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    whitedots got a reaction from plugs in 5 Years Later - Time for a Change (UPDATED - New Pictures of broken hairline)   
    a grey base with darker defined dots would be my dream treatment ! congratz vince
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    whitedots got a reaction from Fenderman in One year past.... Had final treatment...   
    great looking treatment that is!
    care to share what shaving tips zang gave u? that is looking very matte
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    whitedots reacted to MrOnTheFence in Stand Out   
    You'll get mixed answers with that question. I don't have smp but have asked similar questions. Some guys say since having the treatment they don't give their hair or head a second thought anymore.
    Others say certain lighting conditions worry them.
    Others say it depends the situation, such as waiting on a long line with people behind you who are possibly staring at your head makes them uncomfortable.
    Then there are those who've never been called out so they don't worry, and a few people who have been called out or questioned so they lost confidence in their treatment.
    It a very individualized question.
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    whitedots got a reaction from HBK in Found Out...Again   
    that looks very natural hbk, no need to worry imo.
    I would leave it as is, I think the laser induced fading and uneveness(?) at the hairline add to the realism.
    the photo u don't like is under bright white lights, but it doesn't shine or contrast with your real hair so I'd say mission accomplished!
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    whitedots reacted to damngenetics in smp on t.v   
    This AJ guy on first dates has just been on. Looked on twitter and there have been a number of people commenting on his 'hair' being tattooed or drawn on. Bad SMP or is it really more detectable than we think
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    whitedots got a reaction from Hairkiller in Anchors Away   
    not really, I did mention the laser damage informally to some staff but they didn't seem to agree the laser was at fault. also, I've had laser done locally só it can always be dismissed as someone else' mistake - however, there is no doubt about why I needed laser in the first place.
    fortunately I've been busy enough to give it less and less thought, this is just a heads up for those who think laser is like a magic eraser.
    thanks for the support guys
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    whitedots got a reaction from Wanttobinmyhat in Anchors Away   
    Pics after 2 full head laser sessions. As you can see more will be needed and since I'm not available to travel abroad I hope HIS will own up to their word and take care of the costs.
    From the 3 trips I took to the UK in the last 6 months only one was to get treated, the other two were to correct mistakes.
    Hope I don't get swept under the rug.
    And yes, It's very amusing to look like this through no fault of mine. Been wondering if it's not better to just get a refund and be done with it.


