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  1. hello Beach,i had 2 hts done the last being 10years ago,2 great big smiley faces, I had consultation with Ian Watson and he was brutally honest with me which I respect,told me the pros and cons. I decided to have the whole head done,had 3 sessions split over 3 weeks,i look great feel great and really pleased with results,one of the major pros of having a ht is if you follow your existing hairline then can get away with 5 days growth but best shave back of head daily. We tend to make a big deal out of the scars,have only had a few friends question them,no big deal mate,bite the bullet and go for it. Best to get it done before more hair falls by the way side.I still had a bit of hair so not even my kids know,they think its just shaven shade.
  2. Hi guys,had second session with #### Clark 2 wks ago,have been back at work since 3 days post second session and what I find amusing is my balding mates asking why I shaved my head,one even told me to grow it back. Everyone else have been supportive being told I look younger and looks cool,only my balding mates have reacted this way. Has anyone else experienced this?
  3. Hi friends,have been following the forum for about 6 months,had consultation with Mr Watson 2 months ago and took a month before getting booked in.My only concern are 2 smileys at the back of my head,im hoping they wont be too noticeable . I had 2 hts 15 and 10yrs ago ,my hair line is fine but behind that the hair is thinning and light so time to get it sorted before it looks even more ridiculous ,its really strange how we see ourselves,i know if im under strong lights I try not to look in any mirrors and only look at my hair under certain conditions,still trying to convince myself I look my age,lol Like a lot of guys on here ive become somewhat withdrawn and when out and get strange looks I try act if it does nt bother me but yes it hurts and have seen myself drink excessively when out due to this. Im married with kids,have nt told the mrs yet so that will be interesting as she is nt the most understanding but getting it done with or without her support.Have rail tickets, hotel booked and deposit booked as well as a week off work so all sorted. Was nt going to post my story but getting anxious already having fcked up dreams about shaving my head so could do with all the support I can get.
  4. 31 Oct with Paul C and getting anxious

    had works xmas party last nite ,was a bit nervous as the ladies had nt seen the new me,they fcken loved it,received compliments the whole nite and had the office dirty telling me I was getting it,lol have nt had as much fun in ages,absolutely relaxed,no more worries about receding hairline and thinning crown. just for the record,i did nt shag her.
  5. Bio-oil ingredients

    have been using the Bio oil for around 6 weeks now and has done wonders for my scars and scalp that was really dry caused by regain,used it for a year, would recommend this as my scalp looks so healthy and is cheap as a little goes a long way.
  6. Hi guys,had strip scars done yesterday and they are very red and sore looking even though they are painless,have been told this is the norm. Would appreciate it if you could tell me how long before redness subsides and if id be able to receive the treatment if it does nt calm down.
  7. Angry Scars,how long before they settle???

    had third session yesterday,had back of head blacked out again so scars a tad angry,from experience of past sessions after a week the redness dies down.Bio oil has helped my scars a lot and will continue to use it all over my scalp as has really helped a lot as scalp was really dry on top after using regain for a year.Had third session yesterday and no scabs,i honestly cant believe it,my only explanation is Bio oil,have been using at least 3 times a day and a little goes a long way!
  8. Best Razor for Scars

    Remington titanium triple head works for me,does nt irritate the scars and gets in really close,i shave back of head every day and top every other .
  9. been using bio oil,#### has been really impressed with how ive held the pigment and condition of my scalp as was really dry prior to treatment. im not fussed if my scalps a bit shiney as long as it looks healthy.
  10. 31 Oct with Paul C and getting anxious

    had 3rd session yesterday so looking forward to letting the healing process take its course as im sure you will agree getting poked with a needle for 3 hours aint my favourite past time but has been well worth it and would happily do it again. the session went really well,got #### to concentrate on the back of my scarred head ,blacked it out again so scars are looking a tad angry but can be expected. Head was on fire after 3hours,i know I should nt have slagged him about his fixation with boy bands,lol,jokes aside #### is a great lad shared loads of real life experiences and had a good old laugh,i think a few shocked his French co worker but he ho ,we are who we are. The redness and soreness was nt as severe as previous sessions.slept great when I got home thanx to Bob Marley,lol Have bled a lot according to #### on all sessions but held the pigment excellently so for you bleeders out there don't worry about the fading,it does nt get flushed out with the blood. Heard there is a clinic opening up here in Glasgow,on my door step but would prob go down to Birmingham to see my main man #### and possibly a thai massage if im able to sweet talk one,lol,vivastreet Birmingham(masseus)
  11. Took The plunge today with Paul C :)

