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  1. I think SMP treatment is best idea for a NW7 guy like me. But the issue of being found out is still unsettling... I know there are two separate posts on guys having been found out, but I am curious about the rest of the people on this forum. What would you do if people found you out? How would you react?
  2. I re-read your comment today and think I might have worded my last question badly. What I meant is darkening of the lasered area rather than the surrounding area sorry for my inadequate wording. Anyway do you think that skin colour or pigment colour play a role in that (i.e. darkening of the targeted/lasered area as opposed to the surrounding area)?
  3. Interesting. It is quite paradoxical that darkening would happen. From your experience, does the skin colour or pigment colour play a role in this?
  4. Just to make sure I understood you correctly, does this refer to the area which is lasered? I.e. can the area which is lasered turn darker? Or is it the surrounding pigmented area which may change in colour?
  5. Thanks Katrina that would be great
  6. Hi Kat, Will your laser clinic invest in the new PicoSure laser someone else has mentioned? I've read a little bit about it and it seems to be much more efficient at removing pigments than the current Q-switched lasers. I believe that one user on this forum had his hairline lasered by the PicoSure laser and the hairline faded instantly i.e. it permanently disappeared right after the procedure. I think it would be really reassuring for people like me who are still debating whether to jump in this to know it could be removed so quickly.
  7. First of all thanks Kat for the useful information. Did the guys who removed their full smp only need 2 sessions? Thanks once again
  8. Appearance Of Smp

    Do you mean it looks fake under such lights?
  9. 1. Which factors influence the success of removal? I am pretty sure skin tone plays an important role but I am unsure of other factors. 2. How many total SMP removals have been carried out in the London laser clinic? (I know Damien mentioned 2, but someone who got his lasered off mentioned of at least two other individuals who removed their treatment apart from him). 3. Would lasering harm hair follicles in the area? 4. Would the laser treatment remove pigments immediately?
  10. Appearance Of Smp

    I am currently considering whether to go on with this treatment. For any of the guys who have SMP, how does it look like under bright white light? Does it still appear good? decent? or does it look fake under harsh white light? I work in an office where we mostly have such lighting conditions. Considering that I spend 8 hours a day under such lights I want to know if it looks good in such circumstances XD
  11. For The Guys Still Debating

    Thanks Damien for your reply
  12. For The Guys Still Debating

    Damien, by "If anyone wants a temporary solution, ironically the very best option at the moment is permanent SMP. This is because the pigments can be fully removed in 1-2 laser sessions (depending on the surface area) without any of the above issues." Do you mean that a whole SMP (entire head) can be removed in two sessions?
  13. Meeting In Coventry/birmingham Area?

    Great! I will pm you shortly Remington! Thanks
  14. Meeting In Coventry/birmingham Area?

    Thanks Damien for the suggestion. Would still like to meet someone who has had the treatment completely done to see the final result (as opposed to someone still in process)
  15. I would like to meet someone close to Coventry/Birmingham who has had the treatment done. It would be really helpful to make a decision.