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  1. Ceejay's Diary

    Im blunt and very honest...but.....WOW! what fantastic results. soft and natrual. you must be over the moon with that. took years off you. just looks so real. spesh out door pictures. not a million years would people notice. fantastic.
  2. Shaver Advice? Help!

    yeahh? awesome will take a look
  3. Mnic's Diary

    looks very real!
  4. Shaver Advice? Help!

    thank you very much my friend will have a look
  5. After My First Treatment...need Advice.

    very nice
  6. Cancelled My Treatment At The Last Minute use toppic or mane etc right? this is what smp is. it acts as a concealer. if you need a nice gentle soft look i think for most men it looks really really natrual. i just think people demands certain styles thats all. about people not likeing ians hair: i can agree to a the pictures i dont think it looked great. i have met ian since then and he has had it a lot softer. now i only just shaved my head the other day with the r91 (which gives a wet shaved look) and my hair looks EXACTLY like ians does. smooth like a blueish/grey blur. thats just how it looks. now im educated about it i think hes looks okay. also remember he was the first one EVER.. smp has gone a long way since then and is getting better and better. one last thing im getting the treatment done because i like to look the best i can. im super fit and very confident. women really dont care about hair. look at the rock or jason staham. its how you carry yourself and effect women on an emotional level. get down the gym...get ripped get some nice clothes and have that energy about you when you walk in the room heads start turning. its about presance. since iv had my head shaved people actully take me more seriously and no i dont look like a bouncer im about 13 stone with a soft face. if you can rock the beard and shaved head look that looks awesome. just i only have fluff on my face or i would lol by all means only when you feel ready. get the treatment. but it aint end of the world. and this is a message to everyone reading this. i was someone that was suffering extreme depression. im over it. the treatment is just a bonus for me. you have fantastic people on this forum mate to guide you. best of luck!
  7. Cancelled My Treatment At The Last Minute

    I Think the treatment works best if you have some hair. of course there are case's where nw6's look really good. look on youtube! but yes some look very bad. how can this company produce such amazing treatments and then at times some bad? all the staff get trained the same?? or maybe because people go far to dark then they should? hmmm
  8. Cancelled My Treatment At The Last Minute

    Do NOT take propecia. it will kill your dick. fact.
  9. Shaver Advice? Help!

    Hi guys im due my treatment soon (only have a small area) now i have been recomended the whal balding clippers to achive one days growth. only problem with these they do a great job, but there very heavy , you need to plug them into the mains and have to pick up the hair. im joining the marines soon (uk) and this will be very akward for me. one tiny bit of hair during in an inspection and you can bet you will be doing a 10 mile run with kit! with the remminton R91 its fantastic! small portiable collects the hair. what more can i want? its just this is a BEAST. it will shave the hair to the bone and i dont need to do that yet. there must be somthing out there like the R91 that can give 12-24 hours growth. if anyone has any infomation i will be a happy chappy! cheers
  10. people telling you to grow your hair out?

    @raybatesman....she wont care mate if shes attracted to you as a person. and if she does leave because shes "bored" then she was never the one for you anyway. women are attracted by who you are they really dont care about hair (most anyway) im getting the treatment done for myself. not anyone else you look awesome btw. one of the best iv seen.
  11. Mht Question :)

    alright lads one final question as im a novice to this whole head shaved thing .....i been trying to find if t outliner or whal balding clippers have portable ones? as i travel a lot. i cant seem to find anything online. thanks
  12. Mht Question :)

    excellent. cheers
  13. Mht Question :)

    You know what iv noticed. all over the internet (reading youtube comments yahoo answers etc) most people are quite spitful.....but this is the only forum/site where everyone actully dedicates there time and effort to helping other people. everyone is so unconditional.
  14. Mht Question :)

    Omg really? thankyou myfriend!
  15. Mht Question :)

    Hi thank you for your reply. i was there a shaver that can get it down to a days growth? it would have to be powerful but slightly less then the r91. with the r91 my natural hair looks like a mass of blue and with 12-24 hours growth looks much better.