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  1. Information About Removal Of Smp By Laser

    Hi Katrina, I'm currently contemplating the hairline laser option, could I send you a pic to the email posted above ? Also, how long before the new hairline 'implantation' ? Do you proceed only when there's no 'shadow' left ? Thanks
  2. Anchors Away

    I received an email today saying that the photos would be sent as soon as possible. The only things I asked for were to stay within the hairline, don't touch the sides aside from blending and a natural look. oh, and the peak. frankly, I think another session on the top of my head will give it unnatural looking density, since shaved heads do show some scalp. on top of that I'll have to spend some money on one of those dahl balding clippers, since if I wet shave the colour matching is wrong. yes, there is light at the end of the tunnel.. just didn't think it would be miles long, and with so many exogenous bumps.
  3. Anchors Away

    satisfied (>50%) would be the correct term if not for my left profile. but I hope the company's aim is happy (100%)
  4. Anchors Away

    yes, jagged is probably the word I should've used. but doing that now would just bring the hairline further down. probably the way to go is laser -> jagged, end of august early september. gonna see how it settles, it's been a week since session 2.
  5. Anchors Away

    I agree that the mock up job would produce better hairlines and increase costumer satisfaction.. which for a tattoo that costs thousands isn't too much to ask
  6. Anchors Away

    thank you for the feedback (all of it), but I do remember the exact moment when I looked in the mirror near the end of session 2 and noticed it was lower than I intended to go. Thought it might have something to do with the redness and inflamation and asked for the odd dot here and there, unconscious damage control I think. the temples could do with a dot spray, but what worries me is that the hairline is too straight once it 'leaves the peak' .. and yes, further down than the pre treatment and the 1st session one - I had an FUE transplant last year but the hairline came out fine, natural looking at least. If you check ou ScarnoMore's thread, you'll see what I mean with 'too straight'.. he had his lasered and looks much more natural now (even before the touch up). straight hairlines can look good on a few white guys, but they're mainly for asians and blacks. And yes, I do think it looks good from some angles.. just want to be 100% happy with it some more pics
  7. Update From Scarnomore

    Hi SNM, it definitely looks more realistic now, do you recall which laser was used ? best of luck with your next round
  8. Anchors Away

    No problem whatsoever, if I manage to show u a pic of where the hairline was post 1st session you'll see it was more natural then. I did ask for the peak but wanted it natural looking, of course. blending is very nice, color matching is still uncertain as fading will ensue. I was quoted for 4 sessions so laser or not I believe it is fixable, just a bit annoyed at the fact I won't get peace of mind anytime soon
  9. Anchors Away

    we did discuss the hairline, and since HIS took pictures I don't want to speculate on whether the border was trespassed or not, may have been poor judgement on my part. hence the laser question. I hope to receive the pics soon, I'll post them then
  10. Anchors Away

    my main concern is the right profile, and yes I know it will fade. btw: session 1: 18/07 session 2: 24/07 any thoughts ? 2nd pic is pre treatment, other ones are 5 days post 2nd session
  11. Treatment in London.

    please get those pics up when you have the chance, Damon is doing me as well. congratz on your hairline choice
  12. I'm off to see the Wizard :D

    Fab my advice as a long running wet shaver is to shave WITH the grain (perpendicular max). if your sides are as light as you say this will 'darken' them a bit. would quit the scissors and shave the top as well. apart from the overgrown hairs on top I think it looks very nice
  13. What Was Your Rate Of Fading?

    not to hijack your thread phil, but since you're getting all the attention.. is it best to have 3 sessions in 10-12 days OR 2+1 afterwards ? since short term fading, as damien says, takes about a month, I'm leaning towards door no.2.. would be nice to get some input (I've been quoted for 4 sessions..)
  14. hi haircules, great results. can you spare me the time burrowing through all the pages and sum up your treatment timeframe ? (I mean the spacing between sessions) thanks
  15. it would be fantastic to see the pics goddard, the fading bit is on the verge of being a dealbreaker for me.. as I've yet to find anyone who is mint happy 4 weeks post treatment (whether 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th treatment)
  16. 1st treatment done

    Very nice Hattie, congratz

    my scars are very similar to yours P54, but I haven't seen SMP work on these cases.. maybe damien can point the way
  18. Fue Scars Aka The Minefield

    Hi Damien, while browsing the site's case study section I felt a bit curious about Jazz's case, since scars are mentioned but none are shown. could you pull up the pics or refer me to a similar case ? Thank you (this was a pm I tried and failed to send) I'll post some pics this week
  19. Tired and Weary

    MAB I have similar scars and feel a mix of happiness and relief, the former for you and the latter for me, since I hope something can be done about mine. Great hairline choice as well. Can you please post some pics once the scar pigment settles ? Thank you and congratulations

    nice one BC, looks great. slightly off topic, can anyone tell me the difference between jagged and broken ? gonna do it in London as well, want to get a keyword list
  21. Swimmers with MHT

    Chemically speaking the high concentration of chlorine in pools can bleach away the smp imo.. would like some input from a veteran in the matter. The sea is no problem, sun exposure is fine with sufficient sun block (something everyone should already use)