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  1. Close to Booking - any ex-hair wearers?

    Takes getting used to but it's probably the most liberating thing you'll ever experience. No regrets
  2. Lumps - delayed reaction?

    My experience was very good. Fairly good blend between actual & SMP. No noticeable scabs at any time. Realistic looking. I'did not get the lumps that a few people experienced immediately post procedure but now 5 months later I have a small pea sized lump that's a little sensitive to touch just behind the low end of one ear. Has this been anyone else's experience or is this something unrelated? I'm guessing it just goes away on its own.
  3. Lumps - delayed reaction?

    Saw a GP about it. Turns out that in my case it's not a lymph node. This is in the outer layers of the skin and nothing to worry about. Just a coincidence that it was behind the base of the ear. Thought I should update here as I know the MHT decision is not an easy one, and I did not want to put anyone off with this. I have no regrets about going the MHT route. It's not the same as having hair but it's the most liberating thing I've ever done. Thanks to Nightwood, Hating Hats and Damien for taking the time to advise me on this. All the best MG
  4. Lumps - delayed reaction?

    It's possible this is related to a dental infection. Having the tooth out in a few days which is supposed to resolve it. Will see if the lump disappears. If not I'll go have it checked.
  5. Lumps - delayed reaction?

    Thanks guys. It's just there a few days now and not very painful. Wouldn't have paid much attention or even associated it with SMP if I hadn't read about the lumps earlier on when I was making the decision to have the SMP done. Sounds like I should go see a doctor just in case it's something sinister.
  6. Why are natural shaved hairlines so soft looking?

    Giraffe, What you've said makes a lot of sense. You've also made me appreciate the artistry of my practitioner. While I've been wishing my MHT was a bit darker it could be argued that it should be lighter based on the photos you posted. It's possible that what I've ended up with while obviously not the simulated 3D I was hoping for actually looks better than a naturally bone shaved full head of hair. At least IMO. I have a friend who shaves his full head of hair and he was impressed by my 1 day "growth". I get away with it because it matches my facial hair.
  7. Hair system wearer considering SMP

    Great post and all the responses as well. Add also all the hassles of being in a windy environment, boating etc. once you wear a cap you're stuck with it until you get home. SMP is the way out of this nightmare.
  8. Why are natural shaved hairlines so soft looking?

    Those are clients of the Tibet HIS clinic. They're just short ;-) Seriously though, Is it possible that this smudged look may just be a kids hairline that hasn't fully matured just as it recedes later in life? Do adult hairlines appear as smudged as this?
  9. Yes, you will get that reaction. Focus on the practicality of it or say you were starting to lose it and preferred a sudden rather than slow "death"
  10. How Would You React If People Found You Out?

    I understand how you feel Shavednut. You're completely free. I think it depends on a lot of factors. Too much to explain my own situation at the moment. I could see myself feeling that way at some point. There are people with wigs that are open about it.
  11. How Would You React If People Found You Out?

    SMP is a very effective illusion. Don't spoil it by revealing what it is. It will suffer the same stigma of systems. It's no ones business. Let them guess ll they want
  12. New York clients

    Anyone available to meet in NYC on June 3, 4, or 5th. Manhattan or close to laurel Hollow Long Island would be ideal. I'm flying in for scheduled procedure on 6th but I've never seen an actual client other than the photos posted here.
  13. How do you cope or fight with hairloss depression?

    Have to say that this forum and hearing others like David 63 share their feelings is very helpful. Makes you realize that the depression is a completely normal reaction. This is 1 place where you don't have to explain that it's nothing to do with vanity. Very glad I found HIS and went through with it. Thank you HIS and the supportive forum community.
  14. A Few Questions About Smp On A Strip Scar

    Have a skilled plastic surgeon look at your scar. HT scars usually broaden as the reduced amount of skin has to stretch to cover the skull. A plastic surgeon can repair this to leave you with a fine line and he can do this while its still concealed by hair. This together with MHT is the best soloution IMO. My HIS practitioner commented that my HT scar was the neatest and smallest he had ever seen.
  15. Baldness cure could be on shelves in two years

    Good thing about SMP is that you burn no bridges. If there turns out to be a cure one day you still have the option to go for it.
  16. Wearing A Hair System After The Procedure

    Ctop, I know it's not an easy decision or transition. Good luck whatever you decide. The NYC guys are good.
  17. Promotion Of Competitors On This Forum

    ".. The toilet seat look just doesn't cut it. LOL.......that's funny!
  18. 2 1/2 Years And It's Gone..

