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  1. Major Concerns

    Closely, you should consider leaving this thread up because it can show people that might have similar results and fears not to panic initially.
  2. The Chicago Thread

    I'm not sure of Michael's work, you could try searching the name to see if any of his work pops up in the forum. I got my treatment done with jonathan in chicago and he was solid. I still need a 3rd so it's a bummer he's leaving. From what HIS described, Michael is not new to the technique but just new to the US team so at least that's comforting. Personally though I would be nervous about getting a treatment done with any practitioner that didn't have work viewable in the forums.
  3. Lebowski's Journal

    thanks again, yeah I agree, I think I'm gonna bring it all in just a tad on my next round.
  4. Jay's SMP

    Are you intentionally going for a real defined hairline? I would be cautious because that is one thing that can hinder an otherwise stellar result. Imo, you might want to break that hairline up a bit more and soften it in your next session.
  5. Lebowski's Journal

    newstyle33, thanks man, yeah I figured I'd be cautious and not push it but now that it's done and I like how it looks I'm contemplating going a tad lower. Not by much, I'm thinking 3/8 inch or something. Considering my natural hairline was about 1 1/2 inches to 2 inches lower than I have it now I think I have a bit more room to lower before it looks unnatural. What do you think? Any other opinions will be appreciated as well. Thanks
  6. horseshoe and which shavers

    Will do. In the meantime there are a few youtube vids on both of those shavers. Both are highly regarded in the barber communities and are used for face shaving and bald fades. They are also fairly inexpensive compared to more well known brands from panasonic and braun etc. If you can use clippers you can also look into the andis T liner and the Wahl balding clippers. Both of those cut super close but are professional grade clippers and require care and attention because they're sharp and will cut skin if you're careless.
  7. Lebowski's Journal

    Nah, no fading yet thankfully. I'm going to schedule another appointment though just to get some things touched up. A few people (parents/friends) have seen me now and were blown away. Both said I look younger & better.
  8. I just dont know what to do.....

    HH, I'm still not getting what being in a long lasting, or any type of relationship for that matter has to do with SMP and one's confidence levels. It seems the one's in close truthful relationships wouldn't need SMP at all. SMP imo is geared more towards guys who date and are looking to restore their confidence in life and with women. I would think rocking a shaved SMP head would be much more comforting and confidence inducing for a twenty something vs using a concealer or piece. No worry of mess, no worry of losing your wig or having to explain having one. A toupee is an absolute no no amongst most women especially younger women and if found out is almost as universally disdained as a comb over. The psychological effect of shaving one's head is universal to all men independent of age and older gents often have a harder time letting go because they're not accustomed to shaved heads being in style. Teens with full heads of hair now shave their heads, it's a common style now. However, having said all that if you're simply stating that older guys deal with hairless better, then yes that is most definitely true. Fabio, as far as the guy in the vid goes, since SMP doesn't add to the density of the hair he has ala topic & nanogen fibers, you can still completely tell he's aggressively thin. He just needs to let go and shave his head. He would look much better with a buzzed/SMP look imo.
  9. horseshoe and which shavers

    Hi, I was looking for something similar. You can look into the andis profoil or the wahl 5 star. These are supposed to get somewhere between a wet razor shave and 1 days growth. I just ordered the andis profoil which has really good reviews.
  10. Lots of advice needed re SMP

    Well if you're sure you wouldn't mind rocking a shaved head I would definitely go for it. That's pretty much the ONLY fundamental question in regards to getting SMP. You will be able to free yourself from a wig and do everything the wig has prevented you from doing. Plus, even if you have to tell someone what you have done, it would be less dramatic revealing SMP than it would be revealing a wig imo. As far as success stories go just roam the forum diaries, there are tons of them. If you haven't seen any thus far then either you haven't been looking or you don't think SMP looks good. Have you been reading the diaries? If so, what do you think of the results you've seen? I personally think, like a lot of guys, your fears stem from having to reveal a shaved head. This is very understandable but if you can get passed this than HIS is a great solution imo. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
  11. I just dont know what to do.....

    I would think the dating/club scene is tailor made for smp. You would have a lot less to explain with SMP as opposed to a wig or concealers. With SMP, if a date likes your look you will know right from the jump. Plus you know you don't have to worry about showering/sleeping together, dirtying up pillows etc. Plus if you hit it off with a girl and start a relationship I would imagine it would be a lot easier to tell them you have SMP rather than telling them you wear a rug. Hair transplants have such a small success rate, especially with advanced hair loss that it's not worth the risk imo. And genetics, I agree, It basically comes down to weather you look good with a shaved head or not. If you can pull it off, than imo SMP is a no brainer. Even if you don't look good with a shaved head it's almost certain you will look better than having a horseshoe pattern. Plus it's permanent, easy to maintain and doesn't cause a mess like concealers do.
  12. in for treatment next saturday.... Anxious times lol

    Mock up looks solid man. Definitely suits you.
  13. Booking the treatment

    I think you can request who you want. The only thing is that they might not be available as soon as you like so may have to wait longer than desired to get your first choice. Imo, the most important part is getting the hairline and temples started. Once there's a basic outline I would think any practitioner can do fill work for density.
  14. Jay's SMP

    Wow, that's a heck of first session. You might just get away with 2 and done.