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  1. What does HIS give you?

    His has me fed up
  2. cancel a session

    Im really trying to cancel a session i l have booked because of personal reasons. Why cant i get my deposit back when its a couple months away?? Total bull crap
  3. I havent been on this forum in a while only get one right before i book a session or whatever. But as of lately ive only been seeing practitioners who been with the company starting there own businesses or just flat out leaving. Is it because they know something we don't? Or is it because they dont agree with some circumstances that hishair has to now offer. Ive booked a session in nyc and 3 of the practitioners i knew are gone . I realized and paid for my session only to find out after i paid I will be with another (my3rd) practitioner and someone i never heard of . A bit of concern in my eyes.
  4. But i feel i need the whole head re touched
  5. I scheduled an appointment telling them i needed a touchup based on fading (over a year and half without touchup) and also wanted to break the hairline up a bit. They told me i would be getting a session for 1 and a half hours in nyc. Will that be enough time to cover all that work?
  6. Ive been off the site for about a year and completely forgot how to book a session ,i would like to get a touch up amd soften the hairline a bit .. new york location
  7. 1st Session NYC

    Looks great buddy your looks like mine lol I think I might go in for a session over the summer to darken it up a little
  8. Seattle Clinic w/ Dave (pictures)

    Looks great I'd say you could get away with lowering the hairline a bit ..congrats
  9. My first treatment done!!! S.F. Opening day

    Your treatment is what convinced me to get it done .. great results
  10. temporary way to darken smp

    With the eye pencil how hard should you press down ? Should you apply a little ? What color eyeliner pencil
  11. If you could change one thing about SMP

    I'd say creating the machine (smp gun)to give out the same dot size or even pressure used throughout the head in which the practitioner can control a certain setting of pressure to his own personal preference so that even the least experienced practitioners can master the art of a perfect smp . This will help say if the practitioner has already had a long day or week and a fellow comes along, the practitioner won't have to worry about how much pressure he has to push down on to the head because it will be even regardless
  12. I'm going out next weekend to a club and feel my treatment does not look as good as it does in the daytime or out in the sun (still looks good don't get me wrong) is there any products people recommend that I could use to make the smp appear a bit darker but not look shiny or like I have paint on my head lol thanks any feedback would be helpful
  13. Best Shade For Latino With Black Hair

    I look forward to seeing your results buddy
  14. Best Shade For Latino With Black Hair

    Look at my profile buddy I'm Puerto Rican with black hair
  15. Okay to drive after the treatment

    I work third shift ..went to work , came home and drove straight to ny 3 hour drive the treatment, took a percocet then drove back home lol another 3 hours and was completely fine