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  1. Light brown hair and unevenly greying

    I would try to stop analyzing and worrying about it if I was you. Easier said than done. It's a tattoo, it will fade, your head will appear shiny in certain lighting, you have no hair, it's inevitable. And yes, from my experience you will have to shave it everyday, otherwise it won't match up. If I could turn the clock back, I wouldn't have had my SMP. You end up replacing one obsession (losing hair) with another... does it look noticeable today, is it fading, I better not forget to shave, do I need another 500 pound top up? Can I laser it off, but then will that be noticeable. You will drive yourself crazy.
  2. Consulation.

    Why don't you shave your head every single day for the next 6 months, and then decide... because that's what you'll be doing when you get SMP. I assume you have shaved your hair short before, so you know if you like the look?
  3. Good vs bad SMP What to look for?

    In my experience, in the weeks after getting it done it looks like the small dots/hair follicles you mention... however, over time (few months) the dots begin to fade. Then if you get a top up, the practitioners cannot line the dots up perfectly, so you end up with the smudge effect you mentioned.
  4. Few questions from a newbie

    This is probably true, with regards to how ink reacts differently for everyone... mine looks ok for a few months after top ups, but I cannot justify spending 500 pounds every 6 months because it fades. And it isn't like I am in the sun much. Definitely something to consider.
  5. Buzz cut number 1 clippers

    I have had the treatment 5 years. I have had two tops since I originally had it done, and a few months after each it just goes back to what it was before, a grey blob with no distinction. It doesn't look like dots at my temple. What people forget is as soon as you have a top up, they cannot put the dots in the exact same spots, so they get a little bigger, until it's just a blob. I attached a picture but not best quality, but you should be able to see where there are small individual dots, its just a blob, and there is nothing HIS can do to fix it.
  6. Buzz cut number 1 clippers

    No you wouldn't be able to get away with that length... The only way someone could get away without having to shave, is if they had diffused thinning. How do you think it will look if you have that length, and then completely flat dots at the temple? You have similar hair loss to me, and I need to shave every morning, or it is noticeable. Better to know this in advanced, than go through with it and be disappointed. I cannot believe someone said you would only need to buzz every 3 days... makes me question their motives.
  7. Cold feet

    People are going to be curious whether they say anything or not. I personally don't know a single person who shaves their head every day for months/years on end who isn't bald, and that is something you will have to do. I have received questions like why don't you grow your hair out etc... nobody has ever actually said is that a tattoo, but then most people wouldn't ask that question even if they had suspicions. I do notice people staring towards my hairline occasional, but thats probably just a natural thing which I am overthinking. The best mindset in my opinion is to embrace it, and be ready to answer those type of questions... and maybe don't have the procedure if you feel you would be paranoid about people "finding out".
  8. Hair Transplant vs SMP vs HT-SMP combo

    Who are you then, what's your role on here? And I did email directly, no answer. I also used the search engine, and there are quite a few similar topics regarding laser therapy, but no concrete answers on what's available to remove smp.
  9. Hair Transplant vs SMP vs HT-SMP combo

    They also suggest the dots don't merge and lose their distinction. If people are happy with the look, that fine. I just think people should be aware of the potential outcomes.
  10. Hair Transplant vs SMP vs HT-SMP combo

    Yes I had all 4 treatments with HIS, I would just be very cautious if I was you. It's easy for HIS advisers to encourage you to get it, that is what they're paid to do (notice my thread on the first page asking for advice on laser therapy has been ignored). SMP at the end of the day is a tattoo, it is eventually going to fade... whether that's in 3 months, 6 months or 3 years. But the dots don't just fade and completely dissappear, they leave a shadow. When new dots are then applied, they cannot get them in the exact same place, and thus a smudge is almost inevitable. And then you're trapped in the same situation as me. Whether to continue getting a treatment every year, and hope it doesn't look too bad... or try to get it removed via laser, and having to worry about explaining to a random laser company what you have had done, and hope they don't scar your head, and having to go through that ordeal. You're on your own, you don't get any support, and it isn't like a faulty tv where you can take it back or get a new one. Losing your hair is hard, it really is. I started losing mine at 18, and had this done when I was 24. But people asking why don't you grow your hair out, noticing the excessive shine, noticing how the dots don't match isn't easy either. But like you say, maybe other people's bodies have reacted differently, and theirs stays looking decent for a few years. I guess its the gamble you take.
  11. SMP isn't 3d. So unless there is hair covering it, you wouldn't be able to get away with a number 3 on the clippers, that is ridiculously long for smp. I have to shave with a blade each day, 12 hours of growth from shaving looks dodgy.
  12. Laser removal of SMP?

    Does anyone know if HIS offers this service, and if not any suggestions? Any ideas on cost etc. I originally got it done in December 2013. However my MP keeps fading, the dots lose distinction which creates a smudge like effect. I have had two tops in the last 2 years, and I don't want to have to keep doing it every 6-12 month going forward. Thanks.
  13. Hair Transplant vs SMP vs HT-SMP combo

    From my experience it fades down and the dots lose the distinction required within a year, so you could potentially be looking at touch ups on a yearly basis if you want to maintain the look... which hishair charge 500 pounds for I believe. It's a shame reallly, because it looks ok 3-4 months after having it done. But I had a top up last summer, and the summer before because of the dots fading and losing distinction, which creates a blurred, almost grey smudge effect, and I just cannot carry on having it done every summer. I will have to look into trying to get it lasered off i think, which will presumably be very costly and time consuming. I had my first treatment just under 4 years ago, this is how it looks after it fades. Had my last top up in august last year, normally fades to this level after about 6-7 months. So the darker dots are my normal hair follicles, they look like this probably 8 hours post shave... the corners of my temple is where you can see where SMP dots were placed but as they have faded, they have created the grey, smudged look.
  14. SMP - Interested, but having doubts

    I would just like to say that after my query was investigated, the company has generously offered to do the touch up for me, free of charge. I think this is because I never had a free touch up originally, and was told at my last session I could get one if it fades again within 12 months. Just need to look in my diary and sort out a date, I would like to thank everyone who offered advice and support in this thread.
  15. SMP - Interested, but having doubts

    I am awaiting an email back because I am not happy paying 500 pounds within 12 months of paying 600 pounds for my last top up. I also mentioned that the practioner said if it fades again within 12 months I'll be able to get a free top up as I never had one. But so far, they have ignored anything I have mentioned, not even commented on the fading, and just quoted costs and times at me. Not sure what else I can do, feeling let down.