    hi Cakelover,take it easy mate,what you want is a natural look,best play about with a eyeliner and ask #### for his opinion,the man knows his stuff and knows what works!
  12. New year New me ( hopefully)

    hi Flash.dont worry about it mate,i have 2 smileys on the back of my head that are looking a lot better after 2 sessions ,you will see the scars if you look for them from close up but will be concealed nicely. you are doing the right thing getting it done whilst still having hair on your head,once you get the treatment people wont question what you ve done once they see you. if you follow your existing hairline then you can get away with a few days growth on top,lower hairline and you are shaving daily,the sides you can bring in as will be shaving back and sides daily having your scar. you can expect scar to be red and angry after first treatment,took me 5 days for it to subside. the look is fresh,low maintenance,stress free and is a fashionable youthful look . ive started back at the gym and looking to put on a stone as the look takes weight off you. hope this has helped,bite the bullet and go for it,no doubt you will have doubts after getting conned before but this is 100% genuine ,put your worries behind you and go for it . I had sleepless nites and mad dreams leading up to it,its natural.
  13. not sure of NW but had a good hairline but was thinning on top.
  14. have all my mates with fuller heads saying it looks cool and those with shaven heads are full of compliments,i was getting the impression it has added to their insecurities with my shaven dome imo.
  15. wearing hats still?

    best to get rid of the hat and get used to the new you,im back at gym,shopping,socialising and work all without a hat. sooner you get used to it the easier it will be.
  16. his hair clinic or vinci hair clinic?

    false advertising ,surely you cant get away with it! Yes I agree,if they are modelling him to promote their product then would have a poster of him with the "his" background making it known that it is a scam!
  17. 31 Oct with Paul C and getting anxious

    if you are getting it done in Birmingham then can request ####,i got a booking 3 months after consultation,i requested #### and was given dates to choose from. Pauls done a great job with my scars,have my third session coming up but pleased with it already. I saw my brother yesterday,first time in months,did nt mention a thing,we were at a sports bar then ended up at a club sporting a few days growth,no negative comments at all.
  18. My His Hair experience

    session went really well,took a bit longer than first,pain was notched up a bit but redness and swelling was nt as severe. book in for session 3 on 7 December for scar work and a general touch up. Have been out shopping ,to the gym and work without a hat so mentally doing a lot better as thought id be answering a lot of questions but have only had positive feed back from "your fcken crazy" to "that suits you" ,no one has made a big deal out of it and imo looks natural only 5 days post session 2 so well chuffed mate.Is only going to get better with time as it fades. Yes,play about with the eyeliner till you are happy,take pics then you are sorted!,at least then Danny will know what you are after.All the best bet you cant wait for the second one.
  19. 31 Oct with Paul C and getting anxious

    just back from work,i work in a steel works so its a right hard place full of like men,showed my head of to a few mates at work and had the communal shower at the end of the shift,was told im a crazy man for shaving it off,looks cool,looks scary and that suits you,no negative comments at all. Felt a bit weird trying to pull it off but once the compliments started rolling I was saying to myself whats the big deal,took a bit of nerve but fck it got to get on with life and ditch the hats,the longer you live behind the hat the harder it will be to show off the new you!
  20. 31 Oct with Paul C and getting anxious

    Went shopping then to gym under bright lights this evening without a beanie ,4 days post session 2 ,no problem.
  21. My His Hair experience

    alright Dkicks,im the guy that was getting done in by #### C when you were getting yours with Danny,you are looking good mate,play about with an eyeliner to see what you are happy with but keep it natural,what shade did you end up with?
  22. Eyes stand out more with SMP?

    ive found my eye brows look darker and denser???
  23. cant see no scar mate,looks great
  24. SMP with longer hair?

    the only way for your smp to look natural is to go for the shaved look,grow your sparse thinning hair long over it and will be a dead give away,if you don't like the shaved look,dont do it.
  25. Preparations & Followup

    get your head shaved,get the smp and all your hair loss worries are over. with the hair you have on top you could probably get away with a few days growth but as long as you follow your hairline,lower it and will have to shave every day otherwise will look unnatural imo.