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  1. Anchors Away

    different skill mostly
  2. Anchors Away

    More than one, during both sessions.
  3. Anchors Away

    @ username yes, inconsistent is probably one of the keywords. funny you pointed that part out, the part you "painted" away is actually a line, not a dot. I have one or two more somewhere in my scalp, find them and get a prize ! I hope everything goes well too..
  4. Anchors Away

    as promised, photos at the 3 month mark. anyone had laser on scar tissue ? maybe starting from scratch is the way to go, but I wanted to lessen permanent damage. any expert on dot shrinking who can tell me the timetable for.. full shrinkage ? still think #18 is too dark (maybe #20 is ok, not sure yet) and of course, more density = darker still. different pressure gradients/practitioners add to the patchy effect, and I'll bet my left nut the larger, gruesome dots were done by the rookie. more on that here: http://forum.hishairclinic.com/topic/4654-the-2-hand-treatment-anyone-else-got-it/page-2 on top of that the hairline laser didn't 'take' as planned, one more in the 'to do' pile. and yeah, I could post a bunch of fantastic looking pics, but since we are no longer cavemen and dwell on the surface of the planet I believe that all lighting situations are important - the bright white 'harsh' lights that I keep reading about are the standard indoors, and also some outdoors (i.e stadium). The present state of things does nothing to market HIS' work, and adds a whole lot of new stress to my life - never wore hats/wigs/concealer. I also had to deal with a few comments, didn't get physical as I think that would add to the stigma. I'd be perfectly fine with being insulted if it looked mint, but the way it looks now I'm perceived as an idiot, and boy, do I feel like one on 'bad hairdays'. I'll post some 'sunny' pics tomorrow, for those of you who like the 8 megapixel bird's eye view. Too bad human eyes are HD..
  5. 2 times ten plus one

    hi robby, it looks very nice. tried to send you a pm but I guess the inbox was full. do you notice a slight 'wave' of darker pigment around the area where you had laser ? or did the areas treated fade to nothing ? cheers
  6. the 2 hand treatment, anyone else got it ?

    3 months on sunday, will post more then
  7. Anchors Away

    wet shaved pics will arise when I get the nerve to shave it all (and lay low for a whole day)
  8. the 2 hand treatment, anyone else got it ?

    days old (Low Quality pics)
  9. the 2 hand treatment, anyone else got it ?

    Since I was told my posts have offended, I will only post pictures henceforth.. after this one: treatments performed by practitioners in training/rookies should be cheaper, thereby training would be acquired and the customer would have knowledge of the situation and not feel cheated after; since there is only one Michaelangelo and no Sistine Chapel would ever accept his apprentices' work, I don't know why you would think human heads less holy. Not every practitioner is able to perform all the styles depicted in the forum, as illustrated by the amount of people on the laser thread. What is ludicrous is the amount of people who shun the tattoo idea, since it is just that, 2 chairs, ink, 1 needle, 1 tattoo artist and 1 tattooee (does this word even exist?). Oh yeah, the needle is smaller. The amount of art in the artist is what discerns a 30£ tattoo from a 3000£ one. In all the tattoos I have I got what I paid and asked for, except this one (the most expensive). What you've done in the past is what made me go through with this, but at present you have "erred" on the opposite side of caution: #18 and #20 for the wet shave look ..? As I've told Ian, it was heeding the practitioner's advice that got me where I am now, so no thank you. From whitedots to blackdots would make an interesting comedy if I wasn't the protagonist. Since I'm better at writing in English than speaking, I've emailed him. When you get someone who speaks my language I'll probably feel it worthy of a call, already spent some 60€ in roaming when I was there, in July (session 1+2) and October (laser).
  10. I've bumped into lots of content on the web (mostly girls) advocating its usefulness as anti shine for the face. So scalp is just one step up.. I ordered some after Raymond recommended it. If you've got oily skin like me the PTR stuff will only last a couple of hours, plus it feels icky to the touch and takes forever to dry (maybe I'm doing it wrong). Other types of skin may respond well to the MAC mattifying gel, nice for touch ups. Again, for me it doesn't last. Read good reviews on the l'oreal matte stuff, probably next on the list. I reckon I'll open a beauty salon with the amount of makeup products I've got around these days.. all to no avail.
  11. How bad is the back of my head it's lumpy:(

    dude, your head look absolutely normal.. surgery ? no, brain surgery won't help. just get over it, probably the first time u shaved it down. you can begin working out if you want to have stronger neck muscles, which will reduce the 'pitfall' effect
  12. the 2 hand treatment, anyone else got it ?

