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  1. Sensory Deprivation Tank

    Hi Guys, I had my SMP done about 2 years ago and am completely satisfied with the results. With that being said, I would like to start doing some Sensory Deprivation Tank meditation/sessions and the water contains bath salts and was curious to see if that would in anyway harm the SMP? Do I have anything to worry about?
  2. Jogging in the Sun

    Hey guys do you put sun block on your head when going out jogging or out in the sun in general? Is the Sun bad for the pigmentation?
  3. Worried About Back of Head After 4th Session....

    Hey guys thanks for your responses. I think it has to do more with the top part of the back of my head where you can see the dots but then the bottom of the back of my head doesn't have them so it looks a bit odd to me...
  4. Hey guys so I had my 4th treatment back in January of this year and have been loving my new look. The only issue I am noticing now is the back of head and how it doesn't mix very well... I am not sure if it has been fading or what but you can totally see the dots.... Please take a look and let me know your opinions...
  5. After you treatment who feels like....

    I am 100% happy with my treatment. Numbers 1-4 are exactly how I feel. Take a look at my posts and you will see my transformation from a Norwood 5 to a full head of hair with SMP. I used to wetshave every morning and took me about 20 min now I used a foil shaver and I'm out the door in 5 min. I never second guess it. The only thing I do is use the Anti shine as my head can get a bit oily. I just turned 30 and this has truly been life changing as I felt I was cheated out of my 20's.. My advice would be to find a way to get it done.
  6. Extremely Happy With RESULTS! Final Sessions Pics

    Thanks JDawg! I believe we used shade 16.
  7. Extremely Happy With RESULTS! Final Sessions Pics

    So I was at the gym the other day and some chick that has made conversion with me in the past noticed me from across the room and came up to me and said "I like your hair like that." I responded with a thank you and we started talking about something else... It's so crazy....People just don't know what you've done so they assume its just real hair.. I love it! Here is another from this morning about 2 hours post shave with electric foil shaver.
  8. 3rd Session - Toronto - Dave

    Good to hear bro Dave is a miracle worker! Good to hear bro Dave is a miracle worker!
  9. One more session should get you the results you want. It took me 4 sessions to feel completely comfortable. Looking good!
  10. Extremely Happy With RESULTS! Final Sessions Pics

    Thanks MrPJ! After a morning shave I have a really hard time deciphering my real hair from SMP... It looks so natural!
  11. Extremely Happy With RESULTS! Final Sessions Pics

    Here is another picture from this morning. Loving how it looks!
  12. 3rd Session - Toronto - Dave

    Looks good bro congrats!
  13. Extremely Happy With RESULTS! Final Sessions Pics

    Thanks jason27! Yes I am definitely done for a few years. SMP has truly changed my life. I used to wet shave with my Mach 3 razor every morning which sucked. I used to get very bad irritation on the back of my neck and it took me a good 15-20 minutes to wet shave it all. Now it literally takes me five minutes every morning with electric foil shaver. I could also go with about 2 days growth if needed as it still looks good.
  14. Extremely Happy With RESULTS! Final Sessions Pics

    This is about 2 hours after morning shave with foil shaver. Looks so good.... I cannot explain how satisfied I am with my treatment.