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  1. NYC session 1 this friday the 20th !!

    honestly, I think it looks good. and I agree with robby, let it settle/fade properly - in the meantime your scalp and scar will have a diserved rest
  2. I like it alan, very subtle. do you recallwhat ink shades were used ? cheers
  3. NYC session 1 this friday the 20th !!

    It looks mint bro, a true happy ending/beggining
  4. Anchors Away

    Pics after 2 full head laser sessions. As you can see more will be needed and since I'm not available to travel abroad I hope HIS will own up to their word and take care of the costs. From the 3 trips I took to the UK in the last 6 months only one was to get treated, the other two were to correct mistakes. Hope I don't get swept under the rug. And yes, It's very amusing to look like this through no fault of mine. Been wondering if it's not better to just get a refund and be done with it. IMG]http://i58.tinypic.com/2iurzpc.jpg[/img]
  5. Anti shine

    if you think supermarkets are bad try clubbing with intense strobe lights.. but what is the point of SMP if you're just gonna keep it hidden and/or living the lair life ? never tried powders though (talc, etc), only used MoM and MAC mattifying gel. PTR didn't last long for me. anyone on the MOM + talc mix that vince mentioned ?
  6. on topic: Katrina is experienced in smp removal, so I'd choose tranquility over uncertainty. however, the laser used is mainstream
  7. Results After SMP Removal by Laser

    1 - hairline adjustment at first, full removal once it was definite that dot shrinkage and fading had stopped and it was nowhere near what was intended 2, 3 - no sunbathing prior/post treatment, risks are always present but with experienced technicians they're minimized 4 - I've had 2, another will be needed. I'm white though, I've read about black guys who had 8 and weren't done 5 - be prepared for the 'odd' period, when the random remaining dots are present and you're on laser cooldown; follow the aftercare instructions 6 - I'll update my thread this weekend, with pics
  8. Lucky For Some

    how'd it go ? still dermarolling ? Nightwood toldme about those but I never got around to ordering one. do you feel it has improved the cobblestoning ? the first 2mm of my hairline could do with some needling, liked the single needle approach better than the steamroll one..
  9. NYC session 1 this friday the 20th !!

    hope it went well mate !
  10. Skin Pen?

    hi landlord, was that treatment for recipient or donor scars ? hope it turns out good anyway
  11. very nice indeed, only one of the 'bad pictures' looks strange to me, the first one to be exact. other than that I can see what you mean with the shower shine, but it's the multiple lighting that gets you. mine was way darker and I had to shower almost every day with the rest of my team... quite a bit of eyeballing but no one had the nerve to say something. do you feel the 28 was too dark for you ? my complexion is similar. congratz !
  12. Anchors Away

    @ Hairkiller - still going through laser removal, although they did let me keep my head. the 'why' is in the first 2 pages... horrid dots and darkness; @ BSB - thanks for the support bro
  13. My experience…and it’s not a good one.

    unfortunately - for the ones who got inked - there have been a few other bandwagons that got trapped in the mud in the past few months, andybecks and bringnsexehback for example, and I did not comment on any of them, only offering my support in private. what inflamed me was realizing I'm not the only case dealt with a lack of tact, producing spans of 6+ months in which people like me and bobb who are supposed to cope with looking like an imbecile and/or hiding under a hat, at no expense but their own. as stated above you get callbacks and replied to via email at the speed of light when you're still a walking dollar/pound/euro/kwanza(?) sign; like many on here I've had my dealings with the HT industry, and what hooked me about HIS were the heart-warming stories everyone shared of what I perceived to be a company whose ethos was admirable. sad to say that it's how you deal with the bad cases that sets the bar, not all the good ones. you talk about practitioners like they are construction workers when they're also artist, architect and engineer, so the landscape should be studied thoroughly to ensure the best result possible; even the cheerleaders could do without unnecessary touch ups that mandatory patch tests would halt. fortunately for those to come the info is available for anyone wanting to discern fact from fiction.
  14. Hairlines- Sharp vs. natural

