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  1. Anchors Away

    to whom it may concern, some points need clarity: - SMP is HIGH maintenance, if shine is a factor and your hair grows fast, you'll need 2 or 3 pit stops a day - more if you go for a swim and/or exercise; never used concealers but from what I've read not much different in terms of hassle, maybe less added time... same kind of money though, some 100€ a month in moisturizer, shaving cream, razors, anti shine.. - it is NOT reversable, as you'll be left with a faint shadow where the treatment once was that is non responsive to laser, not to mention the scarring this route can (and in my case did) entail; - it is a great option for HT scar camouflage, but will restrict you to the same daily shave routine so the contrast is minimal; - being in a latin country I can tell you right now it does not go unnoticed, if you tend to go clubbing, festivals, the beach, i.e are a social individual; the stigma is also worse than hair transplants - guys with diffuse thinning can reap much better results than nw7 due to various physical factors - I find/found myself envying bald guys with non shining scalps, which I don't believe should be the case with the kind of money involved; the paranoia involved can eat you alive, often I find/found myself distracted from what the person I'm talking to is saying to check if anyone is noticing something odd, and booms of laughter that erupt in your vicinity are/were almost always addressed with a shy glance to check if it came your way - sure you can use all the make up you want, but all it takes is a single drop of liquid to dismantle the illusion. - it restricted rather than augmented my freedom. - beware the delusion and learn to read between the lines of certain posts. in foresight, my dream is to achieve a Shelvey/Collina alopecia totalis(?) look, laser hair removal can probably accomplish something similar for a fraction of the cost, and with no shaving our touch ups routine (although scarring is also a factor). best of luck with your paths
  2. Worried About Back of Head After 4th Session....

    did u have your sides done? if not I can understand what u are saying about the dots 'showing'
  3. Laser removal treatment

    if you shave against the grain before laser it is less likely for the follicle to absorb the laser energy, and die in the process. but yes it is possible
  4. Found Out...Again

    that looks very natural hbk, no need to worry imo. I would leave it as is, I think the laser induced fading and uneveness(?) at the hairline add to the realism. the photo u don't like is under bright white lights, but it doesn't shine or contrast with your real hair so I'd say mission accomplished!
  5. Anyone know how to get rid of contrast...

    I thought about that same contrast and thought that a grey/white shadow applied with the adequate needles would allow for seamless blending, a base coat if you will
  6. SMP issue - super fast growing hair?

    if your hair is as thick as you say and grows super fast you'll probably need to shave twice each day.
  7. One year past.... Had final treatment...

    great looking treatment that is! care to share what shaving tips zang gave u? that is looking very matte
  8. smp into stripscar now bigger eyesore!!! help!!

    try and massage the scar tissue/bruised bits in a circular motion, with a heavy moisturizer - this will make for a faster recovery
  9. Found Out...Again

    My situation hasn't changed HBK. Concerning your treatment, maybe the density of the temples collides with the 'receded' hairline. I prefer video over pics, since the difference in glare between the parts with hair vs the bald spots is much more apparent in that format - this is, in my opinion, what gives a treatment away. It all may be the same color, but it won't reflect light in the same way. oily skinned guys have a tough time with this imo. Maybe the laser faded it all to a more subtle grey, from my experience give it two weeks to reach the 'no more fading' point
  10. Landlord1 Scars and Ink- update

    thanks for the update Landlord, that looks awesome - and spells hope for many of us.
  11. Found Out...Again

    nice to see your situation has taken a turn for the better HBK! I've deliberately kept away from commenting 'cause I didn't want to worsen the outlook. any post laser pics you care to share?
  12. London Open Day

    give some feedback guys, for those who aren't able to attend. an open day thread so people can leave their thoughts would be useful
  13. Paranoia??? Nah enjoy it nobody cares!

    I have no doubt that there are undetectable treatments, as to the reversability... and I echo kojak's remarks about the excessive darkness, mine was plagued by that same issue. choosing a hairline that not only suits the person in the short run but also in the long one us is also mandatory for it to age properly. that said, some skin types (those that require anti shine multiple times a day) should be given a more sparse density, so the glare difference between the 'follicled' areas and tattoo is explained - seen this happen to norwood1s after a fresh shave. the texture someone spoke of is achievable if a top surgeon harvests some follicles, and places them without any scarring - just to achieve a slight stubble feel (but I think it would be a lenghthy process, just brainstorming).
  14. Paranoia??? Nah enjoy it nobody cares!

    the fact is that when a claim is made, whichever the business, people tend to expect that to be delivered. i.e undetectable, reversable when it is not, people are liable to ask for their money back. it's up to the company to maintain the standard, not the customers. you never heard your dentist asking you how you want your new teeth to look. it's a matter of function, hence why the planning phase is a part of the procedure. the price, I think, is more than reasonable if it includes a thorough analysis of the case at hand and the proper solution, IF there is one. one thing is selling the illusion of hair, selling the delusion of undetectability is a whole other matter.
  15. another canadian going with smp !

    try to moisturize your scalp as well