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  1. Jonathan in miami

    They don't call him THE WOLF for nothing ...he is the fixer!
  2. Jonathan in miami

    I had 3 treatments by HIS..was happy..but didn't know how good things can get until I went on my warranty treatment (which BTW superb customer service by HIS) met Jonathan... And boy! This guy was THE BEST out of a total of 3 people who worked onmy SMP..this guy LOVES AND KNOWS HIS JOB a true artist Listens to the client needs And has the gentlest hands and fastest needle work EVVVVVER! guys. If u are gonna do this : u need to make sure you ASK FOR JONATHAN!

    thank you hat hater:) now,, another question,,,, is it not common for someone with a "round" head like me to get a V shape bc from most pics this is what I see. I guess if your head is rounder it wont look as good? also, wouldnt mixing a LIGHTER PIGMENT all across the hairline blend it in better? Im just not liking that 21 year old DEFINED hair wander if its possible to "FEATHER" OR break it by mixing the hairline with a lighter pigment. has anyone heard of such an idea?

    3. PIGMENTATION. how much will the color fade after a week? is it 50%? less? more? of course I would prefer if it faded a bit more ... but not sure.

    Hi, just had my first treatment in chicago 48 hours ago by Brian, great guy and great service. my next treatment is monday. I have some questions (my second session is in 3 days) and im hoping the great bald guy in the sky community can help me out. Im 40 yrs old and I beleive I made a mistake on the "choice of shape" of the SMP... I Think I went too "streight and round monk look" rather than the V shape featherd receding sharp angle look that suits my age, again, Im 40. here are my questions.. 1. ANGLE. can the angle be changed by applying lightr color pigmentation (i had #29 applied), im shooting for the V shape (kind of like the guy from new york on HIShair Utube commercial) or will I need laser to get it changed, and if so, what is the cost and what kind of result will I get? 2. COLOR. I beleive I went too dark, can the second session application somewhat cover the first session, I shave very close and would like to have a VERY LIGHT look so... anything can be done as far as color? THANKS for any advice. S.
  6. hi, new here