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  1. Anchors Away

    had to postpone my december sessions because of academic reasons, but as you can see from the pictures I have serious doubts my scalp will be SMPable in the near future, if ever; I'm contemplating asking for a refund and be done with it, the laser waver I had to sign does not mention this kind of damage. If it is permanent or not, time will tell, but don't take head laser lightly guys. merry xmas
  2. Amazing scar results thanks to HIS

    fantastic work ! it's great to hear everything is holding strong - but just to clarify, why the daily exfoliating ? and also, could you post some pre treatment pics of the top of your head (if you can find some) ? didn't quite get if you only had SMP on the scar or all-over cheers
  3. I'll have what he's having

    definitely one of my favourites ! although I echo Hairkillers request, a lot of talk about the 3d effect but no actual pictures... these are the first I've seen, would be interesting to see how it holds up under other lighting conditions
  4. No More Mr. Bald Guy.....NYC Diary

    good luck man, no scars is always a plus. you should moisturize heavily until your session, say twice/thrice in the evening ? lengthwise, dark skinned guys can pull off a bit of darkness due to their/your heads' absorbing more light, but don't overdo it ! cheers
  5. Thinking about taking the leap, but...

    removing it takes 3+ sessions so 5-6 months, it's not like finger snapping - laser should be avoided
  6. Thinking about taking the leap, but...

    if you're already bald there is not that much to hide, I'd say it's aesthetic CHOICE as opposed with going bald which is not. I was also 26 when I went this path, do your research and avoid the pitfalls of darkness, shape... etc, the aging part will be much smoother sailing if you make the right choices regarding these topics. seeing it in the flesh in various lighting will help you make up your mind

    not sure if matching wet shave and a day's growth works well, but practitioners know best...

    I for one love the zero stubble feel after a wet shave against the grain, and #### Clarke said he just needed to go light in shade to achieve that 'lightness'; hoping laser hair removal will give as much or more than honda says between shaves
  9. hi David, I can understand where you're coming from since a guy I met when I first had SMP had the exact same worries; he ended up having the 2nd session which left him with unnatural looking density for such a high hairline - granted he was fresh out of the chair, but the high hairline did seem to collide with the high density. that said, if u avoid such pitfalls the treatment will look brilliant - some people care what others think, some don't; if you're one of the former be conservative on your approach, often the practitioner will be able to give you some input
  10. Any Diaries of FUE Scars?

    I had FUE as well, check my thread; I'll update it this week
  11. The plastic/glass scalp effect

    oh, just to mention that jdawg's link leads to thr hrllo kitty portable edition wipes, don't be surprrrrised
  12. The plastic/glass scalp effect

    talc looks and feels great for 3-4h but hás many of the pitfalls of toppik imo. Not very portable either. I have an aloé vera gel that leaves a film over your skin, but it's a bit transparent for matte effect; half way between this and Peter Thomas roth woyld be ideal
  13. a grey base with darker defined dots would be my dream treatment ! congratz vince
  14. I'm doing it! -- Will_montreal Journeys

    oh, scratch that, I skipped a page. @will start on the conservativr side, then add as you ser fit; the color is best left to the practitioner, since it's more matching your own shaved Hair shade than it is greying it out. In the long run of things no doubt you'll want to stay away from laser, so picking a style that suits you now AND in the future is essential, don't go for the teenage hairline. @Hairkiller I think you need the shaved heads film reel, my favs are hitman, bronson and elysium; all of them show to more or less extent how shine affects even thise who don't havê any hairloss. Prison break and breaking bad are shows that also show this 'phenomena'.
  15. I'm doing it! -- Will_montreal Journeys

    nice simulations, all of thrm look very natural; are those 'photoshoped' ?
  16. Anchors Away

    thanks HBK, I'll post the pics once I sort some new ones, the 'after' part.
  17. The plastic/glass scalp effect

