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  1. I first received SMP through HisHair back in 2013. Over the years, I've had a few touchups however, I haven't been back since 2017. When I visited the website yesterday (first time in a long time), I noticed that HisHair is now affiliated with Bosley. Is Bosley using the same ink/needles/guns that HisHair used back in the day? Has the quality of artistry changed? I'm looking to go back for another touchup session, but am wondering if Bosley has changed things for the worse. Specifically, I'm interested in the Chicago location, so if any of you have had recent experience there, please fill me in. Appreciate it.
  2. Just thought I'd provide an update. I had my hairline raised to look more natural about 2 years after my SMP treatment. I went to a typical laser tat/hair removal clinic. I explained to them what SMP is and how it shouldn't be a problem for them. One laser clinic turned me down b/c they didn't like the idea of removing a tat on the head. They were clearly not justified in this fear b/c the laser clinic I ended up using did it without a problem and they had never heard of SMP either. It ended up being the easiest tat they've ever removed. I don't know exactly what laser they used, but the technician did say it was 1064 wavelength. Before my session, I had purchased a white kohl charcoal pencil from Amazon so I could drew my desirable hairline 5 minutes before the laser appt (wore a hat to the appt to cover the white line). During the session, the technician was amazed at how fast the ink was disappearing. I thought "yeah but it does that for all tats, right? Disappears for a minute and then comes back only to slowly fade away over the course of several weeks." But it turns out, I never saw my old hairline again. It actually never came back. All I really needed was just one session (more on this later). It was crazy how fast it disappeared. Oh and it didn't hurt at all. Barley a sting. My only complaint is the red "line" around the head after the laser session. It burns your skin just enough to be red (no blistering). If you have to go to work the next day, it would be noticeable to coworkers. Fearing that, I took off for 3 days after my session. My forehead was still red on the 4th day but it wasn't oddly red and didn't standout at all. Another big issue worth mentioning is the fact that the ink around your treated area seems to gather together after your session, so you end up with a slightly denser/darker "line" at the very edge of your newly raised hairline. However, I ended up liking the results of my raised hairline so much, that I went back to get it raised a little more (although it wasn't necessary). On this trip, I asked the laser technician to not let her laser run too much over the white charcoal line. My reasoning behind this was that maybe having the laser run onto the white charcoal was somehow acting as a magnet, pulling ink towards the hairline, but unfortunately it just rests in its new spot instead of getting obliterated by the laser (since it's protected under the white charcoal). I tried my best to articulate this theory to the laser technician and she seemed to understand and complied with my request. Sure enough, this seemed to make a big difference after my second laser session. Instead of freely running the laser onto the white charcoal, she tried to keep it to the very edge of it and not go over. The result was a much softer hairline with no dark "line" behind the hairline. One final thing, when you're drawing your own line (recommended), make it loosely jagged. Don't draw a perfectly straight new hairline. It's crazy how imprecise you can get with it and still have it look natural. f you do this jagged enough, you may be able to avoid a trip to HHC for a softening touchup. I tried to do this on my second trip to the laser (b/c the first trip, I drew pretty much a straight line), but I still didn't let loose enough and it still ended up being a little too perfect. Seriously, let loose. To resolve this, I plan on going to HHC for a softening session. That's about it. Just thought I'd share. If you're considering laser removal for the purpose of raising your hairline, I highly recommend it. Oh and as far as the cost goes, I live in the midwest USA and every laser place I called quoted me between $200 - $350 per session. My technician charged me $250. Again, not a bad price b/c you can probably get away with only one session. Hope this helps.
  3. Guys, I had my treatment done 2 years ago and while I don't hate it, part of me often thinks about removing it whenever I see it in the mirror. I know it's there and it's hard to ignore. I find that I think about it more than I want to. So...I'm considering removing all of it, however, I may just choose to take the hairline back a little bit b/c I think it's too far down on my forehead. Not only that, but even though I requested the staggered natural looking hairline, it's too straight. I've never had anyone stare at it or ask me about it or anything like that, so I don't think anybody knows I have it. However, being so far down on my forehead just makes me focus on the unnaturalness of it. I did a brief search but I was wondering if any of you are considering the same, or have already done it, and can answer some of my questions. Does HH Clinic Chicago offer SMP removal? About how much can I expect to pay in USD for hairline removal? How much for total SMP removal? It's my understanding that it takes about 6 weeks for the SMP to complete fade off after laser. During this 6 weeks, would it be so gradual that nobody would notice it or is it likely to be noticed that my hairline is fading? Will the tattoo laser removal machine also remove hairs? (I'd like to keep the few hairs I have up top) I really appreciate it. Major thanks to anybody who takes the time to reply.
  4. Considering Removal - Two Years In

