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  1. I'll have what he's having

    Thats a great result you've got there!!
  2. First session monday 21st july manchester clinic

    You must have been out in the town by now have you Anth? Has anyone noticed? It looks toppa
  3. A few days until kick off...

    Agreed, that really suits you that!
  4. First session monday 21st july manchester clinic

    That treatment looks absolutely toppa. No way can you tell that isnt hair. Dot sizes look great already and it will only get better as it settles.
  5. Please help HIS

    Your treatment looks good!! It looks better than a horseshoe you would have without it
  6. Fix Ma Heed's Story (with pics)

    That is looking top notch!
  7. Going in tomorrow for 1st session! Seattle

    That is a great treatment. Looks totally natural. Nice 1
  8. I'm Coming Out: The Truth About the Scar on my Head!

    That is one hell of a treatment you have there. I'd leave it as it is, looking at the photos you can hardly tell the scar is there!!
  9. Anyone had it done in Glasgow that wouldn't mind showing me their treatment? I'll get the beers or coffee in
  10. 2 times ten plus one

    Looks spot on to me!!
  11. Mr Giant Giraffe's diary

    Hey G you got any snaps you could pm me? I'm interested in what your hairline turned out like. Cheers
  12. Which shampoo for preventing further hair-loss

  13. My His Hair experience

    Hairclues is defiantly right that hairline knock years off you, nice 1
  14. 1st treatment in NYC - coming up soon!

    That looks good on you. Great treatment!
  15. The Story so far.....

    Looks awsome!! What are you using to shave your dome?