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  1. My Experience in the London Clinic :)

    Thanks for the reply ray. Trust me my thinning is a lot more noticeable in person. I've actually moved my appointment back to october now, need some more time to think about it. When i had my consultation in birmingham i spoke with #### clarke, and he was quite confident that i could have a couple days growth and it still look ok (although he did say nothing is guaranteed, so its a risk still). Growth is really important to me as i dont want a wet shave look, but rather a really short hair cut look (like i have just come from the barbers). At the moment im leaning more towards getting the treatment done. Worse case scenario, i dont like it and i can get it lasered off. Would suck to waste that money if this happened, but then again i could absolutely love how it looks once its i guess its a risk im willing to take. Will update you guys on how i get on. Thanks again.
  2. Treatment Done

    great pictures joe! Really looks good. How often do you shave? You had quite a bit of hair on top beforehand so i was wondering if its still able to look good with a few days growth?
  3. Billy in Hong Kong!!!

  4. Billy in Hong Kong!!!

    Hi Billy...your treatment looks great! Can i ask....can you get 2 or 3 days growth after you wet shave and it still look ok and blend in? Or are you shaving more or less everyday? i am due for a treatment in 2 weeks time. I have loads of hair left on top (im a norwood 2), but want my hairline lowered by about a cm. I want a 'low cut' look as opposed to a wet shaved skin im hoping to be able to shave with balding clippers, instead of wet shave, and get a few days growth. you think this is possible? Or will i have to skin my head? Many thanks
  5. My Experience in the London Clinic :)

    @hairkiller - Thanks for your feedback. Really appreciate it. I hate how big my forehead is! I really do think my receded hairline does make me look so much older. As for adding denisity to the thinning corners...if i do that then i may as well get a better hairline as well, seeing as id have to shave it anyways. I am still 50/50 on whether or not to get it done :s @damien...its saying i need to have at least 10 points to open a new thread :9
  6. My Experience in the London Clinic :)

    Hi Guys, Thanks for your replies. Here are a few pictures of me. It gives you an idea of my horrible solar panel of a forehead! lol. Also, you can see that i have a bit of skin discolouration under my hairline (due to my eczema) which i also want covered up by the treatment. You cant really get a good idea of the thinning on the corners of my hairline from these pics but trust me its thinning (for some reason its a lot more noticeable when my hair is really really short (like 0.5). I have been using nanogen fibres for the past few months to disguise it so im getting away with it at the moment. But i think within 6 months to a year it will receed more and i wont be able to use this trick anymore. I want to lower my hairline about an inch to give me a more deifned and youthful look (and obviously cover my my skin discolouration). I think i have quite a babyface (because of my chubby cheeks lol), so if i had a defined hairline i would look a lot younger than i do (i have just turned 28 by the way ). Would really appreciate your feedback guys. Thank you so much.
  7. My Experience in the London Clinic :)

    hey troy, thanks for your i said i still have a full head of hair pretty much...except the for my receeding hairline and slightly noticeable thinning on the corners of my hairline. If i shave my head or go to the barbers and get it lined up it looks 'ok'..only my barber and my mum and dad have commented on my thinning hair..no1 else has seemed to notice yet (or havent said anything if they have)....i dont think i will ever go fully bald (fingers crossed), or at least not for a very long time, as my hairloss has taken place over 4 or 5 years and is only now becoming noticeable, so its going at a slow pace. That said, i feel it does affect my appearance now anyway. With a lower, more defined, hairline i would look so much younger. With regards to wearing a hat....the point i was making is that wearing a hat is fine if i knew i was going to stay at a friends house, as i could prepare and bring one..but in the event of randomly ending up there after a night out etc, i obviously wont have a hat with me. So i just dont want to have the restriction of having to shave every 24hrs or risk getting found out! If it was 48hrs, i could live with that. The decision to get the treatment would be a no brainer if i was suffering from serious hairloss...but because my hair is passable at the moment, i am hesitating. Would love some feedback from anyone in a similar situation to me and has had the treatment done! Good luck with your treatment though troy. Hope all goes well mate.
  8. My Experience in the London Clinic :)

    sorry i forgot to mention.....with regards to my treatment, i plan on lowering my hairline by about an inch!
  9. My Experience in the London Clinic :)

    hey everyone, I'm new to this forum. Ray, thanks for posting so many pictures. Your treatment really looks great. I have 1st (of 2 treatments) booked for 31st july, but I am starting to get nervous and have second thoughts. i am a norwood 2 so i have loads of hair left, but my hairline is really high and have started to receed on the corners of my hairline. My main owrry is the thought of having to shave everyday, and the restrictions that this will bring. For instance, say if i shaved early in the morning and spent the whole day out, and then instead of going home i stayed at a mates house or something...obviously i wouldnt have my shaver with would be horrible to think once i wake up the next morning, having not shaved, everyone will notice my hair looks off! Will it be possible to have 2 days growth before it becomes noticeable? I am mixed raced (half black and asian) and have black hair. I was thinking if i get a darker shade and wet shave i would be able to get away with a few days growth? Would really appreciate some feedback from you guys. Thanks a lot!