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  1. I Fu**ing love you Simon and Danny

    Danny did my 3 treatments in LA , he is great
  2. Motorbike helmets

    I wear it with no issues
  3. Has anyone on here been detected?

    I'm a solid NW7 and i was SO concerned about getting caught after my 2nd treatment , I assure you it is TOTALLY undetectable even to your closest friends , the most anyone would say is 'Oh you have tiny hair follicles coming up , i did not know you had that , you should let it grow out' ..don't worry about that at all
  4. hey , tell him please , wael says Ho
  5. Danny did mine , pretty excellent guy
  6. Big Dots

    Who was your LA practitioner?
  7. I agree with not telling , i was one of the skeptics as i was sure with my NW7 people will easily catch it but to my surprise it is pretty freaking undetectable , which gives me more confidence to go for my 3rd treatment for a more darker look and lower my hairline a bit more
  8. Los Angeles, USA

    currently Danny and Zang are the practitioners in LA , Danny did my first 2 treatments , Johnathan moved to a different clinic
  9. Big Dots

    who did it in LA
  10. Do I Need A Third Session?

    yes 3rd is needed for sure , who is your LA practitioner?
  11. Information About Removal Of Smp By Laser

    oh , good to know , so even when done by HIS laser removal it takes that long? , i was more anxious since SNM (Scar no more) user had it done with what is called Pico laser (new tech) and it took a week and it was gone
  12. Information About Removal Of Smp By Laser

    i believe it did turn white instantly but now it is barely faded and a part of it looks pretty dark as if it was never lasered , how soon can i go to another session , ? my skin looks pretty good now , i did it prbly 10 days ago
  13. Information About Removal Of Smp By Laser

    i had laser removal treatment (for a very small part of hairline) in laseraway in LA , not happy at all, pretty much nothing was gone just faded slightly and they say i need another session was not cheap either
  14. Ceejay's Diary

    Ceejay , what shade grade did you go with?