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    whitedots got a reaction from Wanttobinmyhat in the 2 hand treatment, anyone else got it ?   
    Since I was told my posts have offended, I will only post pictures henceforth.. after this one:
    treatments performed by practitioners in training/rookies should be cheaper, thereby training would be acquired and the customer would have knowledge of the situation and not feel cheated after; since there is only one Michaelangelo and no Sistine Chapel would ever accept his apprentices' work, I don't know why you would think human heads less holy.
    Not every practitioner is able to perform all the styles depicted in the forum, as illustrated by the amount of people on the laser thread.
    What is ludicrous is the amount of people who shun the tattoo idea, since it is just that, 2 chairs, ink, 1 needle, 1 tattoo artist and 1 tattooee (does this word even exist?). Oh yeah, the needle is smaller. The amount of art in the artist is what discerns a 30£ tattoo from a 3000£ one. In all the tattoos I have I got what I paid and asked for, except this one (the most expensive).
    What you've done in the past is what made me go through with this, but at present you have "erred" on the opposite side of caution: #18 and #20 for the wet shave look ..?
    As I've told Ian, it was heeding the practitioner's advice that got me where I am now, so no thank you. From whitedots to blackdots would make an interesting comedy if I wasn't the protagonist.
    Since I'm better at writing in English than speaking, I've emailed him. When you get someone who speaks my language I'll probably feel it worthy of a call, already spent some 60€ in roaming when I was there, in July (session 1+2) and October (laser).
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    whitedots got a reaction from Landlord1 in Landlord1 Scars and Ink- update   
    thanks for the update Landlord, that looks awesome - and spells hope for many of us.
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    whitedots reacted to Rom an in Paranoia??? Nah enjoy it nobody cares!   
    Just to clarify don't get me wrong I understand peoples worries.
    Going from norwood 6/7 to finally having a hairline may get a few looks but I guarantee these people will get positive feedback and they will look better for it.
    Like me going from a full head part fibred head to a shaved head wont get as much attention as long as the hairline is similar to what you was pulling off in the first place. The fibre user possibly depending on the amount of hairloss they had having this treatment may make them look worse then the style they was pulling off (like me)
    But the bigger picture is you look alot better then you eventually will!!!!
    Back on topic after i first had this done i got some comments i could have taken the wrong way but i didnt shy away from them i asked them what do you mean? Turns out a few comments had i not asked them outright could have had me guessing the worst.
    Follow up comments if its from friends or workmates etc... find out exactly what they mean be confident it may not always be what you was thinking and you may start getting less paranoid over what other people are saying with time, this helped me.
    I did this for me at the end of the day i ditched the fibres and quit whike i was ahead i didnt want to meet my destiny in my 30s! I wanted to look my age and enjoy not worrying about my hair i promised myself when i get SMP im gonna be a better person for me and my family and stop wasting my life worrying about my hair and SMP is helping me, it takes time to adjust to the transition and once people have seen you it will be old news after a few days cos believe it or not other people have lifes and they are not always looking and talking about you! Lol!
    Maybe dodgy comments will come in the future maybe they won't but im not going to worry about it if they come i will deal with it sternly and with confidence. No more paranoia!
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    whitedots reacted to horseshoe in Found Out...Again   
    I haven't had SMP yet, but I know a bit about being found out with other concealment methods. I used toppic and courve for about 4 or 5 years and by the end, It looked pretty noticeable. What tipped me off was the fact that I'd see people  everywhere I went staring at it from across the room... whenever I was having a conversation peoples eyes would start drifting towards my hairline. I was also called out twice at the very end, but by that time I had already know it was obvious because of all the stares. It made me realize that not many people are going to call you out, even if it looks fake, but you'll FOR SURE see a bunch of people staring if it is in fact fake looking. Have you noticed a lot of people staring, or have you noticed the dreaded eye drift? I also noticed the same thing when I wore a hair system for the short time I did. Mostly, the hair system looked natural, but I went out a few times with it noticeable (once I put it on crooked, and another time I cut my hair all messed up and it was pretty much 100% detectable) again, just like the concealer, I had 1 or 2 people say something but what I really noticed was A BUNCH of people staring.  
    If random people are staring and you notice a lot of eye drifting then you may in fact have a problem with your treatment. If people aren't staring but you still were called out twice, it may have just been two fluke occurrences. Maybe they caught it at a bad angle under a bad lighting condition and it stood out to them for a split second (I imagine with an illusion like this it's almost impossible for it to look 100% undetectable 100% of the time). Or possibly they heard about the treatment before hand and they were curious. Or it may just be two random occurrences with people who don't like the shaved head look, and were trying to find any negative they could say about it simply because they don't approve. I say that cause I remember one time when I was first using toppic (about a month into using concealers, at a time when I had all the confidence in the world, I really loved the look) I got called out by one of my friends uncles when I randomly saw him at the grocery store. At the time, I never had anybody staring at my hair, and thought it was perfect. It seemed out of the blue he called me out and immediately I thought everyone in the world knew. I hadn't seen him in years and he was commenting on how I looked, how I dressed and all that. At the end of the conversation I was leaving and he shouted out hey looks like you drew your hair on. I was devastated and it felt like the world was closing in on me. I was with a friend who knew I was using concealers and he assured me it looked fine. Still, I had my doubts but figured it was still better than being bald so I went on. A few months later I found out from my friend that his uncle was commenting on me cause he thought I was trying to be someone I wasn't and he didn't approve. Back then I used to shape up my beard with a straight razor and admittedly used toppic and courve in a fashion that made my hair line look very straight on. He thought I was using a razor to edge up my hair line and thought I was going for a thug look or something. Turns out he was commenting on my hair because he didn't approve the look he thought I was going for, not cause he though it looked like I was using concealers. 
    If you have confided with anyone about the treatment, ask them for their honest opinion on what it looks like. If they tell you it looks good, and you still think it looks good, and you're not getting stares from everyone who sees you, than try to brush off those two comments. (I know that's easy for me to say not being in your shoes)
    Good luck man. Keep us posted.  
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    whitedots reacted to BobbyCharlton in Newbie to the forum   
    Oh right makes sense now, I did wonder why the #### were used.
    Asides from that I think it's a bit of a shame that you are unable to specify a practitioner if you are impressed by their work. I'm sure they are all competent and more than able to do a good job but I chose my tattoo by the artist not the studio... suppose a similar principal applies to SMP, after all it is a work of art!
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    whitedots reacted to eldonjuan in Extremely Happy With RESULTS! Final Sessions Pics   
    This is about 2 hours after morning shave with foil shaver. Looks so good.... I cannot explain how satisfied I am with my treatment.

