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  1. bulging veins

    weird but quick question: any of you guys have visible veins on your scalp ? I'm trying to dial in treatment dates but to pile on the worries, these appeared (after extensive laser) and I fear they'll give the treatment away far sooner; don't get me wrong, after the year I've endured I don't have any issues with being called out, though it would be nice to get some peace and quiet now and then. I'll post pics of what I mean as soon as i can.
  2. Transplant reconstruction/repair before SMP?

    Mike13 I understand your angle, I have some grafts causing cobblestone that I also want to get rid of; some lighting conditions make it worse. I had SMP done, and on top of some really bad blending and shade choices I did have an issue with the 'avocado' look, still do. I believe SMP can be done before the repair work (that is my plan at least), that way hopefully you'll have some form of freedom until you find a doctor that suits your needs. I would either remove the grafts and discard them - cheaper - or place them back in the donor, placing them in the recipient will just create more scarring.. You'll be shaving your head daily with SMP, against the grain you don't even have the stubble feel.
  3. a good way to get the hair length just right

    have you tried rotary shavers ? the amount of hair it leaves is in between wet shaved and clippers.
  4. Anti shine

    ..and every red carpet event too ! question for the talc guys, how do you deal with 'wet' conditions ? price/quality wise it seems a good bet, but carrying it around in small vials will, sooner or later, get you to 'can I have my talc back officer?' spot. that 5£ stuff sounds great tosspot, did you get it online ?
  5. Anti shine

    that is what mine looks like. ptr is halfway between sillicone and paraffin, so that consistency is normal. unfortunately I don't get the same results with it as most people on here, yes it looks great when applied but lasts an hour at best, with warm weather. the MAC stuff is a brilliant portable solution, but should be used in tandem with MoM for instance, otherwise it doesn't last neither. I'm going to order some talc to see how that fares, trying to reduce the 'avocado' look I got going on.
  6. IT'S TIME!! NYC March 20th the show begins!

    wow flippo had not seen the recent pics, looks fantastic. Remind me, what shades did they use ? congratz, if you choose to get more work done asap I'd suggest only doing further blending on the back and sides, on the top the density looks spot on
  7. Please help HIS

    mikeyboy in my honest opinion I think that if you go any darker you risk the top turning out darker than the sides... more density will probably settle the issue, but I understand you can't fit session time in your schedule right now, I have the same problem. as you can verify from simple google searches people with a full head of 'non pitch black' hair do appear bald in strong lights. if it makes you feel any better I think you can pull off the 'diffused thinning' look for how long you need easy. regarding the shape it is a matter of personal preference, and extensive planning does go a long way in assuring a 'natural' outcome - should a 3000 $/€/£ 'treatment' differentiate itself from the common tattoo process ? Definitely, a follow up call would go a long way. Multiple mock ups would as well. I'd much prefer looking bald than like the lab rat I currently do, in my case it came out too dark, something only a few laser sessions can remedy.. Try to focus on your professional life until you have the time to 'sit in the chair', that's what I did; and relax, I doubt anyone other than you will notice something off.
  8. fantastic hbk, very jealous ! your FUE is quality as well, some of my grafts are raised and make the whole thing look unnatural.. your dome seems smooth enough
  9. 2 times ten plus one

    perfect blend robby ! you should check out your iphone camera settings, I bet you can get higher quality pics
  10. Laser lipolysis

    Hi guys, I underwent laser on my whole scalp back in November, and while I was aiming at a re-doing of the treatment once the SMP I had was 'reversed' I'm no longer certain that the reversal part is possible. Upon conversing with my dermatologist and researching the matter I found that if sufficient energy is applied to the dermis the adipose (fat) tissue liquifies, at 47-50 degrees Celsius - this is why the same laser is used as an adjuvant to liposuction. Cooling of the treated area is mandatory for this effect to be curbed. Sadly, none was employed in my case. I was told none of the guys who had laser on their entire heads had no problems whatsoever, and I stood with that idea whenever a forum member asked about it, but since almost 6 months have passed and these disfiguring issues persist, I must retract myself. There's a whole list of possible side effects on the waver they make you sign but none of them speak of this. One of the ridges on my scalp formed upon hairline laser adjustment, back in October when I believed in happy endings, so it's not a matter of the target area, but of 'bomb payload' if you will. I'm trying to stay positive but the truth is all aspects of my life have suffered, and I'm less than I was when this so-called rollercoaster started. So, in conclusion, laser really is something you want to avoid at all costs.. going conservative and adding from that point on is key, both in terms of hairline and of color. p.s : the topic title is non-alarming on purpose
  11. Laser lipolysis