    Nightwood, I appreciate your input. The hair growth on the back & sides is what keeps those blotchy areas a bit concealed.. I did specify I wet shaved to the practitioner(s), although I'm not able to now - the top looks good, but the sides don't; same thing if I use an electric shaver, the sides look good but the top doesn't. Admitedly my research on the hairline should have been better documented, but after speaking to people, like Raymond, who were treated by Damon they told me he was frequently asked to do work based on various 'templates' in the forum.. and the pics I saw spoke quality - that made me drop my guard. There was no Damon to be found when I arrived, but I was assured every practitioner was able to perform the 'natural' look, so I chose to follow my ears instead of my eyes....... would have stayed at home, in Portugal, had I known of that switch. one laser session was done to address the hairline already, but it looks like further laser will be needed in that same area, and others.. What has really wrecked my nerves from that day on, is that from what I gather HIS practitioners-to-be use people's heads for training :s Surely they could learn even more from the tattooing industry, and use pig skin/heads since it is the norm there. not the same as a human head/tissue ? Yep, but I'm not a pig either. Plus, the pigment shades used are too dark for a wet shave, and I noticed people are getting alloted darker and darker ones, probably to reduce touch up sessions.. and reduce overbooking/maximize profit. I can be wrong though. Damien, I'll send Ian an email once i write something that adequately conveys my mixture of disenchantment and rage, in a civil manner. I suppose that's as senior as you can go. If shared session time is as commonplace as you mistakenly put it, that's one of the reasons for patchy work. Sure you can allege different areas of the scalp take the pigment differently, I posit that different pressures/practitioners/needle contact angles vary the dermis pigment intake. I'm perfectly fine with having a tattoo on my head - it is not hair - as it was clearly my choice, and being bald wasn't. I just want it done properly, by someone whose work accomplishes the right balance of density/follicle size/partly receded goals I set in the first place. Please refrain from using the body dismorphia or what u call it argument, my father is a shrink so I've been in the chair since birth. Disgruntled Regards p.s: I apologize for any misspelling, most of my english is by ear
  13. It's blended nicely now. what shade did u use ? I have to blend my side profiles with the rest since I have similar hair loss to yours, in that area
  14. DAMON

    what I was told when I got to HIS expecting to have Damon treat me was 'He's hurt his back'. HIS probably refused to buy comfortable chairs and he left permanently :x
  15. Anchors Away

    I will, but bear in mind that since more sessions are required the extra density will add to the darkness.. also, i thought the sides could be left untouched but for people, like me, whose side profiles are already 'eroded' it is a must
  16. Anchors Away

    apologize for the lack of feedback. The pigments used were 18 and 20, although I regret not having chosen them myself.. definitely would have gone lighter had a laser session on the 4th of October to adress the hairline, probably more laser down the road for the areas where the pigment is way darker that what was intended, for the wet shaved look (and more hairline work if 'natural' hasn't been accomplished). anyone had laser on scars ? some pics are with anti shine, some aren't. p.s how do I post a video that's too large ?
  17. the 2 hand treatment, anyone else got it ?

    Please do take it up with the management team Damien, from the quality of some of the treatments I've seen here I feel I wound up with the short end of the stick
  18. the 2 hand treatment, anyone else got it ?

    some pics: some areas appear to have held the pigment too well.. but I think the shade used was too dark, for the 'wet shave shadow' look I asked; the poor hairline choice was my fault, the pigment wasn't.. anyone had this ink pooling effect ? dunno if I should laser the 'coarse' areas, and then take it from there..
  19. the 2 hand treatment, anyone else got it ?

    because blending is done on a visual basis. If one practitioner spots a not so well blended spot he'll adress it.. that's a problem if the said area was treated by another hand, in the same session. that's my 2 cents at least fading/dot shrinking will occur, and you'll want each separate blending/session to have it's own pressure gradient
  20. Anchors Away

    Well almost 2 months after my second treatment (and after pressing the panic button) a gameplan has arised: break the hairline with laser, smoothen the top of my head (recipient area) and then SMP session number 3. I've sniggered and laughed at anyone who deems to stare at me (or at the hairline) too much, and because of my personality no one has dared say a thing about it. The few friends I've talked to do like it, the blending is nice at this point.. but the linear hairline is a dead giveaway since I'm not of African ascent, low density is also starting to collide with the non receded hairline. I'll post photos soon, just wanted to know if anyone has heard/read of successful ridging/cobblestoning reductions, from what I gathered fraxel can have little or no impact, and silicone sheets help transiently. I'll ilustrate it later, but the overpacked holes where the FUE's were placed bulge upward, which collides both with the areas where I have no hair and natural one. I've read quite a few posts on many forums, but it's very hard to sift through all the aggressive marketing. Thanks again for the support
  21. Fraxel Info Please

    Hi Landlord, I'm considering fraxel on the top of my head, some of the transplanted fue are slightly 'beveled' (raised) how did the fading progress ? also, does anyone think microdermoabrasion might help with raised scars ? indented ones are a tougher job imo.
  22. My 50th Birthday present to myself - by David1963

    No worries David, ####'s skills are unquestionable. He did mine and although I may touch up the hairline overall it looks very nice. Since you are at your 3rd I don't think there'll be any issues, no matter who does it.
  23. nice one danny, glad to see you're enjoying your vacation