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  1. Lewis Hamilton

    Ha I was checking out his pics again last night actually. Has lewis defo had transplant? I wasn't sure if it was transplant or wig
  2. Marcus Da God: Its happened...i finally did it in London!!

    Good stuff mate, enjoy ur gonna rock that. Marcus is a top bloke huh
  3. Found Out...Again

    Good stuff HBK, marcus is a top bloke huh
  4. Dark pigmentation

    chill my friend! What u are seeing is the dried ink ontop of the skin. This will scab and fall off, then it will also fade. Try not to worry and it will all take shape over the next session or 2 :-)
  5. Found Out...Again

    Sorry to hear this HBK, i am surprised you have been called out again to be honest. Do you fancy meeting up at some point for chat? I think you need to be careful with the length of your hair. What i do is use my skull shaver on the sides of my head in the morning then i use my braun series 7 on the top of my head. If i am training or going out at night i will also wet shave the top of my head in the morning just to make it last. I feel any longer on top and under close inspection you can see the difference between smp and real hair. I don't know if its because my natural hair is lighter but if i wet shaved my sides in the morning i would not be able to see any dots from natural hair until a lot later in the day. I will have another look back over all ur photos i don't think the hairline will be the issue, possibly a tad to dark/dense but not sure hmmm take care man and chin up!
  6. saving for smp jason blog

    ye bye nasty ass hair fibres!!! I just used balding clippers, then electric shaver and also wet shaved the first time lol
  7. who created smp

    great wee site you have there damien!!!
  8. saving for smp jason blog

    Im guessing by the XXXXXXXXXX's you had consultation with P.a.u.l. F. Good stuff, he's a great guy and his SMP is ace huh. Glad you are finally walking down the road to recovery!…..enjoy!
  9. scalpclinic

    better to just go in for consultation
  10. birmingham

    Defo??? When when?
  11. birmingham

    Yes you can just ring bell and ask for chat or you could phone up and book consultation. I let a few guys come in and see me getting inked! THere is a small car park for clients at the front of clinic, I never had a problem parking there, always got a spot! Im all good thanks, not been on the forum for a while so just trying to catch up on whats been going on
  12. birmingham

    just pop into clinic mate, its better that way. See more people and can speak to staff
  13. Very Disappointed!

    SMP is to replicate the look of hair follicles under the skin of a shaved head. I personally don't think it works well at all if you grown your hair out
  14. Few things p***in me off!

    people always seem to call guys baldy even if they do have hair and shave it off so don't worry about that. what anti shine products do you use?
  15. Very Disappointed!

    Are you saying u have faded a lot? It happens, most people need minimum 3 sessions