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  1. Space between dots, blurring, and dot size

    hey buzzcut, pressure and needle contact angle are what determine dot size. your scalp state will also play a part, 'skin stiffness' if you will. that mandatory patch test idea has been brought up before, and I agree it would produce more consistent results. but that would only be in the client's best interest.
  2. Longest time without a shave???

    you should only go against the grain after you've gone with it, and perpendicularly as well (sideways). else it's like mowing lawn with a toe nail clipper BT, the pinaud would've soothed that rash BEFORE after shave and lemons that said, if it gets your funny juices flowing I'd like you to do it every other day at least ! grapefruit would be a great choice for round 2
  3. Should I go darker? I kinda want to go darker..

    I would love mine to turn out the way yours did, shade-wise at least. As to the density issue, practitioners create extra dots with every extra session, so that will only worsen it (haven't heard of anyone going over existing dots, although that would be beneficial for touch ups). I'd only break up the hairline and the side profiles, but bear in mind you'll have different dot sizes during the settling period.
  4. going for consultation! 'young' bearded baldie!

    as I've seen it put on here that's a badass 'monolithic monument' ! I'm curious, what kind of maintenance does that entail ? the washing with shampoo I get, but what about trimming/grooming ? SMP wise, just follow your natural/receded hairline, you'll want it to 'age' properly; start off on light shades and check the diaries for head shapes like yours - research is paramount, and documenting it is as well.. your practitioner has to see what you're after, instead of just imagining it. oh, and the simulations done by BornReceded are top notch. cheers, WD
  5. NYC session 1 this friday the 20th !!

    hey bsb, I know what you are going through, many speak of rollercoaster rides but only a few know what it feels like to get stuck midway.. for months. the blending is something only time will enlighten, 3 months seems to be the norm when allowing color and dot size to settle. that said, I knew 'my' colouring was wrong from 2-3 weeks post session, but I was going for a wet shaved look. concerning your scar, you should find somewhere to get sylicone strips, and figure out a system where you cover your scar with them for a few hours at a time (I slept with them on, but the scars I was adressing were on the top of my head). colour-wise it will do little but it will improve the texture immensely, and given you're going to get more sessions on there that should facilitate the 'cammouflaging'. massaging it with bio oil should also help your head 'get to top condition'. DON'T GET BIO OIL ON THE BLEMISHES, leave them be for 2-3 days (no shaving), if they don't clear up you should look into some dermatitis control cream/shampoo - if it's localized, cicaplast baume b5 works for me. from my research, fraxel has mixed reviews. pm me if you have questions, university keeps me busy in January. best of luck
  6. The Very Best Anti-shine Agent I Have Found

    I take it rain isn't an issue when you can just skip a wet day, or collect umbrellas. not my case unfortunately
  7. The Very Best Anti-shine Agent I Have Found

    thought about the talk and I think it would have the same problems as concealers do, according to what I've read on here.
  8. The Very Best Anti-shine Agent I Have Found

    any 'talced' pictures you care to share ? I used to put on MoM, but that clubman pinaud stuff is cheap as well.
  9. Guarantee will it cover me

    If you share some pics everyone can give their opinion, but since it will only get lighter then probably going darker is the way to go. I do believe HIS will cover the extreme fading issue, during that warranty period.
  10. First Post

    LPP any chance you could give the 'November update' ? The last set of pics look very good !
  11. 1st treatment in NYC - coming up soon!

    glad to hear it's still going strong, congratz ! any photo updates you care to share ? You probably have a better camera now.. the color and shape suit you very much.
  12. 31 Oct with Paul C and getting anxious

    happy for you blesskop, nice feedback. any pics you can share ? particularly outside and/or scar cammouflage. that would be helpful for a lot of people imo. congratz !
  13. I just wanted to add that Andre Agassi wrote about what it was to be playing tennis in front of millions of people constantly worrying about it falling off. I couldn't help but sympathize with the man, and dread the feeling. Other than that, I feel William should travel the world as a hermaphrodite's genital warmer, he deserves it !
  14. The matching you speak of would be hit and miss, but since even laser has a settling period (4-5 weeks) you'll want to be sure it gets lighter than your sides - so you can have a touch up when those 5 weeks pass, instead of further laser, and angst. I know how you feel mate, hang on, try to distract yourself and have some fun.. however you can. Exercise is always a good path to calmness, be it horizontal or vertical.. good luck
  15. Anchors Away

    Yes, from what I've read it is. Only one pass per area though, so as not to increase scarring probability. Up for it on the 20th
  16. Anchors Away

    I've reached an understanding with HIS, I'll get full head laser next week and re-done by #### Clarke once it settles
  17. Is it possibly to achieve this?

    I would go more conservative if I were you, a bit more receded if you will. You have to look at the treatment in the long run as well.. no teenage hairline looks good on late 20's/early 30's imho
  18. in for treatment next saturday.... Anxious times lol

    @ andy the smile says it all ! nice one mate @ philosophair it doesn't hurt at all, compared to the SMP.
  19. RAYMOND- touch up session

    looks to be settling nicely raymond, fantastic looking all-round. do you have any pre touch up pics that show those areas you were unhappy with ? I wanted to get an idea of what the lighter treatments' fading look like. p.s: nice MoM advertisement too
  20. Hair system wearer considering SMP

    I agree, wet shaving is the way to go. Here are some shaved heads you should check out (decent enough movies): Tom Hardy in 'Bronson' Timothy Oliphant in 'Hitman' Matt Damon in 'Elysium' this will probably be enough to give you various lighting situations so you can see for yourself how it ideally would look. good luck with your treatment
  21. Effect of anti shine products

    nice HH, that should put everyone's mind to rest on this matter
  22. My first two sessions were done by two different practitioners, in London. Note that it wasn't one on the first and another on the second, they shared session time. I had laser on the 4th with Katrina - which I paid for - to adress the hairline (which probably wasn't as planned as it should be, therefore it didn't come out perfect; no trouble there, I'm to blame) What bothers me is that certain areas are blodgy, and color mismatched - this stems from pressure difference netween them both; different practitioners on different sessions should be fine. I'll probably need further laser and obviously delay the 3rd session. Will HIS recognize their mistake, as this doens't live up to their standard ? Don't know. Just don't let your scalp be used as training grounds, that's my advice. (photos will be uploaded when I get home, and a decent enough camera)
  23. Effect of anti shine products

    I believe sweating and washing before bed with a normal soap will lessen/normalize the pH, preventing the bacteria from being totally annihilated. They will have time to replenish sufficiently overnight, as long as you don't sleep in an igloo - (most) bacteria love heat, I imagine these thrive on the human dermal temperature range. Moisturizing after shaving would help as well, but that depends on what shine level you're comfortable with. Not sure about that sodium hydroxide bit though. So don't use MoM if you're an eskimo !! or if you have really dry skin (but in this case I don't think shine is a concern since 'dry' comes from a lack of sebum production, i.e the shine effector) Other than that I think it should be fine. I haven't been using it for that long to give you a valid experience account, but guys like Raymond and vince have. p.s: I think that it had a good effect on tightening the skin as well, I had a slight cobblestone in the recipient area that as much improved in the past weeks - though that's not the only thing in my playbook.
  24. Anchors Away

    thanks philosophair
  25. Anchors Away

    spoke to #### Clarke on the phone and he'll look at the photos and videos I sent, and give me a no bs assessment; so I AM giving HIS the opportunity to correct their wrongs. @ G-star didn't get what you were trying to say but if it was in my defence more power to you !