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  1. How long have you had your SMP? I am 3.5 years in - all is well. I am wondering how long people last without touch up. I think Matt (who works for hishair had his at 10 years) - some said 5 or 7. I guess it depends on sun exposure and such? I am guessing mine might be 7 years or something. thanks guys!
  2. 6 days to go - The needles getting closer!

    who was the practitioner?
  3. Major Concerns

    I agree, keep it up and post more pics of where you are now
  4. How Would You React If People Found You Out?

    ah, I don't agree with that. Just my personal thing. I won't blurt out if I don't feel the need to but i won't have any shame about telling if they question my shaved head (and I've known them longer than 5 minutes)
  5. How Would You React If People Found You Out?

    maybe if they are ages 13 to 21. I don't hang around with such kids anymore.
  6. How Would You React If People Found You Out?

    I think you have to man up about it and TELL PEOPLE. OWN IT. If people ask me, I will tell them. Sometimes I might tell them outright. There isn't any point crying about if people will 'find out'. The more you own the coolness of it, the cooler it is.
  7. Anyone In London

    I have a friend who could probably meet you. He lives in central London, if you pm me your facebook i could ask him
  8. Do I Need A Third Session?

    haha, yes - it's true. Mine does look natural already, but SMP could make that guy look a little bit better - I'm talking 20%
  9. Do I Need A Third Session?

    It was going to be Zang but I've opted to change to NYC for various reasons so that I can go back to Matt, watch the US Open Tennis final and see some people.
  10. Do I Need A Third Session?

    Thank you for your feedback
  11. Do I Need A Third Session?

    So you vote yes for another session?
  12. Do I Need A Third Session?

    Where are your pics nightwood? There is a lot of light coming in the room, yes. For example, this is a pic with less light...
  13. Do I Need A Third Session?

    I am just saying maybe I only need 45 minutes but I realize it can be longer. Shade 28. Thanks for the vote.
  14. Do I Need A Third Session?

    I'm booked in for a 3rd session in LA on Sept 4th. I am 50/50 on whether I need it or not. When I look in the mirror sometimes i can't really see my hairline (especially on the sides) but one guy I told about the tattoo says I don't need it. What do you guys think? I think it's the right temple that might need something extra in there, but for $800 for maybe a 45 minute session - it's quite a lot I realize it's pretty hard without seeing me in person but let me know what you think!
  15. Best Matt Suncream

    I don't think you need to wait 28 days to wet shave/wet your head!!!! I waited 4/5