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  1. Shampoo

    i use Johnson baby body wash.It has very less fragrance and very mild on skin and did not make the skin dry.
  2. Using Zero Guard Clippers Post Treatment

    Apart from wet shave with razor you can shave with anything.But make sure that you do with light hands because scrabs are not fully healed.
  3. I'm Coming Out: The Truth About the Scar on my Head!

    Don't worry for the darkness,it will soften with time.
  4. I'm Coming Out: The Truth About the Scar on my Head!

    Looking very natural and colour is spot on .What could you ask more.I agree with Robby,your scar needs more attention of smp and wait for approx 20 more days and let the treatment to settle and then go for third session.
  5. Finished Last Session

  6. Hang in there and don't loose heart.These guys are professional and main aim of one year warranty is to cover fading that surely happens on each and every head but it varies with each person.I don't understand why you waited so much time when your smp faded that much.I think you waste your time. I think cost you already paid is for three sessions,so no worry to pay extra.Now my advise is to book smp session and go darker by atleast 8 to 10 shades.Post your pics at forum and each and every member will see it and advise you.So please contact his and i guarantees you that you will get that you want.

    Hi there i have completed my four sessions in Dubai and i am from India and guess what...i am from Delhi.So if you have any questions then feel free to ask.As Damien stated above you can check my diary.
  8. I'm Coming Out: The Truth About the Scar on my Head!

    No need to worry because your skin is exfloiting and you feel little annoying because of uneven colour and density.Be patient and let your skin to heal completely and after that you can consider third session to add colour and density.
  9. Flaking and wet shaving

    Undoubtedly Nivea after sun with aloe vera.
  10. Wait till day 4 on safe side and after that wash with gentle shower and not power shower and please do not rub your head too hard.
  11. What's in your normal daily routine?

    In my case sides and back have good amount of hair but thining on top.So now i shave with clippers everyday,wash my scalp with water everyday(hot or cold depends on weather) but with mild baby body wash once in two days and nivea aftersun moisturizer everyday.This is very easy to adapt routine , nothing special.But i think each one has different skin.So everyone has to make their own routine.
  12. His Hair Guarantee

    There no need to panic because my fourth session completed on 2nd april which was under guarantee.I send my pics to them which was approx 4 months after my third session,their practioner saw those pics and suggest me for 1hr session.They give me dates and everything done accordingly.So as far as their guarantee for free session is concern they will sort your treatment.
  13. can you use shampoo on the fourth day

    From day 4 to 9 use only luke warm water and also do not use power shower.Wash your head gently and do not scratch your head.From day 10 you can use very gentle shampoo or body wash.
  14. Advice needed urgently(pics post 5 days)

    So which face shaver should i use to achieve the closest shave.