    I can't fathom why anyone thinks the 'hey, smell my arm pit' pose is a good choice, seen it once or twice here. swag-a-licious
  15. Hairlines- Sharp vs. natural

    personally I don't like it; as to meow meow I imagine you mean girls, who are attracted to guys with confidence regardless of skin color, hairline and what not. that said, that guy probably has some hispanic ancestry. it isn't a style that will age properly either imho
  16. Hairlines- Sharp vs. natural

    as to hairline definition I think Asians, Latinos and Blacks can get away with the defined hairline, but Whites cannot. Yeah, It's a racial thing
  17. Hairlines- Sharp vs. natural

    from someone who has had SMP done and then removed it due to how dark it turned out I feel those light greys do give the most realistic look, and that is what I'm going for when I get re-done. whatever shine you get will look more natural. I'm just unsure about how that will fare as the day progresses, I don't want to wet shave twice a day.. From what I gather the 'pepper effect' will be detrimental then, right ? I'm thinking of going with something like #36 or 38 all-over, then 40 for the hairline and sides blending, for that 'eroded' look that will mature well enough (another hairline christening, or bar mitzvah if that works better). Mind you I had #18 and 20 last time. Also, NYC how does the blur fare up close ? from the pic username posted you can distinguish some follicles, but maybe that's a #0 shave
  18. Scalp Peeling / Flaking

    hi dirmt, how many treatments have you had ? constant shaving meets dermatitis is what comes to mind, if you use a razor I'd advise laying off for 2-3 days, and you can try something like nizoral twice a week and see if that helps. moisturizing further will only worsen it imo.
  19. Birmingham treatment plan

    Right, wanted to get your input on where to stay in Birmingham, although I haven't heard back from HIS regarding dates, I'm looking at a 1 week stay when the next laser session settles - to allow for 2 sessions by #### Clarke, whom I was assured would be my practitioner. A couple of nights (probably the days I get treated on) in a comfortable place, the others on a crap, disease-ridden alley, since this will be the 4th time I travel to the UK in less than 6 months... hopefully this time I'll get the treatment I paid for. How much leeway should I leave between the London-Birmingham coach and the treatment 'hour', in regards to traffic and so on? Probably gonna arrive at stansted and take the coach to B'ham at Victoria Station, thus saving a nights' accomodation. Thoughts ?
  20. Birmingham treatment plan

    alright, thanks for the info guys
  21. NYC session 1 this friday the 20th !!

    don't touch it for a while, some of those 'joined' dots will shrink and the blotch effect will decrease; if you get any more sessions now you'll risk the solid look. the scar could use another coating since it is taking the pigment differently than the rest of the scalp - I imagine they haven't used darker colors on it yet. if you're still using bio oil you should try massaging the scar when applying it, 2 to 3 minutes will do; this will help dissipate some of the cheloid, but laser (when wielded correctly) should do you the most good. the strips I mentioned are a good adjuvant for this smoothen and polish approach, which would help further cammouflaging as it gives the practitioner a flat surface to work with. in my honest opinion it is definitely presentable, with the amount of hair you have on top you won't shine as much, so darkness won't be an issue. good luck
  22. Why are Bald guys so tough on each other?

    my take on the whole bald vs bald subject is since society puts us all in the same basket - and is all the more racist due to it - there are those who strive to be on top of said bunch in basket. I'd have used Facebook to it's full potential by now if mine was all that it can be (a big 'fuck you I don't care about your opinions' post, all that social networks are good for is connecting people, as went the late Nokia's slogan, for the good, the bad and the ugly)
  23. From my unfortunate experience it does darken a lot after that, but yeah, 3/4 sessions do the trick. With SMP since it's more superficial it's quicker. Go for laser - as soon as you can - just take your time finding a trustworthy clinic. Nd:YAG is what Katrina from HIS uses.
  24. you met quite a few people with the finished treatment during the open day, what is the real hang up ?