    Slapper, Why post if you're not going to be helpful? "You get what you ask for" is a bit idealistic and doesn't take into consideration human error. I DID ask for a faded staggered broken hairline. What I got was a hairline that isn't laser straight, but straight enough to look unnatural. It doesn't look horrible. I've lived with it for 2 years. However, I do think it's going to look stranger the older I get b/c it's just a little too straight and low. Everybody Else, Please contribute helpful answers.
  5. The Chicago Thread

    My first treatment session is scheduled for June 17th at the Chicago clinic. I'm curious about the practitioners and their levels of experience. How many are there and what are there names? If you've received treatment there or just have useful info you'd like to pass along, please comment. If you were dissatisfied with your treatment there, please comment or send a PM. I really appreciate the info contained in the forum. Major thanks to everybody that contributes regularly.
  6. Well, this post bothers me a little so I really hope I'm guilty of over analyzing it. I'm driving 6 hours to Chicago for my 4th session and I certainly don't want to be turned away based on someone's else's interpretation of my self perception. I was quoted 2 sessions with a possible 3rd. I've paid for all 3 sessions and my treatment still isn't finished. I don't expect perfection, but I expect to be satisfied like any paying customer should. And I certainly don't want to be turned away b/c an employee knows he can avoid the hassle of work by saying "I think you've had enough." The truth of the matter is that the first two sessions are done so close together (within 7 days) that you really don't know how much more is needed by the third. I believe my practitioner gave it a solid effort during the third session to get it finished, but now a month later, it still needs more density and blending. And even the treated areas could use some peppering. Trust me, I don't want to make the 6 hour drive. I'm doing it b/c I want the treatment I thought I was buying. I'm not upset. Just concerned. Having said that, 7-10 sessions does seem a bit ridiculous so if that's you and you're reading this thread, please look into what Damien is saying. You can't expect this treatment to cure those underlying issues.
  7. First Year Guarantee

