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  1. Hi micki, we all understand how hair loss can get you down, but suicide is the cowards' way out; think of all the hurt that would entail to the people who care about you. regarding SMP you do have to understand that it IS a tattoo, but when done conservatively and by the right practitioner it does look real - some scalps take it better than others, if yours is smooth enough you'll have no problem. I haven't seen that many treatments with my own eyes, but some here who have assure me it is undetectable. In the end, it's not what other people think about it, it's up to you to care less about hairloss and more about other, more relevant life issues, and SMP does give you that freedom. As to the popularity and/or publicity surrounding the whole process: all guys who have this done need to give it a 'coolness aura' if they're ever questioned, else it will fall into ridicule, like hair rugs - check the videos, emotions in the before/after are clearly different in some of them. All you need to be aware of is that you will need to shave every other day (I shave everyday), and have an anti shine routine if your scalp is oily. The baldness cure pill you speak of is still 20 years or more away, but if it does get here in theory your new hair would cover the SMP up - I signed for the SMP club as a permanent solution, and since I'd shave my hair even if I had no hair loss I don't really care much for it, you shouldn't either. best of luck
  2. 24 hrs post treatment

    very nice start, #### C is both a fantastic guy and practitioner, so the journey will br that much easier. from my experience if you went from that 2nd pic look to a full head of 'hair' people will most certainly notice, but will either tip toe around it or just stay silent.
  3. Any tips/tricks to make SMP stand out?

    wet shaving against the grain will delay that contrast imo, but I understand how fast it can grow since mine does the same. I'll be looking for your sprinkling then, having 2 sessions done in early december
  4. @ brulito Sillicone sheets do help with the texture, but you have to 'apply' them for like 4-6h daily.. I had some that were adhesive so I used them while sleeping - but the improvements are transient; I remember a couple of guys speaking about dermarollers but not their handles, would be interesting to know if anyone else went that route though, dry needling is said to improve the whole collagen deal. @steeler I think no creams are out of bounds, after the 4 day cooldown after each session, but I can be wrong
  5. Any tips/tricks to make SMP stand out?

    so, in hindsight, would you have gone darker with the pigments giraffe ?
  6. Hi vince, yours has always been one of my favourites. I wouldn't touch it apart from freshening up some dots. Breaking the hairline up without laser will mean lowering it, and in the long run you'll want it looking natural in another 5, 10 years. The only issue I see with nw6/7 is the 'top to horseshoe transition shine', which I'm thinking about softening with hair laser removal.
  7. 27/8/14 day1

    I replied to the shaving question in your other thread
  8. 27/8/14 day1

    Since your hair is very dark to begin and you want to keep at that zero guard length (risky in my opinion) you'll probably need the patience to endure 3-4 sessions before getting the density you want; regarding shade I think it is a good match, sometimes people want to go darker with the shade when the issue lies with density. too much density is also an issue, and in the long run of things I hope HIS spring for medical grade magnifying glasses, so old dots can be retouched instead of ignored; a guy with a 4y old treatment recently encountered some problems due to this same fact. From the first set of pics the hairline seems where it should be... the sides will need to be done if you do drop it, the 'no recession' approach needs the sides to match the density on top - nobody loses hair on their temples, while keeping a full appearance on top (save alopecia areata cases)
  9. birmingham and london both have the remington r95, think I also saw the wahl balding clippers in the harley street one; I imagine manchester will have similar equipment
  10. Anchors Away

    thanks, I probably won't have a decent camera within reach until september, so you can try and upload the pics #### took on here.
  11. Anchors Away

    so, currently sotting on the waiting room in birmingham, for what I hope to be a smooth ride here on out. think I'll only tackle the fue scars this first session since one more laser session on top (recipient) will hopefully get rid of the old SMP and the XL grafts, I'll post before/after pics when I get the chance. I'd like to thank everyone for their past and future input, both harsh and kind.
  12. First session monday 21st july manchester clinic

    honestly, I wouldn't change the pigment shade. I can see a density issue, but other than that it SEEMS to match your 'lateral' hair
  13. his dad has a full head of hair so that is not smp for sure. on cloudy days I've seen tons of good pictures though, with and without peaks

    are you having SMP done in the new scars Landlord ? any deadlines you care to share about treating newly scarred areas ? I'm not too excited about having more added (since more scarring at the back owuld be produced), but if some were to be removed I'd be thrilled - something like this guy: http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/172238-dr-bisanga-bhr-clinic-218-plug-removal-via-fue-0-12-months.html Also I think it's useful to share that a lot of guys with bad grafts report that repeatedly tweezing them weakens the follicle, a sort of induced traction alopecia; I had some improvements after laser(s) but the ones used damage tattoos
  15. Anchors Away

