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  1. Couting Down The Smp Diary

    thanks skinheadboi hope so
  2. Couting Down The Smp Diary

    MAB lol I am the same constantly looking at peoples heads and thinking you could do with SMP! Remingtonchap thankyou so much, the one from Billy was very good and gives me even more confidence. For a 'pale male' like me his result was amazing. I will update once I have had the first treatment...plane tickets booked but I am still deliberating over accommodation its so expensive im considering couchsurfing or airbnb but would like the luxury of a hotel!
  3. Well I thought after reading such wonderful posts on here, I would start my own diary. Im a forum member newbie but I've been reading it for a long time and many of the posts have been instrumental in my final decision to make the leap - so I feel its only right to share my experience too. I started losing my hair probably when I was about 23/24. It was gradual at the front until one day I was sitting on the floor at uni, and someone sitting on a chair said wow, youre really losing your hair on your crown. To be honest it didn't really bug me that much I got on with life and tried to disguise it at the front with a longer fringe. Fast forward to 2008, and I graduate and decide Asia is the place for me. So I get my backpack and head to Bangkok to teach. Of course, its amazing but that's another story. However keeping the fringe looking full took its toll. So one day I decide to shave it off and I worried because I just knew I wouldn't suit it - and I didn't. I have whiter than white skin and I looked like I was ill. I remember once being out with friends and one person said to me - you look like a leukaemia patient! Anyway, cue a few years of shaving it off and growing into the look. Now my friends say they cant imagine me without the look, and after a few discussion about getting a hair transplant - many of them said they didn't even realise my hair was receding because its shave off anyway. Maybe they're just being nice! However, as you are probably aware, its easy to be conscious about it all the time, and when I am not at work, I live pretty much my whole life in a cap. Indeed in my local supermarket they ask me to take it off (in case I steal something under it!) and I refuse but they know me now and don't ask! I know I look much younger with my cap/beanie on - people always comment on how young I look but if I don't have the cap I feel older than my years. Anyway after a few years of research I made the decision to get hair transplant surgery - not the strip but the one where they transplant the follicles. Well I am pretty bad at saving - I have an okay paid job and very few bills (now I have move away from the UK!) but Bangkok is fun fun fun and I spend a something drastic was in order to get the money. I moved to Vietnam on a tiny island - it doesn't even have a shop. The job itself gives free food and housing so I have finally been able to save for my procedure. So its taken me two years to save for the procedure and my other goal which was to save in order to go to a Muay Thai fitness camp for 6 months - so when I leave here in July its off to Hong Kong and then Phuket for 6 months of training. Come the end of 2012 and I already knew about HIS but my friend had decided to get the hair transplant strip . So I hop over to Bangkok to see it. He was only receding a little but had a new hairline put in etc. But I didn't like it - the hair was wispy and didn't look real. So there and then I though I am definitely going the SMP route. And after reading everyone's positive results I think I have made the right decision. I live close to Hong Kong so I am going to go there for 10 days. My first of three procedures is with Jonathan on the 15th July. To say I am excited would be an understatement. Here a few pre-treatment head shots. I feel quite fortunate in that my hair loss started and finished about 10 years ago it hasn't changed at all for years- so im hoping the SMP will last a while but I'm fine with touch ups. I'm a bit nervous about the pain (I needed 7 injections for a clean at the dentist) as I am a ginge and we feel pain more . Anyway thank you to anyone who has taken the time out to share the story here and bolster the confidence of so many considering the treatment. I will of course post updated photos after each treatment! I'm also nervous about my light skin tone as the treatment sometimes looks a bit fake in some of the photos I have seen- so I am def going for the subtle look! My eyebrows are white with a gingery tinge and I often get mistaken for a monk - seriously lol. I have asked Jonathan about this and he is referring me to an eyebrow pigmentation clinic next door to HIS. Does anyone have any experience or advice about this? I wish I could get them done at the same time with SMP! I would also be interested in hearing from anyone who has been to the HK clinic.
  4. HeadBlade first impressions - WOW

    ah this is what I was looking for im gonna order some headlube for sure - sounds great.
  5. Golf balls on the back of the head

    yes how long did they last>? I need to goback to work after pretty soon and don't want gold balls or people with clubs trying to hit me
  6. It looks so real i cant believe it!

    brilliant hope mine says that too!
  7. im trying to find a product I saw on this forum a few weeks ago now cant find the the thread it was in a yellow bottle called head something it had spef and matt ah I cant find it on ebay now! looked good, anyone know?
  8. is SMP a game of Russian Roulette???

    I bet the percentage when put against people who are happy is tiny
  9. HIS Hair Clinics in Hong Kong

    cant wait to get the HK clinic!
  10. Hongkong

    hey im heading to Hong Kong on the 14th July for the 10 day priocedure.