    I was quoted two sessions w/ a possible third. After my second session, I didn't even think I'd need a third. A couple weeks later, however, I realized the third session would be necessary. That sucked b/c I'm not wealthy by any means and was really trying to keep costs down. Going into the third session, it didn't even enter my mind that I'd ever need a fourth. I have to drive 6 hours to Chicago and take a day off work, so the additional expense has been rough. And now, a few weeks removed from my third session, I can tell another session is still needed. There's clearly some untreated areas that standout in contrast w/ the treated areas. I hoped to delay my first year guarantee session until later next year, but I clearly need more density up top and I'm just ready to get it over with and be done with this chapter in my life. Anybody else use their first year guarantee session sooner than they planned? Any details I need to consider before scheduling?
  8. I know we're supposed to use sunscreen whenever we're out in the sunlight, but is it necessary to use it under artificial light? I sit at a cubicle all day with lights directly above.
  9. Does HIS provide non-scalp related services? My mother is interested in tattooed eyeliner. Apparently there are several cosmetic firms that do this, but when I told my mother about the pure black pigment they have at HIS, she wondered if she could get her eyeliner done there. Anybody know? Damien?
  10. I had my first session on 06/17/13 and the second a week later. Actual tattooing time was only about 1.0 -1.5 hours per session. I was quoted two sessions with a possible third so I'm going in for my third in three weeks. While I'm happy with the results thus far, I do have some concerns. 90% of the treatment is focused only on the receded areas in the front. Thus, when my head is freshly shaved, it’s darker in the front and lighter (just skin) going towards the back and sides. So for my third session, I’d really like for my entire head to have a base coat, or at the very least, better coverage up top and then blended into the sides so that my freshly shave head also looks presentable. My previously treated areas will also require some touching up, but they’re mostly finished (although I’ll need to go a little darker due to expected fading). I'm worried that b/c my practitioner only spent 1.5 hours per session, he’ll think it unreasonable if I ask that more time be given to the rest of my head. I definitely don’t want to be perceived as complicated by someone doing something permanent to my body, but at the same time, I really feel like the expense justifies the request. I actually inquired about it while sitting in the chair before the first session began, but the practitioner said he wanted to avoid the blob look up top. I do too, but there are clearly areas that could use some pigment. I’m not asking for the same detail/attention I rec'd on my hairline for the rest of the head, just a base treatment that’ll make the pigment appear less concentrated in the front. Thus, for my third and final session, I’d like to get the previously treated areas touched up, as well as the rest of my head with a very base treatment. Thoughts?
  11. I'm one week removed from my second session and although I'm excited about the final result, I'm certain the dots are too blueish. My practitioner used color #s 22 and 20. Any white guys on here that have gone darker than that? I want my SMP dots to appear black, not blue. Heading into my third treatment, I'm worried the blue base coat is already too dense and adding anymore dots could result in the blob look.
  12. Darkest Color On Caucasian Skin?

    Thanks Damien and Troy. That cushions my concern for the time being and I'll just wait a few more weeks and see how it develops. I sincerely believe HIS when they say only shades of pure black pigment are used, but I was worried that maybe the layer of pink skin over the pigment gives the appearance of blue. I really do hope the "blue" is attributed to micro-bruising and not some permanent affect due to collagen or skin. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  13. Anyone Use A Foil Shaver To Shave Head?

    If you use the Braun Series 7 to shave your head, how often do the blades wear out? I have a Braun Series 5 and, although I've used it for 3 years on my face, whenever I try to use in on my head it takes forever and quickly dulls the blades. Do you think my experience will be different with the Series 7? I don't want to spend $200 only to find out it's a glorified Series 5.
  14. The Chicago Thread

    Update Had my first treatment with Matt in Chicago today. Was in and out fairly quickly since the entire session didn't even last two hours. Although I'm confident the look is great, I'm forcing myself to withhold conclusive judgment until the redness fades. I'm currently fighting the temptation to grab a mirror and analyze meticulously. Gonna sleep on it tonight and then assess it tomorrow with a fresh pair of eyes. BTW, if you're gonna have your treatment at the Chicago clinic, here are some things to consider: 1. Parking. I spent $35 for parking in a nearby garage. 2. Tolls. I spent about $12 in cash at the Illinois/Indiana toll roads, coming and going. 3. Location. The building the clinic is in is literally at the very end of N. Michigan Ave. 4. Traffic. Fill up your tank immediately before your session so you'll have more than enough heading back. You don't want to get on the expressway only to discover traffic is significantly more congested during departure.
  15. The Chicago Thread

    My first session is approaching soon and unlike many of you, I wasn't able to meet in-person for the initial consultation. I live about 7 hours away in a midsize midwest town so Chicago is likely to seem pretty overwhelming. Needless to say, I'm a little worried about getting lost in the wrong parts of the city b/c it seems all I've seen lately are headlines of youth mobs and murders in Chicago. My understanding is that the Magnificent Mile (where the clinic is located) is a fantastic spot, so I'm not worried about that. I just don't want to make any wrong turns and end up in bad neighborhoods. Can anybody explain what I should be looking for from the driver seat while attempting to find HIS Clinic? Apologies for the pussy post but I don't wanna drop $200 on a GPS and my iphone GPS app isn't always reliable. Just preparing for the worst. It's located at: HIS HAIR CLINIC One Mag Mile 980 North Michigan Avenue Suite 1077, 10th Floor Chicago, IL 60611
  16. Why i've changed my mind about MHT