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    whitedots got a reaction from Robby in 2 year Anniversary   
    glad to hear you're still happy with the treatment Robby, cheers
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    whitedots reacted to AllGone in 18 months update   
    Hi all,


    I haven't been keeping up with the forum for a while, I guess I haven't been hung up on hair loss as much as I used to be, and that's definitely due to having the SMP treatment. 


    I thought I'll come back and post some update photos. It's been 18 months since my treatment, and I think is holding up really well. It's still looking natural, and that's really important to me. I didn't want no straight or overly low hair line, too dark, or too dense, that would shout fake with a capital F. As it is now, even I can't tell my own hair to the treatment.


    Here's a before photo 


    If you haven't had the treatment yet, and you like the athletic shaved head look, delay no more, go for it. I did it 18 months ago, and it has been the best thing that I've bought or paid for!


    I'm sure I'll update again in the near future, but until then, I'll continue to live life to the full. 


    Thanks again HIS, and especially to Jonathan Tang who performed my treatment!


    Happy holiday everyone!

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    whitedots got a reaction from Hairkiller in Anchors Away   
    not really, I did mention the laser damage informally to some staff but they didn't seem to agree the laser was at fault. also, I've had laser done locally só it can always be dismissed as someone else' mistake - however, there is no doubt about why I needed laser in the first place.
    fortunately I've been busy enough to give it less and less thought, this is just a heads up for those who think laser is like a magic eraser.
    thanks for the support guys
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    whitedots got a reaction from BaldnBald in 5 Years Later - Time for a Change (UPDATED - New Pictures of broken hairline)   
    Hi vince, yours has always been one of my favourites. I wouldn't touch it apart from freshening up some dots.
    Breaking the hairline up without laser will mean lowering it, and in the long run you'll want it looking natural in another 5, 10 years.
    The only issue I see with nw6/7 is the 'top to horseshoe transition shine', which I'm thinking about softening with hair laser removal.
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    whitedots reacted to beachy in Thinking about taking the leap, but...   
    The OP is here as he's considering a cosmetically enhancing procedure. Which, by its very nature, is designed to help balding men and women to blend in with the norm, conformity, social society or otherwise.
    Age appropriate is actually a massively important factor, and in my personal experience the biggest giveaway for bad SMP. Without its proper consideration there is almost little to no point in trying to hide hairloss as the end result will only be one where its presence is exaggerated. If you want to go for a shade 0 NW1 super straight hairline when you're in your 50s then yes that's your choice entirely. Though I doubt you would experience comfortable thoughts for very long as you'll inevitably experience negative opinion and criticism.
    Society thinking as a whole isn't just about conformity, not everyone is a sheep. Sir Francis Gailton cited the wisdom of crowds for good reason - you can't obscure what the affective conscious sees - that's just part of being human.
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    whitedots got a reaction from zakmandoo in Thinking about taking the leap, but...   
    if you're already bald there is not that much to hide, I'd say it's aesthetic CHOICE as opposed with going bald which is not. I was also 26 when I went this path, do your research and avoid the pitfalls of darkness, shape... etc, the aging part will be much smoother sailing if you make the right choices regarding these topics.
    seeing it in the flesh in various lighting will help you make up your mind
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    whitedots reacted to HBK in Booked at Last - Can't Wait! FUE Mess to Get Sorted   
    Had a beautiful baby girl join the family recently so plenty of pics been taken. Thought I'd post a couple to show how my SMP looks in everyday settings rather than the usual close ups of my head!
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    whitedots got a reaction from Hairkiller in I'm doing it! -- Will_montreal Journeys   
    oh, scratch that, I skipped a page.
    start on the conservativr side, then add as you ser fit; the color is best left to the practitioner, since it's more matching your own shaved Hair shade than it is greying it out.
    In the long run of things no doubt you'll want to stay away from laser, so picking a style that suits you now AND in the future is essential, don't go for the teenage hairline.
    I think you need the shaved heads film reel, my favs are hitman, bronson and elysium; all of them show to more or less extent how shine affects even thise who don't havê any hairloss.
    Prison break and breaking bad are shows that also show this 'phenomena'.
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    whitedots reacted to JonnyW in A few days until kick off...   
    #### finished my third and final session last Friday and it's hard to put into words just how much it has changed my life. I have had Alopecia Areata for the last six years so to have what looks like a full head of hair is incredible. I haven't worn a hat now for just over two weeks and some people haven't noticed, some have said that I have had a haircut, some that I look tanned but it has all been a really positive experience. It might sound strange but I walked around a well known supermarket the other day without a hat on for the first time in six years and it felt amazing!
    I stayed at The Plough & Harrow hotel the night before my first two sessions which is pretty much opposite the clinic on Hagley Road in Birmingham. It cost £55 including a full english breakfast which I thought was reasonable and at least I was able to avoid the dreaded rush hour in the run up to my 9am starts.
    I had a really warm welcome as soon as I arrived for all my sessions which immediately put me at ease. #### had to treat my whole scalp so the sessions were pretty long but the banter between him and Jack certainly helped me to chuckle through the discomfort! I think I was treated for approximately 12 hours over the three visits. I had decided that I would let the expert suggest what hairline might be suitable and I was immediately happy with the outline that #### drew. He picked the colour and #### popped around the corner to offer his opinion (as they always do) and we were off! #### has had the treatment so he really understands what you are experiencing both emotionally and physically. He might concentrate for a short while on a tender section of your head then jump to somewhere less 'painful' for a while to give you a break so I always felt that I was in 'safe hands'!
    As you can probably tell, I can't recommend #### (and His Hair Clinic) enough and would say to anyone who is considering the treatment to give them a call immediately.
    I've attached some pics. The first three are from before my first treatment. The fourth and fifth are just before my third treatment and the final one is just after my third treatment. I'll attach a few more in due course once it's all calmed down.

