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  1. Hey Adam!!!!!


    Check you out!


    Just a quick one to say that your hair is looking great, and the hairline shape really suits you well! I hope the rest of your day went to plan, you are such a trooper returning back to work minutes after your first session.


    I spoke to Ian and Ranbir earlier today who would really like to pass on their regards, it was a pleasure to meet you and thank you again on behalf of HIS for agreeing to share your experience on YouTube as well as allowing the Open Day attendees to come in and out of the treatment room while Ranbir was at work.


    Looking forward to seeing you next week in Los Angeles, I know my colleague Nate cannot wait to meet the voice behind "That voicemail" we have all grown to love in the office!


    Have a great weekend (get out and show your hair off)





    Thank you Lucy! see you back in l.a. when i'm in for my last treatment :oD