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  1. Treatment Diary of Alopecia Areata (pictures)

    Craig, reading your diary has been so insightful! I'm new here but have yet to come across one with as much detail. Your doing wonders for guys like me. Appreciate you taking us on your journey and looking forward to more updated pics now that your procedure is done. Would love to see where you stand today via some pics and how you are feeling about it all.
  2. Session 1 Booked - Anxiety Building - Advice Needed!

    thanks hishair98, i shall review. troy291, i'd really like that. I will be in the city August 3rd. Maybe we can sync up. I'll message you in a bit. Appreciate that!
  3. Session 1 Booked - Anxiety Building - Advice Needed!

    MaxG - you mentioned the r91, I looked it up and it seems especially small and on the low cost side but I will check it out! Also is your picture with SMP? Smarty - I would most likely go for a look similar to what you have, but I am wondering if you have a hard hairline or feathered? Troy - good luck on the 1st! You will have to keep me posted. I am visiting the site 2 days after. Will this be your first session? All, thank you for your input! I'm really excited about this. New question though, how did you deal with friends and family post the sessions? I'm not sure if I should be upfront with people or come up with a story to avoid more questions...
  4. Hello, I'll do my best to make this quick in the interest of everyone's time: My story is your average one. I am 27 years old, been losing hair since I was about 18, and it was mainly due to a combination of stress and bad genes (mother has 5 brothers 4 of which are completely bald & father is completely bald as well). I have gone through the standard phases of losing hair; 1) denial 2) depression 3) exploration of hair growth options 4) depression again (lol) 5) acceptance 6) exploration of hair replacement options 7) anxiety and ready to comitt to a decision. I am in stage 7. I have posted some pics below and would appreciate any general advice you may have for me. I booked my first session for August 31st and have a youtube interview for August 3rd. (You all will see me on the website soon!) So here are some general questions and concerns I have and I am hoping you will be kind enough to offer me words of support, advice, and experience: The pain levels seem to be much higher on the forum versus the website promotional videos, any advice with pain? Does it get better or worse with additional sessions? Anyone else have the procedure done or planning on getting it done in New York? And had Greg? I don't plan on shaving my head with a razor instead plan on buying a close crop machine buzzer...any advice here? Maintenance...I understand the need for constant hair cutting and sunblock in sun, but is there anything else that you can advise from a maintenance perspective? Long term...anyone have any long term inputs (having the procedure for more than 3 years)? I have heard of fading and touch ups in shorter timeframes than what was advertised? Ok that should be good to start I think - photo's attached below - thank you in advance for your time guys. Samir
  5. First Treatment On 20Th June In Chicago - Thoughts!

    So I am new to the forum, wondering if you are happy with the results now that you have let the 2nd session settle a bit...still interested in the 3rd? I ask because we are the same age and I am looking for the same look (not too much density, feathered receding look just defined). Also great pics!