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  1. Major Concerns

    It has been just over a week now since my third session and am glad to report that i love the way it is looking i will be looking to take this post down just not sure how to do it but i would like to say thankyou to any 1 who gave advice and taking the time to give feed back
  2. Major Concerns

    Thanks for all the advice guys i will give it couple week and see what it looks like then hopefully it will all have blended in by then and i i am just over worrying i really do hope that is the case
  3. First Session Questions

    I updated with new post Major concerns
  4. Major Concerns

    it is huge a lot more than what i was expecting
  5. Major Concerns

    here's some more
  6. Major Concerns

    Here's some pics
  7. Major Concerns

    It's day 4 after second session and treatment i have been given is starting to worry me i'm back in work on monday and i am not looking forward to at all with way i am looking it ok from a distance but keep every one at arms length. I have just been out shops and felt awkward and uncomfortable especially when i was standing in a cue were ha were had people standing behind me and see were treatment has ended at back of head as it just been squared off and it not even straight and alot darker than my hair. I'm beginning to think i have made a bad call in getting this and regretting it as i feel more self conscious now than i ever did when had no hair, NO one from hair has been in touch to see if it going well or weather a 3rd session will be required.
  8. Not feeling confident

  9. First Session Questions

    Ha ha that's some good advice G-Star just had second treatment it is looking better and fuller but is it square at back of head about half way down so am really hoping this is going to blend in with my hair otherwise it will look odd
  10. First Session Questions

    Ok thx mate just i was staring to freak out coz don't want get laughed at
  11. First Session Questions

    I have just had my first session 2 and a half days ago it is darker than the hair on my sides there is still redness + looks quite dotty is all this normal