    It's interesting to read the various opinions on this. Personally As long as it looks realistic, I can't imagine opting for a severely receded hairline. I have a friend over 50 who has a full head of hair but keeps it shaved to the bone. Started doing it years ago because he liked the look and continues now to hide the grey. Occasionally lets it grow for a few days but he and his wife prefer it "clean"
  19. Wearing A Hair System After The Procedure

    In many ways a system comes at a very high cost to you with many sacrifices to essentially be pleasing to many people whose opinions really shouldn't matter. HIS is the best way I can think of to transition out of that and towards freedom.
  20. Wearing A Hair System After The Procedure

    Advice: 1. Consult with a good plastic surgeon to see if HT scar can be repaired before you shave. They tend to be stretched due to tightness of scalp if you've had strips taken out. MHT will have much less of a job to do on the repair. 2. Remove system and spend a day with the horseshoe look concealed with a cap. This will make you see shaving as an improvement compared to reality as opposed to giving up the perfect illusion of the past 20 yrs. Managing your own acceptance is important. Now you're almost at the no turning back point. Keep in mind all the system hassles. 3. See HIS consultant the same "horseshoe day" if possible so they can assess and recommend. Have a look at an actual client. Your first session is within 2 days. You're at the point of decision. Based on your comfort level with the consultation, you shave and move forward or you can still return to the miseries of the system. 4. Move forward with confidence. Shave. You want your technician to be matching to the shaved sides. I think it's the only way you can judge, as MHT surrounded by full sides won't allow YOU to make a fair assessment and you'll still be comparing to the system which wins on illusion but loses on freedom, quality of life etc 5. Take off at least two weeks for 3 sessions, ideally three weeks in case you need a fourth though once you have the first ones you can add and it will just look like natural growth. 6. It will take some courage to face friends etc,its a bit of a shock, takes getting used to but far more so for you than anyone else. Keep in mind the freedom and in time you will love it.
  21. How To Handle ? Wife Feeling Weird About It

    Blue, We're you transitioning from a system or less than perfect hair? Give her time. Takes getting used to. No disrespect to the wife but I've found that if someone thinks they'll never personally be at risk they'll never understand the difficulties of hair loss. I remember a friend 20 years ago speaking disparagingly about guys with systems. I asked if she'd consider it, if she was losing her hair and she said only if it was due to chemo/cancer. Obviously she felt that no other form of hair loss would ever be an issue for her. Recently her hair started thinning badly and she's now frantically exploring all options. Guys with full heads of hair can be just as insensitive.
  22. The MHT Ball Starts Rolling !

    Hi HH, Looking forward to seeing your photos. All of your contributions are very informative particularly this topic. I like the idea of the look that you described (marines) with the top a bit darker than the sides. Do you have any idea what pigment # was used for Daniel, the fairest of the three models shown on the HIS home page? I don't know how his looks under varying conditions but its the sort of contrast against skin that i think looks very good. His hairline would not be my choice but you've already detailed how that could be softened.
  23. What Pain Level To Expect

    I had the impression that #18 was fairly dark. Is it the lower the number, the darker the pigment or the other way around?
  24. What Pain Level To Expect

    Hulk, I think taking another dose, 1 hr into the treatment is probably a good idea. I had a similar experience with it wearing off on session 4 as I had an hour+ start delay. My sessions were about 3 hrs as well. My redness was uniform. Made it a bit hard to judge if it was blending properly or if i needed more. Like what I ended up with but have to say I also like the dark look of Robby's
  25. What Pain Level To Expect

    Hulk, How did it go?