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  1. 6 days after my 2nd treatment *PICS*

    Nice results so far. You will need a third. Guaranteed. I was 100% sure after my third that was it. I will need a fourth. In most cases the color subsides substancially in the first 3/5 months. What looks right immediately after the treatment is very likely to look weak or too light in a matter of months. Having said that I like your SMP. very nice
  2. 2 times ten plus one

    I just wanted to say this... Robby = THE Legend Thanks. I truly mean that.
  3. I have waited quite a bit before giving my feedback on this one. I ma so glad that I can express positive feedback regarding your SMP without being false or even worse without having to sugar coat the truth. It's very simple. Your SMP did not look right. Now it does and it shows. Enjoy it man you deserve it especially because you held your own and did not cave in under pressure. It paid off
  4. Piperz Finally Booked

    Hello everyone, I have been away for business these past few weeks. SMP is looking good. Color has settled and it's defo less dark than it was a month a go. It blends in very well with remaing hair. As far as undectability is concerned I must say that I am very happy with it. I am yet to meet a person that has doubts regarding my hair. The few looks I get are due to the fact that this is a very extreme haircut that you don't see everyday. Some like it others don't. Overall I would do it again. The initial harshness of the hairline (a bit too low and aggressive for my age) is slowly disapearing. Well chuffed with that. I still feel a bit unconfortable under certain lights mainly bacause I have small bumps and scalp imperfections here and there and they tend to show under strong artificial lighting. Despite my hangups regarding the size of my head I am slowly becoming more confident. It gives me great peace of mind. I am also working out as much as I can to keep fit. Muscular bodies go very well with this kind of haircut. Here's a good quality pic taken 2 weeks ago. regards, Piperz
  5. Piperz Finally Booked

    Hello there, As a hair sistem wearer myself (I wore hair for 3 years when I was younger) I can honeslty say that it does not feel like you are cheating anyone. I never felt comfortable wearing hair even when it looked good. This thing becames part of you just like a tatoo does. maintanance is almost non existent. I ahve once a day and it takes 2/3minutes. I put a bit of antishine product during the evening as I ma exposed to artificial lights in the office. That's it. Do I feel confident? I would love to say yes. Do I feel more confident compare to before SMP ? Yes I do. The reality is that the lack of positive feedback, despite my best efforts to appear and show myself in a different more positive way, has not allowed me to fully develop the ''new'' me. such a shame I know but this is a strictly personal circumstance. If you read Max G threads or G star you'll see that most people had amazing response after doing this. Regards,
  6. Piperz Finally Booked

    hello there, I'm sorry I've been incredibly busy these past few weeks. The smp is holding strong and is very visible. I'ts starting to blend in very well with the existing hair. Overall I'm happy with the final result but I must admit that part of me thinks that this time #### went a bit too low as far as the central peak is concerned. I also would have left the top sides a bit more open. They look kind of aggressive and slightly helmety right now for my age. Density is really good. I'd say perfect. Denser would look fake. It's the hairline height that bugs me a little. I preferred the design of the second session to be perfectly honest. It was receded but it was more natural. I'm not saying that it does not look natural. I ma not saying that i don't like what I have now. I am just saying that I felt more at ease with the previous design. It was a more mature look that suited me better and gave me an excuse to shave my hair so short. Did not have time to take clear , good quality pictures I'm afraid. this is the only decent shot I have To sum up would I recommend it? yes I would. Is it the cure for baldness? No it isn't. I'ts very close though and it's 10 times better than the altenatives out there Do I look better now? Yes I do even if people around did not seem to notice at all (especially the ladies Is this a one size fits all solution? no it isn't. You have to look good with a shaved head. This look suits many but not everyone. On top of that this look is perceived as too drastic/ aggressive/ harsh by many people. Has it got downsides? not many. My only criticism would be that under strong artificial lights the SMP basically disappear (no matter how dark the pigment) and you feel a bit more vulnreable in those circumstances. It looks its absolute best outside under natural light Am I 100% happy about the treatment? I would be if the height of my hairline was a bit more conservative and my top sides a bit more angular and open as previuosly stated Has it changed my life? No. Not in the way I thought at least. I no longer wear a hat, I no longer cringe when I look in the mirror. I feel and look younger. The change is much subtler than you think in the eyes of strangers/friends/ family. This is very hard for me to accept as I see a major , gigantic difference in the way I look. that's it for now I hope to be able to post better quality pics soon
  7. Piperz Finally Booked