    Blue in my case the grafts weren't properly 'trimmed', hence the 'cobblestone' effect I had, and its increase after laser. But I guess none of us who had dealing with the hair transplant industry had great results, otherwise we wouldn't be here. It is the only option yes, but you can have it done at a lower setting... but the number of sessions needed will probably increase.
  12. Laser lipolysis

    sry for the lack of updates, been busy. pictures will illustrate it better, but generally speaking both the donor and the recipient areas from the previous transplant I had were affected (the grafts are now more noticeable since there's not that much fat/adipose tissue below the skin) - this makes the remaining SMP I have instantly detectable in certain light conditions, that is why I'm consulting with various doctors to see what can be done. there's also a crease/fold in my left temple, which wasn't there before the laser.. I'll try and get the stomach to photograph it.
  13. Light patch, under guarantee?

    honestly I don't see anything wrong with the density, you risk getting the 'solid' look if no scalp is showing. I do notice that circular shaped patch you speak of, on your right temple. probably from fading. other than that it looks ace, any daylight pics ?
  14. I'm Coming Out: The Truth About the Scar on my Head!

    I think you should be ecstatic thierry, virgin scalps yield the best results. Also, your dot size at this stage is a good omen, if you prefer the mystical approach
  15. Laser lipolysis

    i meant don't ice at home, it can mess with the collagen renaturing process.
  16. Laser lipolysis

    I'll get pics this week if I manage a decent camera
  17. Laser lipolysis

    when i had laser on the hairline some dots faded to nothing within a few weeks, others persisted. but the worst heat buildup was during the whole head session, which removed 70% darkness and 80% dots (ballpark). I had another done locally, but at a lower setting; not quite the same results. I'm sure you'll both be fine if it's a minor adjustment, just be sure to have something to cool the area with on-hand before and during the procedure, one of those mini fans comes to mind.. if nothing else get a soda on the way and use the ice/can to massage the area that is going to be treated, get it as cool as possible and then wipe dry before laser. If you use ice it will also act as a mild topical anesthetic if none is supplied. don't ice it afterwards though ! having a cool breeze hit your head in the shade is a good idea for decreased healing time, as is the bio-oil after the cooldown period; this is meant as an informative post, for those who dealt with the HT industry and (like almost everyone here) got scarred because of it the worst thing that can happen is additional physical scarring,. I assure you it's a black hole you'll want to avoid.
  18. Skin Pen?

    great results indeed Landlord ! Remind me, where the scars raised or indented ? I'd love to have a crack at one of those pens but there are none to be found where I live.
  19. The Journey

    hey bigman, I think you chose the right path, owning up to having it done will make it harder for anyone to 'take a piss' at you. Otherwise you'll just have to limit your exposure to a Cinderella type of life, with anti shine crystal shoes. Some are lucky enough to have virgin scalps and non oily skin types, which go a long way in maximizing the illusion. best of luck with the whole process.
  20. Lighter patches appearing ????

    hey raymond, you still use MoM right ? you should try and wash your head before going to bed, then moisturize. I try to follow that routine at least, 2min worth. If there's no itching I agree that extra moisturizing might help. cheers
  21. hope it went well, you have coarse hair like me !
  22. Shaving confusion

    JDawg it all depends on how much hair you have left on top, like Norwood86 says hair growth does look stupid/freaky on slick bald guys. on the benedictgarrett subject from what I gather the guy was very open with what he was gonna have done to his head, so that is why he doesn't mind it imo. I think that sort of cander would help reduce or nulify the stigma of hair tattoos, and make it commonplace. Some 50 years ago I'm sure it would be considered strange to have ceramics put in your mouth or women having sillicon breast implants, nowadays it is not. I'm sure honesty about it went a long way. adenlager it's a matter of choice, some guys aim for darker treatments, personally I'd like mine somwhere in between fresh wet shave and the 5 o'clock shadow
  23. Let's do this.....

    I think the shape is ok, but as it's been said on here before the receded look kind of collides with the full density on top. Hence why I think a shade lighter by 4or 6 notches in the side profiles and hairline contours should give the 'recession in progress' idea. What shades did they use on you ? The dots look very good for early days. Good luck
  24. Anchors Away

    thanks Flippo, good luck to you as well