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  1. Couldnt convince them it’s ink

    I think the only people who will ever truly "catch you out" (even though they probably aren't bothered anyhow) are those who have studied the procedure. I was at a festival last week and walked past a family sitting on the grass enjoying a picnic. Straight away I looked at the guy and thought "SMP". I walked behind him and as the sun shone on his head I could clearly pick out his natural hair horse-shoe. But I bet I was the only person who spotted it and like I said above, people aren't going to bother you either way,
  2. Looking into SMP

    That thread will give you way more help than I ever can! The common theme is that people are way kinder than you think. I promise, you’ll hardly get a second glance. Looking at my HT everyday made me plain miserable. I hated it. My own personal recommendation is to look at getting smp into the scar areas and have a receding style look. But ultimately there’s only one thing to a consultation. There’s no pressure sales techniques. They are excellent. Then take a bit of time to think things out and make a decision. Don’t even think of getting them surgically removed. People like us have had enough butchering done to our heads to last several lifetimes.
  3. Scars in Public

    Regretfully I haven’t got cobblestone photos. I can sent you any amount of hair transplant photos. But the reason I mentioned it was that myself and my wife were in Italy on holidays. In the same hotel was someone who clearly had exactly the same old procedure as you. I could see the puncture holes on the back of his head and the cobblestones on the front. You know what? Even without any SMP it didn’t look too bad. Imagine if he had smp into the scars he would have been able to put huge camouflage in place. Reason I saw this is that shaving your head won’t be anywhere as traumatic as you fear. I did it and I can’t believe I didn’t do it years back. Smp into the scar would do wonders. Personally I would do the scar in the first instance. Book a consultation. Also, there is going back if it isn’t to your taste...just grow your hair back!
  4. Looking into SMP

    I was in a similar position. I gave years frightened that SMP would make things worse or that the scars would make me look like a freak. It was all totally unfounded! I felt great after shaving my head. I only got smp into the scar area as I am more than comfortable being bald now. My scar is about 80% covered which is more than plenty to stop anyone even bothering to notice. Trust me, you have the power to put an end to this nightmare and get on with your life.
  5. Scars in Public

    My scar is identical to yours. I am a school teacher. If ever there was a profession where you think people would take the piss then it would be this. But I’ve not had even one single comment. I don’t worry about it either. But the one time a kid called out my hair transplant was one of the worst moments of my life. At least a scar you can just put it down to surgery from years ago (which is true). People are usually happy with that explanation.
  6. Looking into SMP

    My recommendation is that you shave off your hair transplant and get smp into the donor areas. There’s lots of examples on here. Book and see a consultant.
  7. Younes Kaboul Sportsman Celebrity SMP

    I am reading The Daily Mail here on Dec 31st and spotted it immediately. I then typed his name and SMP into google....and this post came up. He's had smp alright. I felt his hairline was very sharp too.
  8. The difference is great. Nobody will ever stare or ask you a question ever again. How many HT have you had? They really went for you. The surgeon who allowed that to happen is an animal and nothing else. It was your money he was concerned about and not your future health or happiness. Anyhow, it's all over now and good luck in the future. I wish you well. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Good story about the side effects of Propecia

    If you want some warnings on the possible effects of propecia then log into Facebook and type 'Propecia Ireland' where there is a good warning page. There are many others too.
  10. I think you have a good scar to work with and your end result will be good. Good luck on your journey and keep us all posted with updates.
  11. Micro needling

    normguy1954....well done on going in there and getting this done. It must be the most amazing feeling of relief knowing that you are now able to walk down the street without this awful worry. I was reading today about women who had their breast implants removed. They all said the very same thing in that they were tired of hiding a secret. It was a mistake they made and something they no longer wanted. Same with the HT. It was supposed to make us feel better about ourselves. t did the opposite.
  12. SMP into Scar

    So, what is your overall recommendations to someone who is starting the process? I am now thinking that I should go light on the first session, darker on the second session a few weeks later and then get ta third session I a few months after. My scar is quite flat and reasonably similar to yours.
  13. SMP in Toronto - My Experience!

    That sounds excellent. I appreciate you taking the time to share all this. Its amazing how we all made the mistake of having a HT to make ourselves feel better only to end up putting ourselves through all this. I have taken note of those products you recommended.
  14. SMP Questions? Open Days at Manchester & London clinics

    I was at the Birmingham open day last year. I am vey interested in having the strip scar on the back of my head done. This is something that will inevitably happen. I was advised to hold off for the time being (good ethical advice). But in time I will get the strip done. I think that the open days could try to convince some past customers who have had the scar done to attend the day and meet potential clients. I met one of the practitioners who had the top done himself and it looked great. I would like to go back if there was a possibility of meeting previous customers who had the scar treated.
  15. Just have to get this off my chest

    I want to get my scar done as best as possible but have no interest in having any work on top done. I have reached the point of acceptance of baldiness. Its not as if its unusual to be bald! Having work on top is simply more effort than it could ever be worth.