    Hello there, I'm pretty sure I posted in this thread my before pics. I was/am completely bald. NW 7 The only thing that I would reccomend is to be conservative in terms of density and placement of hairline /temples
  8. The Time Is Near!

    Hello there, I am genuinely sorry to hear about your dad. There's nothing I can say but I'm really sorry. I am a bit envious (in a nice way) of the looks your getting out of the chicks that's what missing for me and Honestly I did expect to perform a lot better in that department after the smp. I'm afraid to report that chicks did not dig before and they do not dig me now. It's a shame as I feel 100 times better with myself and look much better now than I used to. I guess we can't win them all can't we? a big hug, the Piperz
  9. 2 times ten plus one

    Yes Andy! This is what I was trying to convey in my previous post (in your thread) In my opinion you also should opt for a more receiding look (temple-wise) almost angular but not quite if know what I mean. Avoid the circular look at all costs. You can also appreciate how Robby's SMP gained in terms "realness'' thanks to the softening of the sides that , just like yours, were a bit too aggressive (almost helmety in certain pictures). The only difference in you case would be that your SMP SEEMS (remember I am judging this only based on pictures) to be brought too forward. Not the hairline itself which I think if fine (both in terms of shape and height). It's the placement of the temples and the sides that needs to be taken back somewhat. please keep us updated. Robby: Your SMP never looked better. Now you have everything sir. Densitiy, perfect color matching, well suited design and one of the most realistic SMPs out there.
  10. I forgot to mentionon e thing Andy.... if you like you can count on me for honest advice and support. I am here for you in case you need me. I amnot just saying... I mean it. You can PM me if you like. I have studied your pictures intensely in the last 2 days and I think I know where the problem lays. I think I have identified the two areas that need teawking. I need to show you pictures in order to do that. As far as the color/density is concerned that is a minor issue. Trust me things will get much softer in a while and will self- correct. You must concentrate on the design now. Ian will know what to do for certain. My educated guess would be that they should laser off a bit of side profile and above all make the temples less rounded and more receiding than they are now. Right now the only this that is really "off" in my humble opinion is the exceedengly rounded appeareance of the temples. That will not improve with time. It needs to be corrected with laser. As I said before I'll be more than happy to help or give any kind of support if you feel like it. Hang in there my man it will be worth it in the end!
  11. Wow, that's really good news TSR. Pictures can be really deceiving. No two ways about it. I feel partly responsable for all this but I'm glad it's all working out for the best. Keep the faith Andy. We all are routing for you mate. You wil enjoy it even more in the end. A big hug Piperz
  12. Piperz Finally Booked

    hello there, I did not take the pics myself so I don't have a full face shot at the minute. I'll try to borrow a proffessional camera this week end so you can see How it is progressing. cheers,
  13. Piperz Finally Booked

    #### is a class act. It's settling nicely. scabs have still to come off. Tomorrow I'll have a proper shower. As I tought the smp does not look as aggressive as the initial pictures suggested. If pigments holds I think I'm sorted. cheers,
  14. Piperz Finally Booked

    No worries Damien, your help is very much appreciated cheers,
  15. The Time Is Near!

    Absolutely spotless mate! while having my third session with #### we talked about you and your SMP. He told me your skin held the pigment do well a third session was " almost"superflous in your case. Perfect color, perfect density (not too little not too much) and well suited hairline design. It is, without a doubt, among my favorite 5 smp of all times. You know I set thebar pretty high. enjoy it