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  1. Not shaving to skin

    Kind of like when you buy a car. You never noticed how many cars like yours were on the road, then you buy one and suddenly you see them everywhere. I suppose to the normal person, a head tattoo is not even something that would ever enter their mind.. so as they look at you they see shadow of hair.. and their eyes move on. Makes sense.
  2. MeetUp Forum

    Hello all, Occurred to me that I almost never go to the MeetUp forum. And so if I don't, most others probably don't... might explain why there are few responses. So this is just a heads up if you've had it done, and you are comfortable with meeting up, check out the Meetup forum now and again. Might get a free frosty beverage out of it, and may help someone out. That is all. Thanks for all the people who had it done posting pics and putting themselves out there.
  3. Not shaving to skin

    lighter shades.... less contrast with skin... smaller perception of dots.
  4. Not shaving to skin

    Vince yours looks sick man. You are exactly what I'm talking about. It looks like a shadow, like a shaved head should. Awesome. You did it right IMO. I see you are in the UK, I need to meet someone similar to you in person. I gotta see it up close in the harsh lights. So many pics on here (not yours, yours were crisp and clear) are blurry and people talk about how good it looks and all I'm thinking is man, I can't tell what it looks like. I'm all about lifting someone up, but if I can't tell then I can't tell I don't wanna tell them it looks awesome if it doesn't and they get another procedure at that same color and make it worse. Anyways, yours is spot on.
  5. Am I to light? (pictures included)

    I'm trying to see some. Saw the Chicago Open house and haven't been able to get in touch with anyone since, and I'm no longer in Chicago, in the Carolina's now so more difficult to find someone.
  6. Not shaving to skin

    Ed, I'm not saying all the darks look like helmets, but in the cases that do, the dark color seems to be what gives me that perception. Seems like people pick a color to match stubble.. then they realize that the blending is tougher so they shave, then the top is darker... and if you shave your head, there is no fade, its pretty even. I didn't start this post as a SMP hating thread. I really think its awesome, I just also think way too many people go too dark and I wanted to bounce it off the community and see what others think.
  7. Not shaving to skin

    Look at the few on here from guys who had alopecia totalis and areata. I question the helmet look. People get their side burns done all the time on here, so either it looks ok on the sides (which your back is just a side) or it does not. As far as the helmet, again I think it goes to people going too dark. I truly feel like the majority of the issues I see people having could have been remedied in part by going lighter, and shaving their head.. all the way and matching that. The darker just looks .. well it does look like a helmet, but I think its the darkness not the amount they had or location.
  8. Not shaving to skin

    To clarify, I did meet people in person at the open house, Chicago. But I want to meet someone, walk outside in natural light, really look at it, closely. At the open house I met a few but I just wanted to see more. Most of the people had stubble mixed in as well. I want to meet someone who shaves that has had it done.
  9. Not shaving to skin

    HD, Where the horse shoe from being bald ends and the SMP blends into it and through it to fade into your natural hair. It just seemed to not blend seemlessly, not so much in density, but color. Well density as well. When SMP is beside SMP it looks normal cause everything around is is the same. When it gets to the real hair, it allows your eyes to compare, and that was where I saw the difference. Someone like yourself, who is so light, will probably not have to worry. I'm a little darker, kind of dirty blonde with darker hairs sprinkled in. Thats why I'm getting it lasered off. If I can get a smooth scalp, and ever meet someone in person and really look it over, I would go for the Magnus look, just all over my head.
  10. Am I to light? (pictures included)

    Yeah I'm convinced that matching a shaved look is where its at. I think matching stubble, and going darker is short sighted and will, or might I should say lead to more self consciousness. I've never had it done, so I realize its different looking in from the outside, but my eyes work like everyone elses and the ones I see that look far and away better are the lighter ones... IMO. Imagine if you had all your hair back, your sixteen years old, and you shave, what color would it be, and then ask for that. Can't get more natural than that. For someone like yourself who is extremely light, maybe maybe a few shades darker but again if natural is what your after then mimic natural.
  11. Am I to light? (pictures included)

    Search for Magnus in the Case Studies. He has a little more color than you, but may give you an idea.
  12. Not shaving to skin

    Thanks to all the replies. I've never read the Norwood 5 or more warning, and I think Honda speaks from experience that less hair = easier blending and that has always been my perception of it. There is someone named Magnus on the site with pics and a video, his hair is way light, but it looks really natural. Hair just frames the face, and even a shadow of hair on someone with a full head that chooses to shave still frames the face however subtle it is. True if you shave to skin you have to go lighter, thats a given for sure, but just seems to me the end result, however more subtle, would be wayyyyyy more believable and less noticeable. I guess hearing talk about having to shave it at certain times, or on a schedule, worrying about blending at the crown, which was the biggest giveaway I saw in person on the few I saw, and just the eye picking up on the difference in height between stubble on sides and bare skin on the top... all these things bring back that stress I had when I first started going bald. Thinking about it all the time, worrying about it all the time. And as far as people not worrying about the 5% of people who notice, there are plenty of posts on here of people panicking cause someone noticed, and so yeah it matters. Regardless, there is no wrong answer, its just something that always concerns me when I see people going so dark to match stubble.... all I'm thinking is what they heck are you going to do when your Norwood 2 or 3 turns into a 5 in a few years and instead of a subtle horseshoe you're going to have a sharp one where you have nothing on top. I mean you have to live for today, but you can't forget about tomorrow at the same time.
  13. I'm on the east coast in North Carolina, wondered if anyone has had it done and willing to meet. Willing to travel a bit to accomodate meeting. I like road trips anyways.
  14. Not shaving to skin

    Morning all, I haven't posted in a while, I'm on the fence, but pretty sure if the circumstances (of life) worked out I would do this, BUT, only under one condition. That is kind of the reason for my topic. I will only do it if its to match a shaved head, shaved clean with a razor. I posted a topic a while ago about getting laser hair removal on my head, which I'm still doing, not cause it takes this long, cause of my work life schedule delaying the sessions. But regardless of whether you get the laser hair removal first, I truly cannot for the life of me understand why so many people get the SMP to match a short buzzed look. I look at post after post and go straight to the pics, then come back to the write ups, and seems like often, I will see a mention of the person choosing to match the stubble look, and when I go back and look its that area where it blends with the side hair that's .... not obvious, but its there, its visible. Not to mention, that stubble on top will continue to go away, and eventually you will have to get it reblended to a shaved to skin look. I almost think for this to truly look acceptable, you have to accept you are bald, let your hair go, even stubble, and be content to look like you choose to shave your head to the skin. I don't say anything on the posts cause it does look better than bald, but it also looks like something was done. The eye is extremely perceptive to variation of height and shadowing and even the smallest stubble gives off a different look than the look of to the skin. Not only that, but when that day comes, and you have to shave, there is no more hair on top, now your sides will look lighter shaved, and your blend on top will be too dark matching your previous blend to stubble. Not trying to be Debbie Downer here, but I remember how sickening it felt to be losing and thinning and everyone knew it, and I can't help but think some people are dooming themselves to feel that way the rest of their life (or getting laser removal) by blending to stubble and it being obvious now... or in 5 years. And you can't just get touch up after touch up or the density will be too much and will look lie a blob of color Anybody else? Am I the only one? I'm not hating, I think this an awesome awesome thing, and from what I've seen HIS does it best, and cares the most, I just worry that the mindset going in is going to disappoint in the end.
  15. 3rd session complete in Chicago with pics

    Night and Day man. Happy for you. I went to the Chicago Open House on first day.