    You should think it through further. It's not about fitting into society, it's about having the look you want. And while that may seem vain, I think the real vanity is in striving against nature. You've been programmed through thousands of years of evolution to care about how you present yourself to the tribe. Good luck fighting against that programming. The truth of the matter is that five years from now, you're still not gonna like shadowy head look, you're still gonna miss your hairline, and you're still gonna wish you looked as good as you possibly could. This will not change. Think a little further, is getting a tattoo on your head ridiculous? Let me ask you this, is it ridiculous for people to color their hair? Why is it totally reasonable to color one's hair and utterly ridiculous to color one's scalp? In fact, I would say SMP is the wiser move b/c we won't have to waste time doing it every month. Is it ridiculous that people go to the beach to get their skin colored? Is it ridiculous that girls color their lips? As I said before, why has nature programmed us to care about these things if they're so silly? Doing something b/c of what others think is silly, but don't mislead yourself, not doing something b/c of what others think is equally silly. Whatever you do, do it for yourself. Tomorrow you're gonna wake up and look in the mirror and even if it's only for a split second, you're gonna be uncomfortable with your look. You have a chance to change that, but if you choose not to, just know that you're still choosing something...contentment with many split seconds of discomfort for several years to come. BTW, I haven't had the treatment yet so who knows, maybe I'll regret saying all this if I'm disappointed with the results.
  17. SMP does/doesn't fade?

    I'm confused, SMP eventually fades but it doesn't change color? Isn't fading the slight loss or change of color? Or is fading the expanding of color further into the skin? From the FAQs page: Why are SMP pigments so unique?Two reasons; they don’t degrade easily under UV radiation, and when they do, they do not change color. SMP pigments are built upon research done previously by many different parties over the past 15 years to improve tattoo and cosmetic pigmentation ink. Because of this, SMP pigments are designed to be sterile, chemically inert, highly resistant to UV radiation and to decompose stably. Not only does this allow a client to wear SMP in bright outdoor conditions for many years but it also means that as SMP eventually fades, the client will not be the victim of a chemical reaction that leaves them with a blue Smurf head.
  18. Have you been "discovered?" I have...UGH!

    I hope HIS truly takes note of this thread. Seems we're all pursuing the same thing: a broken natural looking hairline. Seeing that I have an appointment scheduled with the Chicago office, I hope HIS artists in the States can deliver. Dear HIS, please see Chris_G as an example.
  19. SMP does/doesn't fade?

    Thanks Hats. Appreciate the definitive answers in this thread and the other I posted today.
  20. Does HIS use different sized (thickness) needles or just one standard size for all treatments? My follicles are so tiny that I'm positive I'll need the thinnest size available if the option exists. BTW, I'm booked for my first treatment in June. Can't wait.
  21. I'm considering getting the SMP treatment but I'm worried that my head will look different on mornings that I razor shave versus mornings where I electric shave with no guard. Can anybody offer any insight here? Will they look equally natural or does SMP tend to look best with a shaved head?
  22. Apologies for rehashing this but I feel it’s the only concern preventing me from jumping in. I have dark but very fine hair. In fact, after a razor shave, I can’t even see the tiny follicle dots. Thus, my shaved head doesn’t have that dotted/speckled look that so many guys on here seem to have. Rather, it looks more like a gray cloud or shadow. After a razor shave, my hair grows very slowly. It takes me about 3 days to get what most guys would consider a 1 day growth look. What I’m aiming for with HIS is that 1-2 day growth look permanently. But if I get the stubble look with HIS, I’m worried about what it’ll look like on days I do decide to razor shave. Will my untreated areas look like a shadow and the HIS treated areas look stubbly? So ultimately I suppose my question is, will HIS give me the shadowy look or the stubbly (1 day growth) look? Should I go into the appointment razor shaved even though I’d like to sport the stubbly look permanently?