment a year ago in Toronto and was very pleased with the results. I'm hoping I can get my third treatment by end of the year.
  7. List of best electric shavers for use on head

    I use either Andis or wahl liner.
  8. Toronto clinic updates?

    So is it officially open now?
  9. Seattle Clinic w/ Dave (pictures)

    Awesome job. Just a tad bit more density and you'll be on point. Two thumbs up.
  10. Toronto clinic updates?

    I'm still waiting on a firm date of when the clinic will be open. Looking to get a 3rd session booked.
  11. Toronto clinic updates?

    @hishairkid - I can tell you this....It will change your life/confidence for the better.
  12. Toronto clinic updates?

    So has the clinic officially opened today?
  13. practioner danny

    Danny is the man. He's worked on both my 1st and 2nd session. I'm looking to have my 3rd hopefully before end of this year. Salute!
  14. 3rd Month Completed In Miami

    Danny is the man and takes great pride in his work.
  15. Hi Damien, Just curious as to when Toronto clinic will be open and is there any recent updates?