    Damien I'm just saying that since the skin naturally produces 'oil' if you comply with it will probably produce less of it, that happens in your body when you 'overdose' frequently on some type of nutrient, since your body 'learns' to privilege useful metabolic pathways, instead of useless ones - like those which produce that same overdosed compund. On a more empiric note, I've tried astringents on my nose, which is also an oily fucker, and yeah they feel great right after application, but in the long run your skin wants to breath and closing pores will do no good, it will just make way for more oil production. Funnily enough, I just remembered alexandrite has been used for improvement of an associated excessive sebum production condition, for removal of nose follicles (yes you have hair on your nose); that improved 80% of cases, so don't really understand how dead follicles make for shining skin, that way everyone who has laser hair removal would gleam (?) in the sun.
  18. The plastic/glass scalp effect

    hairkiller I don't know where you are getting your info from but there is nothing autoimmune about that, that happens when your body 'attacks' itself - alopecia areata is one such example of an autoimmune condition, the follicles are attacked by mistake. if the perifollicular fibrosis deal is a problem for you then according to this article (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16755026) says there is a 50% chance finasteride decreases further formation of the said condition; and there probably is some/will be some sort of laser that is able to rearrange the dermal collagen network; I can tell you right now that my head isn't the same after nd:yag and alexandrite - if the laser heats your skin, as so many of them already do, to a point where collagen, which is a protein, denatures (loses its structure), then all that's left is for someone to find a way to 'direct' the collagen rearrangement. dry needling also disrupts the collagen formation/malformation through more obvious mechanisms.
  19. The plastic/glass scalp effect

    if there is no follicle there how can it be called perifollicular anything ? the best way to control shine isn't anti shine, it's hydrating frequently, your head only produces oils if it lacks them - skin, as our largest organ has its own ways of preserving itsel; temperature variation, different degrees of hydration (water intake) and alcohol/tobacco are all factors.
  20. The plastic/glass scalp effect

    you did extensive research hairkiller, so I imagine you're having the pre treatment jitters. psychologists tend to project their insecurities onto patients, so if you're seeing one be aware of it; on top of that if he/she isn't bald or balding it will be a worthless appointment and money down the drain because he/she won't understand and will dismiss it. some scalps are more oily than others, that condition you described doens't seem all that common. I avoid running hot water over my head, but I always preferred a cold shower after sports over a hot one. plus, if you use a ton of moisturiser before going to bed you can shave and skip that part in the morning, which adds to the shine - when I shave against the grain the 'shining' is uniform. on a side note I'm thinking of having laser hair removal done on the sides to soften that 'horseshoe to bare scalp shine transition', if you check vince's treatment I think his advanced nw7 stage of hairloss made for better blending on the side profiles, for instance.
  21. Anchors Away

    I'll post some before after laser pics this afternoon, would be nice if Damien could get the pre/post treatment pics from #### since his camera is way better than mine. I have 2 sessions booked for early december, this way I can manage some 'down' time and have room for a 3rs session in January. One month after having my FUE minefield addressed I reAlly can't tell where the dots are, bit it still needs more camouflage, as would be expected. I had alexandrite for hair removal and nd:yag for tattoo removal, still one more of the latter to go so there is no trace of the old SMP, and maybe one of the former on the sides (and back?) Wanted to get everyone's input the hairline, since it's the only part I'm not >90% sure
  22. I'm curious as to how many sessions it takes to get the scalp feeling smooth, I had 2 on top and it's done wonders - I had some scars due to bad grafts that have virtually disappeared... and since this would eliminate/diminish the need to shave it would be one less hassle. I do prefer a smpoth head over one with stubble, and since stubble on top is quickly approaching zero it would be interesting to see what you guys thought
  23. The plastic/glass scalp effect

    in short, yes, you will worry and glance upon your reflectipn every chance you get, but as many here have shared the paranoia does go away
  24. The plastic/glass scalp effect

    multiple sources of light can give you that plastic effect you speak of, independently of the color they are; it is a matter of having the same shine throughout uour head, no horseshoe to bare scalp shine transitipn. one guy once said he used vaseline on the back and sides to make it shine evenly, but he was quickly dismissed - to me it sounded like a better idea than having to put on make up every 4h though. Don't really like the texture that PTR stuff leaves, and it doesn't last, talc feels good but it has some of the same problems concealers do, from what I've read. milk of magnesia is fantastic but after a post someone made with white spots on their head I stopped using i (raymond?)
  25. Long term fading...

    any chance you can update us with some pics JB ? cheers