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    whitedots reacted to JB in Long term fading...   
    3 years almost to the day. I don't feel I need any touch up. I drive roof off all summer long. I use SPF 30 before going out. I keep a small tube in the center console nj case I forget to apply sunscreen before I go out.
    No one can tell this isn't all natural even three years running.
    Smp rocks!
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    whitedots reacted to David1963 in I don't know what to do I'm a little bit scared...   
    see more than 1 - I was lucky and the first 5/6 I saw were all originaly n/w 7 and had amazing results , I had seen some examples on the site I didnt like but we are not all after the same look and we have diff colouring / shaped heads etc .
    Seeing ex nw7's blew me away I still cannot descripe that feeling after meeting the 1st guy - I was walking on air - 30 years of sheer hell and now the solution was in front of me - 3 failed transplants had left me mentaly destroyed and heavily in debt - went straight home sorted another loan I couldnt afford and 18 months after my treatment I can honestly say I will never make a better decision , no more Suicidal episodes and im on £ 10,000 a year more now than I was ( have to work 70 hrs a week though) so paid for itself .
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    whitedots reacted to Samurai Cop in Spotting SMP Out and About   
    This is my first post but I found this topic especially interesting.
    I have spotted two SMP's. The first one was the other day as a guy passed me on the street. I could spot it maybe 20 metres away. Looked very unnatural. Too dark, the hairline was too straight and his hair looked way too dense.
    The second one is more interesting. A friend of mine that I know really well used to talk about SMP's a few years back and show me photos he found online. At the time I thought it was ridiculous and didn't pay much attention. Fast forward a few years and I meet the guy again at a social engagement and he has a full head of shaved down hair. I looked really close and could not for the life of me tell it was fake. I asked him what he had done and he tried to tell me it was some new miracle drug that he started using that gave him a full head of hair. Of course his new thick hair had the odd quality of not growing properly so he had to keep it shaved he said. I knew right away but did not push it as it would embarrass him. It was his treatment that got me researching SMP because in my mind its pretty much perfect and there is no chance that anyone would know unless they knew about SMP. And even then I originally had my doubts...