    @ Hairkiller will do, hopefully I'll get some photoshoped pics up tomorrow so you and others can tell me what you think @ Dotmatrix can't agree more, it's just a pain having to give up most of my summer vacation 2 years in the row, with the added cost in plane fares and accomodation winter removals and summer re-treatments entail, for international clients - since I could only get session time available on the 19th and 29th and I can't possibly afford to stay that long Ryanair is bleeding my credit card dry; thanks for the encouragement ! I'll probably be sewing my fingers together so they can be crossed at all times until both sessions are in the bag.
  16. Has anyone ever been busted for having a hair SMP tattoo

    Of course people notice if you go from norwood7 to nw1, from my experience in sports with training, matches and showers either they care about your feelings and don't want to risk hurting them by saying anything, or they don't, and won't have the nerve to call you out on it. People will talk about it though. But mine did have a few shortcomings.
  17. Swirls oppose to dots

    dots please
  18. Post the shade you went for

    MrPJ is right, ideally I'd like to get #30, but that won't match with my other follicles. probably gonna go for 24/26
  19. Anchors Away

    Water under the bridge Hairkiller ! - booked for the 19th and 29th with #### Clarke gonna try and catch west ham v spurs
  20. Shaving videos

    always had wet dreams about using one of those instead of a gillette, must turn out cheaper even... I know hatinghats uses a quality brush, does anyone else ? I must use 4x the amount of shaving cream that that barber does, each shave
  21. Anchors Away

    @ Baldhead Yeah, probably one more before I get re-SMP'ed @ Hairkiller Part of my agreement with HIS was that #### Clarke would take care of the matter. When is your SMP scheduled ? @Remingtonchap Honesty is all I want ! Personally since I wet shave against the grain and it takes a minute I wanted pigments that matched that length. #18 and #20 were too dark - I had to use an electric shaver which took 10mins or more, and it only looked good for 4-6h; also, the hairline produced wasn't natural looking. Troy mentioned that grey base with darker pigments scattered idea, which did intrigue me; I'll talk to #### C about it when I get the chance.
  22. Anchors Away

    thanks for the heads up http://gurui.imgur.com/
  23. Anchors Away

    <a target="_blank" href="http://imageshack.com/f/p6LCsR6Cj"><img src="http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/150x100q90/906/LCsR6C.jpg" border="0"></a> <a target="_blank" href="http://imageshack.com/f/ewNW8wvAj"><img src="http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/150x100q90/536/NW8wvA.jpg" border="0"></a> <a target="_blank" href="http://imageshack.com/f/id4Uyfu2j"><img src="http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/150x100q90/661/4Uyfu2.jpg" border="0"></a> <a target="_blank" href="http://imageshack.com/f/knEueSfyj"><img src="http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/150x100q90/743/EueSfy.jpg" border="0"></a> <a target="_blank" href="http://imageshack.com/f/paCUKquij"><img src="http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/150x100q90/910/CUKqui.jpg" border="0"></a> <a target="_blank" href="http://imageshack.com/f/p3lOTTgTj"><img src="http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/150x100q90/903/lOTTgT.jpg" border="0"></a> <a target="_blank" href="http://imageshack.com/f/ewbDwkbxj"><img src="http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/150x100q90/536/bDwkbx.jpg" border="0"></a> So, 1 year after pulling the trigger I'm looking to get your opinions on what to do next, re-doing of the treatment, more laser, ... The left profile, which bothered me from the start, still has a slight shadow present; some darker dots still persist; Also, the laser made the veins and grafts on my scalp more apparent, bear in mind I'm not playing the blame game, I just want the peace of mind of not throwing money into the fire, like I did with the HT. Thanks
  24. What I'll look?

    @ ymak sorry to hear about your break up, but there are millions more women out there; if you feel your looks can be improved by smp and don't mind the daily shaving and make up go for it - it IS a matter of you liking it. @ hairkiller I was like that before smp, but the shine does make it detectable when your back and sides are different, for instance with stadium lights shining on you - it is worse when your scalp isn't flat (with grafts, bumps, veins..)
  25. London open day ????

    there was one this past week I think, I checked about he next one and it's on the 10th August Raymond